Chester Dunholtz (died January 2020; erased timeline) is the owner of Dunholtz Toys and the former boss of Winslow Schott Sr..


Original multiverse

Stealing toy designs

Chester Dunholtz stole toy designs from Winslow Schott Sr., provoking the latter to send Dunholtz a teddy bear with a bomb in it. However, Dunholtz's assistant opened the package, killing her and five other people.[1]

New multiverse

Lifetime Achievement Award

Dunholtz was later honored at the National City Toy Con, for his achievements. While he was on stage giving an acceptance speech, Dunholtz was almost killed by Winslow Schott Jr. who was acting under the orders of his father, though the latter went against his father, and fired the gun in another direction.[1]



Season 1

Season 5

Behind the scenes


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