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"Oh... I'm ten steps ahead of you and you haven't even figured out what game we're playing yet."
Adrian Chase/Prometheus gloating to Oliver about his plan

"Checkmate" is the sixteenth episode of the fifth season of Arrow, and the one-hundred-eighth episode overall. It aired on March 15, 2017.



The scene starts in a lot of cold mountains. Oliver approaches the front entryway of a stronghold and heads inside. He is met with a progression of irate understudies, who get ready to battle them yet are halted by Talia. He clarifies the circumstance with Prometheus, and Talia clarifies that she knew about Prometheus' inspirations when she prepared him. As indicated by her, she was eager to prepare Prometheus on the grounds that both of their dads had been murdered by Oliver. She uncovers that her name is really Talia al Ghul, shockingly. She reveals to Oliver Prometheus' genuine personality - Adrian Chase.

Felicity is driven through Helix's base of tasks. She appreciates their innovation, including a database of each camera telephone's photographs on the planet.

Oliver is driven through his city hall leader's office, searching for Chase. He discovers him in the meeting room, and requests to see Chase in his office. Chase decreases, and comments that Oliver looks drained - or that he's at long last 'alert' to reality.

In a flashback, Oliver enables the Bratva in a bar to battle.

In the current day, Chase gets a bolt shot through his vehicle. It's the Green Arrow, coming to capture him as opposed to slaughtering him. Chase uncovers that he knows Oliver's mystery personality. He clarifies that he hijacked Susan Williams, and that Oliver murdering or harming Chase would prompt Susan's demise, or more terrible.

The group responds to the news that Chase is Prometheus. Oliver asks where Felicity is, yet Curtis says that she isn't noting her telephone. Oliver advises the group that they have to work to discover and free Susan before they can authoritatively make out of here Prometheus.

Diggle uncovers that he's sending Curtis to Opal City to pursue Chase's mom. Oliver prepares to take off to Chase's home, which purportedly has a mystery cellar. Diggle offers to go with Oliver, however he decreases.

In a flashback, Oliver and Anatoli banter how to go facing Gregor. Oliver's proposes slaughtering Gregor before he turns out to be excessively risky. Oliver chooses to follow Gregor, who is obviously covering up in a Bratva fort at a hockey arena.

Curtis and Dinah stroll through Chase's mother's home. It's empty, implying that Chase previously removed her before Team Arrow could arrive. Curtis fires up one of his T-Spheres and it flies up the steps filtering for information. The pair rapidly hear a lady shout upstairs.

Upstairs, they find a video of Susan being held prisoner by Prometheus being anticipated on the divider.

Arrow and Rene are stood up to by Chase at City Hall. After Chase leaves, Lance telephones Oliver and reveals to him's everything clear to glance in Chase's home.

Oliver and Diggle go into the house and degree it out. Oliver discovers Mrs. Chase, and comes clean with her about Chase's killings. They are hindered by SCPD individuals, who escort Mrs. Drive out of the house. Oliver sets off a blaze bomb and escapes.

Oliver and Diggle are demonstrated the video of Susan. Felicity shows up, and the remainder of the group disregards Oliver and Felicity. Oliver clarifies that he's stressed over what Felicity is subtly getting into, and she discloses to him that presently is certifiably not a decent an ideal opportunity for her to come clean. She likewise clarifies that she had the option to discover Chase's original name - Simon Morrison, and that demonstrating that he faked his personality is sufficient for Chase to get captured.

Oliver hurries to City Hall, where he says something about the Green Arrow breaking into Chase's home. He tells the press that the Mayor's Office underpins Chase, and that the Green Arrow needs to hand himself over in 24 hours or be captured.

Oliver goes to meet with Captain Pike, giving him the drive of data on Chase. He arranges him to experience it and make a capture if fundamental, however to make a point not to tell anybody where he got the drive from. Pike agrees.

In a flashback, Anatoli meets with Oliver, who is wearing the Hood suit. He clarifies that he is utilizing his substitute personality to battle Gregor, and Anatoli clarifies that he ought not keep those pieces of him discrete.

Felicity shows Kacey the video of Susan being tormented. She requests Helix's assistance with the case, yet Kacey clarifies that Felicity quite to accomplish something for them first to demonstrate her value with the association. She educates Felicity to decode documents from Homeland Security.

Pike leaves the police headquarters, however is welcomed by a vagrant. The man wounds Pike in the chest with a blade before pivoting a leaving.

Oliver races to the medical clinic, where Lance clarifies that Pike fell into a state of unconsciousness from the assault. Oliver consoles that Chase hurt Pike. He goes into the emergency clinic room, where Chase is remaining over Pike's body. Chase reveals to Oliver that Susan is as yet alive, and Oliver consoles that he and Team Arrow will slaughter Chase when they discover Susan. Chase says that executing him will just add to the rundown of those murdered in light of Oliver, which would prompt his limit. Chase reveals to Oliver that executing him would resemble Oliver murdering himself.

