"This is where we came up with the cerebral inhibitor to use against DeVoe."
Savitar on using the cerebral inhibitor.[src]

The cerebral inhibitor, also known as the Mad 2.0,[1] is a device created by Harrison Wells to use against Clifford DeVoe.


After Cecile Horton complained about hearing Joe West's mind all night, Harrison Wells created a device to disrupt inbound brainwave broadcasts. However, the initial device was too large and Harry Wells reconfigured it to a smaller version. When Harry presented it, the two decide they should reverse the polarity so outbound brainwave broadcasts are disrupted.[2]

Harry later presented the device to Team Flash to use against Clifford DeVoe. While it appeared to affect him, DeVoe used Kilg%re's abilities to nullify the device, rendering it ineffective against him.[2]

Harry modified the instrument, allowing it to be used to read thoughts. He attached it to his daughter, Jesse, allowing her to read his thoughts and hear his memories of her mother.[3]

When Caitlin's Killer Frost side resurfaced,[4] after she had seemingly lost Killer Frost in a battle against Clifford DeVoe,[5] Caitlin began using the cerebral inhibitor to bypass the mental blockage DeVoe placed in her mind to talk with Killer Frost.[4] After a week of using the inhibitor, Caitlin and Killer Frost were able to talk and switch identities without the use of the device.[6]

When Nora West-Allen was stuck in Grace Gibbons' mind, and Barry and Iris were stuck in Nora's, Caitlin used the inhibitor to communicate with them before the device began smoking, forcing her to stop.[7]

When working to the improve King Shark's telepathic crown, Team Flash synced the crown to the cerebral inhibitor to increase the functionality of the telepathic crown, as they had feared that it wasn't working well enough to help King Shark after he'd freaked out and run off while they tried talking to him (though Team Flash later learned that the crown was working as it should; the reason King Shark had gone berserk was due to Grodd trying to control his mind, with King Shark fighting to resist him).[1]


  • Disrupting brainwave broadcasts: Although initially built to disrupt inbound brainwave broadcasts, the polarity was reversed to disrupt outbound brainwave activity.[2]
  • Mind/Thought reading: With the use of a secondary device, the cerebral inhibitor can be used to hear the thoughts of another person.[3]


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