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Chay-Ara's bracelet is a piece of jewelry that was worn by Chay-Ara in ancient Egypt during her first death at the hands of Hath-Set. The bracelet was exposed to Thanagarian meteors, becoming imbued with Nth metal.


Priestess Chay-Ara wore this bracelet during her first life in ancient Egypt, 1700 BC. When Nth metal meteorites from Thanagar struck the palace, many objects present were imbued by the radiation of the Nth metal, including the bracelet. Chay-Ara had the bracelet on her when she was killed by Hath-Set.[1][2]

By the 19th century, the bracelet was in Vandal Savage's possession. Chay-Ara's 19th century reincarnation and her husband Hannibal Hawkes ran into Vandal Savage in Jefferson City and took it from him. However, Chay-Ara's reincarnation lost it to bandits about a year later.[3]

The bracelet later came back into Vandal's possession. Sometime in the 22nd century, Vandal would gift the bracelet to his daughter, Cassandra Savage. When the Legends attempted an assassination of Vandal in 2166, Kendra Saunders monitored them from the Waverider and noticed Cassandra wearing her past life's bracelet, which she instructed Sara Lance to take. However, Vandal's army outnumbered them so they had to fall back. Leonard Snart and Mick Rory conducted a second assassination attempt and kidnapped Cassandra, allowing them to take the bracelet. Kendra then used Mick's Heat gun to melt down the bracelet over Carter's mace, giving the mace the bracelet's Nth metal properties, which would later be used to incapacitate Vandal.[4]


  • Nth metal radiation: When Nth metal meteorites struck Egypt in 1700 BC, numerous objects like the bracelet were imbued with the Nth metal radiation. When melted over a weapon such as Hawkman's mace, it gives the weapon the ability to harm Vandal Savage, emitting a small light of blue energy upon impact.[4]



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