"Wow. That tastes real."
"It's completely synthetic. The food fabricator can make anything."
Lily Stein and Ray Palmer[src]

Champagne Guggenheim was a brand of champagne. A bottle of it was produced by the food fabricator of the Waverider for Lily Stein and Ray Palmer.


While Lily Stein was staying on the Waverider, she asked Ray Palmer if they had any champagne on the ship. Ray pushed a button on the Waverider's food fabricator, which produced a bottle of 1998 Blanc de Noir champagne of the Champagne Guggenheim brand. Lily seemed to like the taste of the champagne, to which Mick Rory made a dark joke about "fake food for a fake person", revealing Lily's status as an aberration.[1]


DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Season 2

Behind the scenes


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