"Hey, what up, party people?"
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Chester Phineas Runk (born July 5, 1991)[1] is a former scientist turned online streamer in Central City. He has recently become a member of Team Flash.


Original multiverse

Early life

Chester was born in July 5, 1991.[1]

Chester streaming.

While he was a scientist, Chester Runk frequently stole old lab equipment and materials from a junkyard. After later being caught and apprehended, CCPD let Chester off with a warning. He later left his occupation to become an online streamer, where Chester often displayed his scientific and technological prowess to viewers. To stay up for his streams, Chester would go to CC Jitters, where he met and was attracted to Natalie, a barista who often brewed him a Vibe-uccino.

During one stream, Chester built a gravitational wave emitter using scraps from his garage. However, when he turned it on, the device malfunctioned, forming a black hole in the process. Chester frantically attempted to resolve the problem but accidentally touched the black hole, seemingly sending him into a catatonic state, although in reality, half of his consciousness had been transferred into the black hole itself.[2]

Materializing around Central City

Not long after, the black hole, where half of Chester's consciousness resided, began to materialize at places of personal significance to him, such as the junkyard where he was once apprehended, where it almost pulled in Iris West-Allen before dissipating. It later materialized at CC Jitters, the place where his crush Natalie worked, nearly killing all the people in the building before they were saved by The Flash.

Having uncovered Chester's history and an experiment gone wrong, Iris tracked him down to a hospital and attempted to communicate with him, although Chester was unable to respond. Iris later realized the correlation between Chester's movements and the black hole's pulses, allowing Team Flash to devise a plan to send Barry into the black hole in order to destabilize it and return Chester's whole consciousness to his body.[2]


Chester after his consciousness returned to his body.

Shortly afterward, the black hole reappeared, powerful enough to engulf all of Central City. While Chester was relocated to the Mental Augmentation Chamber (MAC) at S.T.A.R. Labs, Barry ran into the black hole and cut it off from within, restoring Chester's consciousness to his physical form while the black hole imploded. After awakening, Chester, with his eyes glowing of dark energy, admitted to The Flash that he was a big fan. Cisco later revealed that Chester would have to remain inside the MAC for four to six weeks longer to allow his subatomic particles to re-stabilize.[2]

Days later, Chester's vitality is completely reestablished, and he is freed automatically. He finds himself in S.T.A.R. Labs, enthusiastically dancing around and snacking on lounge food, he signs on to one of the PCs and discovers his own eulogy, he is surprised to see Frost, who was late arriving due to getting coffee. While he fanboyed over meeting her, Frost called in for help explaining why Chester's death was faked.

Cecile Horton assists Chester with getting once more into society and he requests counsel on the best way to ask out Natalie. She offers to utilize her forces to get him out, Cecile puts in a Jitters to Go request so Natalie will convey it to Chester, and she'll hypothetically have the option to peruse her feelings, the entire trial goes poorly, Cecile later apologizes, and uncovers that she read Natalie's feelings wrong since she was shaky about her own direction throughout everyday life, Chester concludes the two of them should grasp their actual selves, and ask out Natalie. Cecile makes business cards for her new business, and afterward discloses to Chester that he's greeting at Star Labs at whatever point he needs.[1]

Anti-Monitor Crisis

During the Anti-Monitor Crisis, Chester as well as everyone in the multiverse except for the seven Paragons, was killed in an antimatter wave by the Anti-Monitor on December 10, 2019,[3] only to be restored a month later, after the Paragons and the Spectre created a new universe.[4]

New multiverse

Early life

Chester grew up in Masonville, raised by his grandmother and his father. Chester would routinely look through Quincy's garbage because Quincy would discard items that Chester would find as useful for his own inventions. When his father died on December 5, 1998, Chester believed that Quincy did not like him since they hardly interacted and Quincy was constantly working.[5] He began watching the Powers Rangers franchise sometime between 1993 and 1996.[6]

When Chester was eleven, he attempted to build a hovercraft from his grandmother's car; the experiment did not work and he views drowning her car as one of his worst experiences.

While in the sixth grade, Chester created a working miniature copy of the "Millennium Falcon" to be presented at his school's science fair. Due to rust in the intake valve, the vessel did not fly on the day of the exhibit. The teacher grading him was a fellow African-American, who lived through the more rough eras of racism; he refused to allow Chester to fix the problem, citing that people like them don't get second chances, teaching Chester a life-long lesson.

