Charles "Charlie" Wright is a former homeless and schoolmate of Barry Allen.


Early life

When Charlie was a kid, he was in the same class as Barry Allen. At some point, Charlie lost his job and could not pay the rent becoming a homeless afterward.[1]

Missing homeless incident

In 1990, Charlie and Sam finds one of their friends transformed into some kind of mutated monster and dies. Charlie will be reporting this to the police but since the corpse disappear, the police left believing they were played. Some time later, father Michael brought an angry crow of homeless so that the police launch an investigation of the missing homeless case.[1]

Barry Allen takes the testimony of Charlie and Sam and before they leave, Barry noted that he is sure that he has already seen Charlie before in which he denies. Later, he notices that a man followed him Charlie attack the man before realizing that it was Barry Allen with foods for him. Barry asks more question about where he is from since he is certain to know him until they hear Sam screaming in pain and when Charlie turns around, Barry was gone.[1]

After Sam's death, Charlie went to the morgue with Father Michael to ID the body and thanks Barry for his help. Barry later pay a visit about a job offer at S.T.A.R. Labs as a night guard that he declines at the first sight believing that he won't be up to the task but after an argument with Barry, he finally accepts the job offer. Some times later, at S.T.A.R. Labs, he tries his security guard outfit and thank Barry once again. Hours later, he receives a call by Barry checking on him until he notices a security breach and go investigate. While investigating the area, he is knocked out by Carl Tanner and place in a glass cell, the Flash eventually shows up but got trapped in the glass cell with him, the Flash uses his metallic badge to open the glass and get out of there and get oxygen. He would later, be transported to the hospital.[1]


The Flash


  • In the episode "Sight Unseen", a security guard called Bernhardt appeared, it is unknown if he was his replacement after the incident or a second security guard.


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