Oliver enters the Arrow cavern. He tosses the mannequin holding his Green Arrow outfit over the room, and starts breaking different things around the cavern.

In a flashback, Gregor and different Bratva individuals are seen viewing a hockey game. One follows a commotion to a close by room, where he is slaughtered by The Hood and Anatoli. Anatoli starts terminating at Gregor's men.

Felicity and Curtis decode the Homeland Security drone records. Curtis inquires as to why they are doing this, and Felicity clarifies that it will assist them with discovering Susan as it were. She starts sending bogus data to the Homeland Security's framework, and Curtis implores her to come clean. She does, however Curtis is as yet miserable that she's doing these things behind Oliver and Diggle's backs.

Diggle discovers Oliver in the destroyed Arrow Cave. Oliver clarifies that he feels weak to stop Chase. Diggle says that he's not the only one, and Oliver thinks about whether that is the issue - if believing others in his life has prompted this issue. He clarifies that the quality that he gets from those in his life is eventually a shortcoming misused by his foes.

Oliver's telephone rings. He clarifies that Felicity found where Chase is covering up Susan. He solicits Diggle to help misuse one from Chase's shortcomings.

The group finds the area they accept that Chase is covering up Susan. There are a few warmth marks in the structure, which is weird since Prometheus for the most part works alone. They enter the structure and start to investigate it.

Dinah and Rene discover a bomb planted inside one of the structure's rooms. It goes off, catching them inside the room. Felicity recommends that the entirety of the warmth marks are bombs.

Oliver discovers Susan tied up in a lift. He liberates her, yet the lift starts moving under Chase's influence. Oliver advises Susan to get away from the structure before it detonates, while he goes off and faces Chase alone. He leaves the lift and discovers Prometheus.

Curtis utilizes his T-Spheres to free Rene and Dinah.

Prometheus exposes himself, and discloses to Oliver that he really enjoys that Talia came clean with Oliver. Oliver takes steps to keep them two inside the structure until it detonates, and Chase reacts by squeezing a remote and debilitating the bombs - as he's consistently ten strides ahead.

Oliver dissents, as Diggle accompanies Chase's significant other into the room. She uncovers that she presently knows reality with regards to her significant other, and Chase apologizes to her. The pair embrace, and Chase's better half implores him to hand himself over. Chase comments that he will deal with everything, before wounding his significant other in the chest.

Chase and Oliver start battling. Diggle brings Chase's better half outside as Felicity calls an emergency vehicle.

Chase discloses to Oliver that he can't execute him, yet Oliver opposes this idea. He is abruptly shot with a bolt from behind - focused on him from Talia.

The group rushes to discover Oliver, yet both he and Chase are absent.

Diggle and the group stroll into the Arrow cavern. Dinah requests that Felicity utilize her assets to discover Oliver, and she agrees, stomping out of the space to go to Helix.

In a flashback, Anatoli and Oliver murder all the men at the hockey arena. Oliver shoots bolts into Gregor and stands up to him up close and personal. Gregor perceives Oliver, yet Oliver clarifies that he's an alternate man - one who's going to execute Gregor. He hauls the bolts out of Gregor's chest.

Arrow drives Susan through the area, where they run into Chase. Arrow undermines Chase, however Chase clarifies that he's in grieving on the grounds that the Green Arrow slaughtered his better half and afterward vanished. Arrow inquires as to why he shouldn't simply capture Chase as of now, yet Chase clarifies that doing so would get Oliver murdered.

Kacey praises Felicity on her Homeland Security hack. Felicity overlooks her, concentrating on discovering Oliver with whatever assets conceivable.

Oliver is held handcuffed in a vacant cell. Chase and Talia enter, and Oliver censures Talia for consenting to a killer. Oliver consoles Chase that his companions will discover him, yet Chase clarifies that he wouldn't like to murder Oliver - he needs to assist him with finding who he truly is. He leaves the room, securing Oliver his phone.


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Preparation ran from January 9, 2016 until January 17, 2017. Shooting ran from January 18 until January 27, 2017.[1]


  • The episode title comes from Adrian outsmarting Oliver in every turn, claiming he is "ten steps ahead". Oliver also admits that Chase has them in check.
  • Oliver and the rest of Team Arrow find out that Adrian Chase is Prometheus.
  • When Curtis and Dinah go to find Adrian's mother, Amanda Westfield, in Opal City, they see her house is empty and Curtis says, "...Norma Bates got the hell out of dodge". This is a reference to the mother of serial killer Norman Bates from the Psycho film series.
  • This is the first appearance of Talia al Ghul in Season 5 in the present day rather than flashbacks.
  • In the flashbacks, Oliver mentions that he doesn't know anyone who could get data off a bullet-ridden laptop, referencing what he asks Felicity to do in the Season 1 episode "Lone Gunmen"​​​.