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"All right, hey, let's bounce over this way."
—The Shtriga trying to fit in as "Chad"[src]

An unnamed male shtriga, masquerading as camp counselor "Chad Stephens", attacked children at Camp Ogawa in 1995 after escaping from Mallus's realm.


After the Legends defeated Mallus, the Shtriga escaped his realm. He attacked children at Camp Ogawa in 1995, inspiring aberrations through films like Swamp Thaaaang. He was killed by Ava Sharpe and Sara Lance when the Legends traveled back in time to deal with it.[1]

Powers and abilities



  • Hand-to-hand combat: "Chad" displayed expert physical skill, taking out both Ava and Sara, two highly trained combatants, even though they both were turned into children.[1]


  • Cayenne pepper: According to John Constantine, shtriga are weak to cayenne pepper.[1]
  • Soul links: When the spell "Chad" put on his victims got dispelled, he weakened accordingly, and lost enough soul energy to leave him a dried husk.[1]


DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Season 4

Behind the scenes

  • The shtriga is a creature from Romanian mythology, and is the inspiration for the modern vampire folklore.
    • A male version is said to be a Shtrigu or Shtrigan.