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"With my memories restored, I had proof that the family from my dreams, a wife and son that I never knew existed, were real. They were erased from existence by what you did. You were supposed to vanish in your Crisis, Flash, not them! But when you didn't, my future changed. They ceased to exist, and I lost everything. Just like you will now!"
Abra Kadabra to The Flash

"Central City Strong" is the fourth episode of the seventh season of The Flash, and the one-hundred-thirty-seventh episode overall. It aired on March 23, 2021.



The Episode opens with Barry setting up a heartfelt supper at home for himself and Iris on account of his speed. He's been utilizing his speed to ruin her since she got back. They get intruded on momentarily by an apparently ordinary seismic tremor, yet outside, vivid lightning pops somewhere far off.

The Flash telling Central City (Earth-Prime) I Let Down This City

The Flash addressing Central City.

Kayla, Cisco, Chester, Caitlin and the remainder of Team Flash are electing to help modify after Eva's assault. The Flash gives a press appearance and apologizes for the Mirror Monarch circumstance and vows to make it right. Caitlin says that since the Eva business, she's been depleted and has a cerebral pain. Allegra is avoiding Iris, yet at last appears at the workplace yet needs to reveal to Iris that the article she composed isn't horrendous. Allegra urges her to place herself in the story.

That evening, Abra Kadabra appears and slaughters somebody at the building site with an extravagant sleight of hand prior to diminishing a shed to a little, incredibly hefty article. His next stunt? Total torment. The following day, Cisco recognizes transient energy and Joe shows Barry the card-perplexed body of the person in question. They understand who they are managing and understand he's raised from the last time they managed him.

At STAR, they get a ping on the transient mark downtown. The Flash appears, with Cisco (Abra Kadabra calls him Mecha Vibe). Abra gets the advantage - and specifies the Chronarch - and almost takes him out when Frost appears, halting him. ARGUS comes to gather him and the pillar yet Frost swiped something before they left. At ARGUS, Abra Kadabra get away and goes right to the triplet of pillars they've gathered.

Kadabra reveals to The Flash that he took his "light" from him and cases that he's lost everything so he's taking it out on The Flash. He intends to make Central City vanish.

At STAR Labs, they get against issue energy readings and acknowledge Kadabra has made an enemy of issue bomb and he's transporting around the city to charge it. The bomb is impervious. Barry begins to take his blunder - being deceived by Kadabra - by and by. Iris comes to converse with him and Barry concedes feeling regretful for not understanding Mirror Iris wasn't her. Iris discloses to him it's alright and that he needs to confront the injury and that what happened isn't his shortcoming. The discussion causes him to understand that Kadabra's family was his glint of light. Cisco tracks down a Martian memory rebuilding ring in the gadget Frost took and the group begins to bits it together.

The Flash gets up to speed to Kadabra and says he will do whatever it takes not to crush him. He shows him his family from another course of events. Kadabra says that he began having recollections about this substitute course of events and understood that things were attached to the Flash, yet that since Flash didn't disappear in Crisis, his family did all things being equal. The Flash enlightens him concerning losing Oliver and reveals to Kadabra that he can't return to that time line since it's gone. The Flash advances to him as a researcher and makes him run the chances. At the point when he concedes he realizes it will not work, Barry discloses to him the best way to recuperate is to confront his injury. Kadabra deactivates the bomb. They settle on some kind of peace agreement and abruptly there is a quake that isn't Kadabra. Some other monstrous danger appears. Kadabra attempts to utilize the counter matter bomb on it yet it has no impact. Kadabra is taken out and nothing The Flash does helps, all things considered. The secretive danger leaves. Abra Kadabra/Phillipe is dead.

Iris is battling all through the scene and when she goes to a Mirrorverse Survivors support gathering to talk with individuals, it's conspicuous she hasn't managed her own injury. Barry is likewise managing the injury, attempting to make things dependent upon her, however Iris discloses to him that the lone way he can manage his injury is to confront it. Toward the finish of the scene, Iris chooses to confront hers and goes to the care group. She likewise makes Allegra a full staff part.

