"I can't live like this."
"Yes, you can. You can shoulder this burden, let it consume you from within. Or you can wield it as you have. A weapon against evil by my side. Whichever way you choose, mate, I'm with you every step of the way."
—Chas Chandler and John Constantine[src]

Francis "Chas" Chandler[1] is John Constantine's partner and oldest friend. After an incident at a bar, Chas, along with 47 others were killed but due to a protection spell, Chas gained their souls.


Early life

After a long night at a bar, John Constantine cast a protection spell on Chas so he could drive home safely. Unfortunately after John left, a fire broke out and Chas, along with 47 others, were trapped in the bar. Chas woke up in the hospital, shocked to find himself alive. Chas went to John and told him he was in the bar while the building burned down. Chas was informed that John's protection spell worked and told that he now has 47 other lives to live before dying. Chas then worked along with John, however, he grew distant from his wife and daughter, causing a divorce with his wife.[1]

Powers and abilities



  • Skilled hand-to-hand combatant: Chas was skilled in using his fists in close combat.[2]
  • Cooking: Chas was a masterful cook, providing food for members of John Constantine's team.[2]


  • Limited souls: The protection spell placed on Chas can work only up to 47 times, due to the number of people who died around Chas when the spell was cast. With each death, Chas gets less and less chances to survive. At the time of confrontation with Felix Faust, he was up to 32 lives, then lost one to demonstrate his power to Felix, and another one to destroy the dark mage.[1]


  • Chas may have died from a train derailment in Pennsylvania courtesy of a succubus.[3]
  • Chas died to save a family from a demon called the Monkey King.[4]
  • Chas was impaled by a telephone wire that was possessed by Furcifer.[5]
  • Chas was stabbed by Misaki Ross' ghost with scissors.[2]
  • Vincente snapped Chas's neck in an attempt to prevent Anne Marie Flynn from performing an exorcism on John.[6]
  • Chas slit his throat.[1]
  • Chas tied a grenade to the sinew of Achilles while shaking hands with Felix Faust to kill both of them.[1]
  • After killing Faust, Chas had 30 souls left, meaning he'd died a total of 17 times since the bar fire two years earlier.[1]



John Con Noir


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