"Did what I had to. Shapeshifted into whatever monster would keep the others off my back. You know exactly what it's like. Pretending to be something worse than you are to survive."
—Charlie to Mick Rory[src]

Charlie is a member of the Legends, a magical fugitive, and a shape-shifter, before her powers were taken away by John Constantine, limiting her ability to change form. She currently resides on the Waverider.


At some point in the past, Charlie had been to New Orleans.[1]


Fearing Charlie, humans imprisoned her in Mallus' realm for what felt like 500 years. There, she met every magical creature banished from the mortal realm. She resided there until the Legends freed Mallus from his realm, also allowing the other inhabitants to escape.[2]

The Smell

She found herself in 1977 London where she founded a punk rock band called The Smell, along with Declan, Gilly, and Ian. She gained her form as the leader of The Smell based on an ad for toothpaste.

Aberrant timeline: Charlie posed as Queen Elizabeth II and ordered the queen's servants to take her to the room where queen's crown jewels were kept. and wore them to one of The Smell's gigs. Charlie partied the night away, still in the form of the queen. This caused the real queen to be diagnosed with a mental illness and to be institutionalized, also causing the British monarchy to fail and England to descend into chaos. The queen's "cheeky jig" also launched The Smell's rise to stardom.

The Smell

The Smell in Ray's van.

Current timeline: When the Legends found The Smell's gig, John Constantine and Mick Rory accidentally caused a bar-fight and alerted nearby police officers, who almost apprehended the anti-establishment band members. The Smell managed to escape in Ray Palmer's car. When they got to the band's place, Charlie commended Ray, who was American, for being a rebel, as he drove on the wrong side of road. Charlie got a knock on their door and saw their driver, who introduced himself as "Rage", for all the various accounts of fits of rage he had. She introduced herself, allowed him into their abode, and introduced "Rage" to the other band members, who were skeptical of him. Charlie decided to include him in their next scheme, Operation: Mum's Bum.

The Smell waiting for Rage

The Smell waiting for "Rage" in his van.

They drove to St James's Park, near Buckingham Palace, where Charlie tested their aspiring member "Rage" by stealing one of the queen's corgis to teach the hypocrite queen for feeding her dogs to beef Wellington, leaving the poor to starve. Minutes later, they saw "Rage", who was holding the corgi named Sparky, being chased by the guards. They opened the door for "Rage" and drove off. They styled the dog with pink mohawk hair, and dropped it off at the South West London Animal Rescue for Dogs. To celebrate their accomplishment, Charlie proposed that he should have a tattoo as a statement, and let Gilly give him one with an unsterilized needle. Charlie then declared that she was going to steal the queen's crown jewels with a little bit of magic.

Charlie suddenly learned from the other band members that Ray was a "disco narc", and confronted him, before she opened their eyes, telling them the past is just the past, and all that matters is what they aspire to be in the present. Later, she gave a punk mixtape to "Rage", who revealed his name to be just Ray and what happened to his disco crew, which Charlie remarked to be barmy. She also revealed her shape-shifter physiology and imparted her story of how she got locked up by small-minded humans.

Charlie cornered by the Legends

Charlie in Amaya's form, being cornered by the Legends.

When the Legends stormed The Smell's place, Ray tried to persuade Charlie to escape, but was knocked out instead, his A.T.O.M. Exosuit stolen. Charlie tried to knock them all out, but Ray made it in time to disassemble the suit using voice recognition. Zari Tomaz trapped the shape-shifter with her air totem, but Charlie successfully persuaded her to be harmless, shape-shifting into the members of the Legends and into Amaya. John disagreed by casting a spell on Charlie to disable her from using most of her powers, locking her in Amaya Jiwe's form, and the team locked her up in the lab.[3]

Joining the Legends

Charlie fraternizing with Mick

Charlie fraternizing and drinking with Mick.