Caitlin and Frost are additionally battling. The scene sees Cait managing fatigue and cerebral pains. Ice is concerned it implies something isn't right, however test results return typical. In any case, toward the finish of the scene, there's a major astonishment for everybody when Caitlin and Frost are presently two separate individuals.



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  • This is the first episode of the series to neither credit Tom Cavanagh (Harrison Wells) in the main cast nor have him make an appearance in any capacity.
    • This is also the first episode of the series to not feature Efrat Dor (Eva McCulloch) after signing on as a series regular, due to the actress no longer billed as a series regular.
  • Abra Kadabra mentions the Chronarch. There are two characters known as Chronarch in the comics. One is the cruel 64th century ruler that exiled Abra Kadabra. He was ultimately defeated when Abra Kadabra teamed up with The Flash. The second is a Legion of Super-Heroes character known as Circadia Senius, an insectoid alien and time theorist in the 30th century. His research of time-travel and time-manipulation theory makes him the perfect director (or Chronarch) for the Time Institute.
    • Turns out this is a villain that Barry is dealing with off world in 2049.
  • Similar to Thawne (still posing as Dr. Wells) in "The Sound and the Fury", the Flash publicly admits to failing Central City on a news broadcast.
  • Abra Kadabra's past was affected by Crisis.
  • It's confirmed by Abra that Cisco is known as Mecha-Vibe after using technology to return to hero duties.
  • Cisco confirms there is literally no way to cause Crisis to happen again as antimatter cannot reach that scale of destruction with Mobius trapped in a perpetually shrinking state within the microverse, though a baseball's worth of it can still wipe out a city.
  • Caitlin and Frost split into separate beings by unknown means.
    • Caitlin's early complaints about her headache are the early signs of her splitting from Frost.
  • Iris states that she was in the Mirrorverse for three months. She also states that it has been a week since the end of the Mirrorverse attack. This would place the events of this episode still in 2020.
    • However, based on later episodes, this has been retconned to having taken place in early May, 2021.
  • There's a support group for people Eva kidnapped and replaced with duplicates; odd, as none of the citizens weren't put through anything worse than an average Tuesday by spending a few hours in the Mirrorverse.
  • This is David Dastmalchian's first physical appearance in the series as Abra Kadabra since his Season 3 debut episode "Abra Kadabra" almost four years earlier, making him the second cast member to return after a long hiatus, the first being Liam McIntyre (Mark Mardon) since Season 2, who returned in Season 5, 2½ years later.
  • Partway through the episode, Iris uses the word, "zoop", making this the first episode to do so. "Zoop" is a term coined by David Nutter during the making of the "Pilot" and is used on set to describe the moment Barry runs in or out of a room.[1] This is similar to the term "fathwoom", which was first used in the show in "Kiss Kiss Breach Breach".


  • Much like back in "License to Elongate", Barry again does not disguise his voice by vibrating his vocal chords when giving a public statement on the news.
    • It's possible he just naturally alters his voice and speech pattern rather than vibrate his vocal chords.
      • Then again, since Vibe never bothered to disguise his own voice, and Frost has been using a nanotech solution since "The Death of Vibe" to make her voice normal, Barry likely doesn't care anymore.
  • Caitlin says Killer Frost still has warrants for her arrest, despite the fact she's been in public as a civilian and hero since the fourth season. However, it's possible she doesn't feel comfortable letting Frost out in public to avoid fans of hers; using an alleged arrest warrant as an excuse.
    • Also, in "Dead Man Running", Frost accompanied Barry to a crime scene and no officers made any attempt to arrest her nor did they notice her.
    • Nonetheless, "Fear Me" confirmed that Caitlin wasn't joking about warrants being out for Killer Frost's arrest.
  • Cisco states that all of Frost's dark matter readings are normal. However, Frost is not a dark matter-based meta, so this method should not have been used in the first place.