For the Wonderland gang's member, see Cheshire Cat.

"He made the Cheshire Cat... disappear."
Alice to Sophie Moore on Chessy's death[src]

Chessy (died January-Febuary 2004) was a kitten that was owned by Beth Kane when she was young.


Chessy was a stray kitten found by Johnny Cartwright near his house around January 25, 2004. He secretly gave the kitten to Beth Kane as a gift for her 14th birthday and she found some solace with the kitten, despite her imprisonment at the hands of August Cartwright. Beth named the kitten after the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland, even knitting him a sweater.

Not long after though, August discovered Chessy and ruthlessly killed the kitten in front of the two kids, despite their pleading to simply let Chessy go free.[1]



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