A week later, she met Ava Sharpe, who appreciated the team's initiative of extracting information from her. Charlie tricked Zari and tried to escape, but was eventually caught by Mick, who she had a conversation and drink with. When the team asked Charlie for help with their shtriga situation, Charlie revealed that contrary to popular belief of shtriga being ugly old women, she met one who was a handsome guy. In exchange for the information, Mick, who understood Charlie's beliefs on being imprisoned, freed her. She later returned to the ship with a complete makeover, offered her expertise on magical creatures, on the condition of not imprisoning her, and joined the Waverider crew.[2]

The magical creature expert

During a mission in 1951 Tokyo, Japan, Charlie, Zari, Mick, and Sara found Ishirō Honda's footage of the magical creature supposedly causing an anomaly in the timeline. They saw a giant octopus in the film, a creature Charlie didn't recognize. The four Legends then went near Tokyo Bay to find the creature, but found Honda instead, who threw a book into the sea. They questioned the director's actions, when the book came flying back to him, and Charlie recognized it as Brigid's diary.

Charlie distracting Tagumo

Charlie grabbing a brick to distract Tagumo.

She listened to Honda's story and the creation of the land octopus Tagumo, who was Honda's interpretation of the nukes dropped on Hiroshima. Charlie thought of bonding the book with another artist but none were in the vicinity, to her dismay. When Tagumo suddenly attacked near the set, Charlie mistook Sara's orders as being bait for the octopus, and ran away. She ultimately returned when Sara was constrained by Tagumo's tentacle and distracted him, with Sara successfully shrinking the monster into the sewers. She was baffled when she saw Mick writing in the book, before Tagumo tried to kill Ishiro, when Garima, Mick's character, locked in combat with the beast, slaying Tagumo. Back on the Waverider, Charlie apologized for pillaging Sara's bottles of wine and in reconciliation, the two toasted drinks.[4]

Charlie and Nate confused

Charlie and Nate, both confused as to what each other just did.

During Hank Heywood's inspection of the Waverider and its crew, Charlie was wholeheartedly listening to rock music when Nate Heywood, who thought she was Amaya after being pranked by Mick to find her, hugged Charlie by surprise, to which she took offense and punched him in the face. Sara and Ray explained how she became a Legend, but Nate disapproved of them keeping the creature pretending to be Amaya. Charlie snapped that she wasn't pretending to be anybody, as she was locked in Amaya's form without her consent. The two then agreed to fake their relationship in front of Hank, in order to prevent their funds from being cut off.

When Charlie left the ship, she came across Nate, who tried shut her out. She took offense once more, but she reminded him that he should not take his "beef" with Amaya out on her just because she looked like his ex. Suddenly, F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald heard them arguing and, incorrectly assuming they were a couple, invited them to drink at the Café du Dôme, hinting knowledge about the fugitive.

Charlie narrating the Minotaur's story

Charlie narrating the Minotaur's story.

Charlie dragged along a reluctant Nate, who showed Salvador Dalí's illustration of the monster. Charlie recognized it as the minotaur and told his story of being rejected by his father and hiding in the maze, at which point Nate suddenly left to come up with a plan. The team returned to the Waverider to smell Constantine's concoction in the library, where they found out how to put the minotaur to sleep. At Nate's going-away party, he assured Charlie that she'd eventually find her place within the team, as he once did. The two shared a toast and presumably parted on good terms.[5]

Going rogue

Charlie, Zari, and John in New Orleans 1856

Charlie, Zari, and John on a mission in New Orleans, 1856.

When Charlie learned that her shape-shifting abilities weren't completely inaccessible, she notified John, who didn't know of any spell to reverse her situation, and thought that he'll want to exchange favors, sooner or later. After Charlie, Zari, and John learned that a dybbuk was amok in New Orleans 1856, the three returned to the Waverider, but John had other plans with Charlie, and the two traveled to New Orleans 2018, five months before John hunted fugitives with the Legends, as preventing his former self from meeting his most recent lover Desmond will also prevent the demon Neron from possessing him, also preventing a guilt-ridden Constantine from joining the Legends and casting the spell on Charlie. She proceeded into the bar and successfully convinced John to drink and share stories at another place. When the two returned to the jump ship, their plan failed, as John had met Desmond a few days later instead, so they planned to return to New Orleans, but was stopped short by Gideon and Zari, who finally found out where and when they'd been and returned them to the Waverider.

