"Walker and his men just shot their way off of Fort Zerillo. 30 dead, and he and his men are in the wind, and the nuke trigger he stole in Chechnya is still missing."
Felicity Smoak[src]

Chechnya is a country that is a part of the Russian Federation.


John Diggle served in Chechnya under general J.G. Walker as part of the United States peacekeeping operation. General Walker stole a nuke trigger during his stay in Chechnya and framed John for it; but his crimes were ultimately exposed.[1]

A military regiment known as the Red Lions was a Chechnyan death squad known to John Diggle. According to John, the Red Lions "liberated" a town in Kizlyar region in 2017, turning it into a wasteland.[2]



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Behind the scenes

  • In real life, Chechnya, officially the Chechen Republic, is a federal subject (a republic) of the Russian Federation.
  • In DC comics, Chechnya had a number of appearances.


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