Chet Miner (died 2016) was the leader of a criminal gang, which committed robberies in National City with alien technology supplied by Project Cadmus.


Miner and his gang attacked the West National City Bank. Supergirl tried to stop them, but they managed to escape thanks to their alien weapons. Later, he met Lillian Luthor, who gave him a new weapon as the old was damaged by Supergirl. The next evening Miner called Lillian and told her that, as people are afraid of these weapons and thus the public opinion is alarmed, he had fulfilled his part of the bargain and his next move would be to attack Lena Luthor's charity evening to make money. However, she warn him that if they attack Lena, she would not support them. The next evening Miner's gang bursts into Lena's party and Miner tells everyone to give them jewelry so that no one will get hurt. As Supergirl arrives, Miner and his gang start a struggle with her and almost won, but Winn and Lena establish a black burst generator, which destroy the criminals' weapons so that the gang would be captured. After the arrest Detective Maggie Sawyer was about to send Miner and his gang to the prosecutor, when he started to tell her who supplied them with alien weapons, however, suddenly, he heard Lillian Luthor's voice into his head, his ears began to bleed and he fell dead to the ground alongside the other two gang members.[1]



Season 2

Season 4


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