Charlie and Zari fly into a time wave

Charlie and Zari flying into a cataclysmic time wave.

Charlie then listened as John told them about his relationship with Desmond, to which Charlie realized he was stalling for him to escape once more to New Orleans after he met Desmond, and also told John of the tracker in his underpants. Charlie proceeded to the library and shape-shifted into John, except for her half of her face, when Zari came in to inform that there are no possible loopholes and saw that he was not John. Charlie and Zari then proceeded to the jump ship, not before Charlie told why she supported John, which was to regain her immortality. Suddenly, the jump ship flew into a cataclysmic time wave, and Charlie found herself to have regained her shape-shifting ability and Zari to be a cat.[1]

Fixing the timeline

Charlie and Red in Las Vegas 1962

Charlie with her old friend, Red, in Las Vegas, 1962.

Baffled by Zari the cat, Charlie decided to bring her back to the Waverider, but not before she dropped off at a casino in Las Vegas 1962, where she transformed into Marilyn Monroe and saw Red, her leprechaun friend during her time in Mallus's realm. The two reconnected, when Charlie told her friend to lay off of his magic because of the Legends. She then witnessed the Custodians of the Chronology storm the place and kill Red. The team introduced themselves to Charlie, who was in Marilyn Monroe's form, and returned to the Waverider. Charlie followed them, heard Zari in the library, and wondered why she was a cat, to which Gideon, who had a holographic full-body human model, explained that the Custodians became homicidal due their disastrous encounter at Woodstock, and that the Fairy Godmother, who was also presumably killed, turned Zari into a cat. Charlie transformed into Sara and proceeded to the bridge, where she informed the team to change their shoot-on-site policy, but was easily discovered to not be Sara, as the captain was already dead. Garima thrust her sword into Charlie, who healed instantly and escaped to the jumpship with Zari, flying to the Time Bureau headquarters in 2018.

She infiltrated the establishment as Gary Green and saw Sara's plaque regarding her death to a unicorn, when Hank Heywood told his tardy employee of the Custodians' recent execution of a leprechaun. Charlie asked where John Constantine might be, to which Hank expressed his frustration, as Gary himself confined John into a cell. Charlie found John and his record of being found insane for suspected time crimes. She showed Zari to John, who transmogrified her back into human form, but ultimately returned her back to a cat, as she threatened to set the timeline back to its original course.

Charlie and John escape the Custodians with Ava and Mona

Charlie and John escaping the Custodians of the Chronology, with Ava's and Mona's help.

They went out and saw Mona listening to their conversation, who was willing to help stop the Custodians, as they turned her friend Konane into a rug. They sneaked into Ava's office, but not before Charlie, still in Gary's form, ran into the real Gary, and told him that she's his future version and to stall the Custodians. They found a black-haired Ava, who was grieving over her loss, in her office and informed her that time is broken and that Sara is supposed to be alive, to which she spurred in to help them escape from the bureau.

The three Legends managed to flee, setting a course back to Woodstock 1969 and preventing Sara's death by shooting the unicorn from the jumpship, but it still didn't solve Zari's cat predicament, so they headed back to the Time Bureau, only for Charlie to see new plaques of commemoration for Nate, Ray, and Mick, who were killed in one of their missions. She also witnessed a new version of her team, the Sirens of Space-Time, composed of White Canary (Sara Lance), Roundhouse (Ava Sharpe), and Hard Drive (Gideon in human form), who were still homicidal towards magical fugitives.

Charlie joins the Sirens

Charlie joining the S.O.S

To extract information on the boys' death, Charlie joined the Sirens as Amaya, with her original look. She learned of the three's tragic demise by the hands of the Fairy Godmother. Charlie briefed John on the situation, before the Sirens found her out, but successfully escaped and set a course back to Salem 1692, where Charlie transformed into the Fairy Godmother, and successfully tricked Prudence into relinquishing her, making the old woman powerless.