At some point, Chester learned of Grodd and decided that he was his favorite supervillain.

Most of Chester's life remained unchanged by the Crisis. Sometime on Earth-Prime, Barry would visit and talk to Chester while he was in the MAC.[7]

Helping and joining Team Flash

Team Flash.

Following Cisco's adventures around Earth-Prime, Chester began helping out in mission control. Alongside Kamilla Hwang, he helped Barry against Hartley Rathaway/Pied Piper, although the latter escaped. When Barry was running tests to count the number of changes to the timeline, Chester, who learned that Barry was the Flash, tried to help out, but was rebuffed by Barry who didn't view Chester as a member of the team. Chester's feelings were hurt, so he left, going to CC Jitters.

Later, when Barry was trapped in Grodd's mind, Chester was afraid to help, feeling that the dilemma was his fault, because he tinkered with the gadget that Barry was using; though he made it work more efficiently, he did it without permission and it sent Barry's mind to Grodd's location. Frost talked to Chester, making him see that mistakes are learnable moments. She then combined her and his scientific knowledge to guide Barry safely out. He was also able to find the location of Henry and Nora Allen's graves, which Barry had been struggling to find. Barry apologized to Chester for his earlier outburst, and then invited him to become part of Team Flash which he jovially accepted. When Pied Piper appeared again on the computers, Chester took command.[7]

Reading a book, Chester wondered about the possibility of the universe being a cosmic neural network despite agreeing with the author. Informed from an alert to where Eva was, he waked Barry up from the Cryo Pod. Chester became concerned about Barry's state and him having only one percent of his speed left, assured from Barry that he better hurry using it before heading to Eva. On comps with Barry, Chester detected Eva's coordinates to have slowed down, considering she had stopped moving only for Barry to explain that she was only going up. Later, Chester asked if he stopped Eva.[8]

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After returning from visiting Gertrud,[9] Chester volunteered with the other members of Team Flash in the rebuilding of Central City.[10]

Back in time

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"Are you sure you don't want some help? 'Cause, I mean, I'm ready, willing, and caffeinated, sir. Put me in, coach!"
—Chester P. Runk to the Flash[src]

Affable and exuberant, Chester has a likable personality, evidenced by the fact that he had many subscribers amicably commenting on his posted videos. He also gets along well with other individuals quickly - at a literal drop of the hat, even, as seen when he met several Harrison Wells (through Barry); Sherloque, H.R. and Wells the Grey. Despite interacting with them briefly, Chester was vibing with H.R. and Wells the Grey within seconds of meeting them.

At an earlier age, a teacher taught Chester that he would not get a second chance to do things right, so he tries hard to leave a good first impression.

Powers and abilities


  • Meta-human physiology: After building a gravitational wave emitter, which malfunctioned, Chester gained his own unique powers.[2]
    • Black hole/Void manifestation: Half of Chester's consciousness was stored in a black hole. While in a comatose state, the black hole pulsated in rhythm with his finger motions. However, it is unknown whether he is able to consciously control the black hole.[2]


"That tweak you made in Gideon earlier? In two seconds you improved her functionality more than I did in two hours. You're a genius."
Barry Allen to Chester Runk[src]
  • Genius-level intellect/Master engineer: Chester is intelligent enough to create his own gravitational wave emitter from junkyard material and put it together in his own garage, a feat that, according to Cisco Ramon, was nothing short of legendary. However, he was under the belief that what he was creating was a device meant to contact extraterrestrial life, only realizing too late the actual capability of his innovation.[2] Later, in a matter of moments, Chester fixed and amplified a device more than Barry Allen, who has superhuman speed and is a genius and an exceptional engineer himself, was able to do in hours of work.[7]


The Flash

The Chronicles of Cisco


  • In the new multiverse, Chester may be a worshiper of Rao, since he shouted, "Thank Rao!" upon learning that Barry Allen was safe.[7]
  • He's a fan of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, having compared the Speed Force to the Rangers' mentor and leader Zordon.[6]
  • Chester is a sci-fi fan, which includes Arthur C. Clarke, Star Wars, and Dr. Who.

Behind the scenes

  • In the comics, Chester P. Runk is a friend of Wally West who has a black hole in his body.


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