The two returned to the jumpship, only to find Zari as a puppet. Charlie later learned that Mick made a bond with the Fairy Godmother, turning the Legends into puppets and becoming his new partner in crime. Charlie and John continued on to fix the mistakes in the timeline, until there were no more commemorative plaques of the team in the Time Bureau headquarters. Charlie let Zari and John know, when John suddenly collapsed due to the amount of timelines he was currently experiencing. Charlie tried to persuade John to make the compromised timeline work, but he realized that nothing they do will be in their favor, and told Charlie to have hope in her powers as he does with saving Desmond. Charlie disagreed and tried to fight them, but was instantly knocked out by Zari's air totem.

After the two left, she recovered, transformed into Ava, and time couriered into the Waverider, informing the Legends of a fugitive alert in New Orleans 2018. Shocked by their shoot-to-kill policy, Charlie tried to persuade them to assess the situation first, but failed as they were still homicidal maniacs. Gideon then showed Charlie and Sara three substantial magic signatures, each belonging to three John Constantines. Charlie proposed that they capture all three and see which one was the real John, which worried Sara, as Ava was not acting like herself.

Charlie and Sara fighting

Charlie and Sara fighting.

When Ray and Mick spotted the current John, Sara ordered to fire, thinking he was the shape-shifter, but not before Charlie revealed herself to be their target. Charlie tried to persuade Sara once more that killing the fugitives was wrong, but Sara avoided conversation and tried to kill her twice. Charlie then reminded Sara of them meeting her in London, but Sara denied of it ever happening. Having known that the Legends didn't meet her, Charlie realized that she was the missing ingredient in every timeline that they tried to fix. Charlie and Sara started to fight when a time wave, caused by the past John's and Desmond's restored love, reverting the timeline to its original state.

Charlie reconciling with Zari

Charlie reconciling with and teasing Zari.

Having lost her powers once more, Charlie, Zari, and John returned to the Waverider and rejoiced, as time was finally and truly fixed. The two then left John to tell Sara their time-travelling tale. Charlie apologized to Zari for getting off on the wrong foot and explained to her that she kept coming back to Amaya's form, because it was the form she had when she joined the Legends, the first ever team that held a special place in her heart. Zari forgave Charlie, the two reconciled. Charlie teased Zari about finding Amaya, hence her, attractive.[6]


"These dudes are trying to censor us, but we ain't gonna stand for that, are we?"

While being held prisoner in Mallus's realm, Charlie became a little selfish, as she had to survive in a place where other creatures of anyone's worst nightmares run amok. She learned how to deceive others by transforming into more horrifying creatures, to scare them off. She never stayed in one place long enough to join a group or team,[2] but had made friends with a few creatures such as Red, a leprechaun. Over time, she had grown close to her powers, as she considered them to be a crucial part of her identity.[6]

Being a shape-shifter, Charlie had to have something to believe in to avoid losing herself in the personalities of other people. She loved alcohol, loud music, being a rebel towards the government, hence, she founded her band. Charlie used The Smell as a movement, making a statement to be woke from what society and the monarchy force them to do. Their band was notoriously known for a series of improbable anti-establishment pranks, but Charlie had good intentions within her actions.

When Charlie was locked by John Constantine in Amaya Jiwe's form, a stark contrast can be seen with her and Amaya. She is hot-headed, foul-mouthed, and highly impulsive. When she was captured by the Legends, she was hostile towards them, as it reminded her of the small-minded humans who imprisoned her ages ago. This caused her to be often paranoid of good people. Charlie is also often defensive, especially when other people wrongfully accuse her.[3]

Legends in Mexico City

Since joining the Legends, Charlie has become close with her new teammates such as Ray, John, and Mick.

After joining the Legends, Charlie opened up her feelings to the team. Under all her angst, she is kind and compassionate, as evident when she heard Ishirō Honda's backstory and smiled in appreciation for his artistry.[4] She was also seen as persistent, when she and John tried to "fix" the timeline to make sure no one was dead and also keep her powers. But, she was ultimately shown as understanding, as she accepted that time travelers cannot give in to their desires, no matter how tempting.[6] Charlie now shows that she is clearly a proud member of the team and cares about making sure they stay together: when the Legends and Nate Heywood got stranded under an avalanche, Charlie resolved tensions between Sara Lance and Mick Rory and inspired the team to not turn on each other and instead work as a family.[7]

Powers and abilities


Charlie's limited shape-shifting

Charlie shape-shifting for a limited amount of time.

  • Shape-shifter physiology: As a magical creature, Charlie has supernatural abilities compared to normal humans.[3]
    • Shape-shifting: Charlie had the ability to shape-shift into any individual she desires. However, John Constantine cast a spell that limited her access to her powers. She is now stuck in the form of Amaya Jiwe.[3] Originally, it prevented her from shape-shifting at all, but it appears that the spell's effect is slowly fading away. So far, she can shape-shift, but it noticeably exhausts her, and she can stay in a shape-shifted form only for a limited amount of time. A sign of her time limit running up is parts of her body reverting to her default form, which is that of Amaya.
      • Regenerative healing factor: Additionally, her shape shifting powers also affords her a form of rapid regenerative healing from harm, as seen when she instantly recovered from a stab wound, bullet through the chest, and even a neck-snapping. While seemingly unkillable thanks to this, Charlie is not beyond pain as severe enough injuries will temporarily subdue her.[6] After time her powers started to return to full power as seen when she was shot during the outbreak at a senate meeting.[8]
      • Extended longevity: Charlie's shape-shifting has an added byproduct of rejuvenating her being. Each time she changes form, it restarts her life-span to potentially live forever, having already lived for centuries. She once stated that with her full extant of powers, she is practically immortal.[1] As she retained the ability to fully shape-shift, even though for a limited amount of time, her lifespan is reset each time she returnes to the form of Amaya.

Former powers

  • Advanced shape-shifting: With her full extent of powers, Charlie can effortlessly shape-shift, and can remain in the chosen form as long as she desires.


Charlie singing onstage

Charlie singing onstage.

  • Musical acumen: While hiding in 1970s London, Charlie was a capable musician, being a member of The Smell.[3]
    • Guitarist: Charlie is shown to be skilled at playing guitar, particularly for rock music.
    • Singing: Charlie is a talented singer, having performed lead vocals for her band[3] and background vocals for a Bollywood number.[9] She also helped her fellow fugitives lead a sing-along of "Sweet Baby James" in order to bring Nate Heywood back to life.[8]
    • Dancing: Charlie is a good dancer, able to perform in a Bollywood routine with Zari Tomaz and Sara Lance.[9]
  • Knowledge of magical creatures: Due to being trapped in Mallus's realm, Charlie was forced to learn about the creatures that inhabit the prison to survive.[2]
  • Expert of deception/Manipulator: As her shape-shifting powers only replicate the physical form and voice of a person, not their abilities or memories, Charlie must instead rely on natural acting. She is shown to be very talented at doing so, having in one timeline convinced all of England in 1977 that she was Queen Elizabeth II. Charlie has difficulty mimicking other accents, but can get around it with practice.[3]
  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant: Charlie is proven to be highly trained in hand-to-hand combat. When Zari opened her cage, Charlie easily flipped and managed to trap Zari in the cage.[2] She also used nothing but a small brick to rescue Sara from Tagumo. Charlie was even able to subdue a few Time Bureau agents with little struggle and even managed to knock down Neron with a single punch.
  • Animal care/Interpretation: For unknown reasons, Charlie was shown to understand Zari while the latter had been transformed into a cat.[6]


  • Lobotomic binding spell: John Constantine cast a binding spell, which he described as a lobotomy of sort, on Charlie, preventing her from fully accessing her shape-shifting abilities. However, the effects of the spell are slowly fading away.[3]

Former Weaknesses

  • Mortality: Charlie stated that she was "reborn" every time she shape-shifted. With her powers limited by Constantine, she could not fully change from Amaya Jiwe's form, which meant that her body was technically slowly aging, rendering her mortal. [1] Since then, however, Charlie has regained the ability to shape-shift her entire body, presumably returning her ability to rejuvenate herself at will.


Former equipment

  • A.T.O.M. Exosuit: When Charlie shape-shifted into Ray's form, she wore the A.T.O.M. Exosuit.[3]


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