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Chicago was a city in the state of Illinois in the United States.


The Roaring Twenties[]

When Amaya Jiwe was a child, she would read her mother's magazines and look at pictures of Chicago, never dreaming that she would one day visit the city as a part of the Legends.[1]

By 1927, Al Capone had formed a vast criminal empire which he ruled from Chicago. Sometime during this year Capone was approached by Eobard Thawne and his syndicate, who insisted they could help Capone by protecting him from 'new enemies' that were coming to town. This included Eliot Ness, a Prohibition agent who had been sent to Chicago to bring Capone's reign to an end. Given the knowledge of when and where Ness would be arriving in town by the syndicate, Capone sent a pair of police officers on his payroll, including Sergeant Jones, to escort Ness to Dock 39 instead of to the federal bureau office. At the docks, Capone tried to drown Ness by tying him down with cinder blocks and pushing him into the water, but the Legends arrived in time to save Ness and force Capone to retreat. Ness received severe brain damage from the incident and had to be taken aboard the Waverider so that Gideon could repair his injuries.[1]

While Ness was incapacitated, Nate Heywood assumed his place so that history could continue to naturally unfold. Using his knowledge of the era as a guide, Nate took a team of police officers and federal agents to the Chelsea Club to retrieve Capone's ledger, only to discover that Capone had emptied the speakeasy of any trace of criminal activity due to an advance warning from the syndicate. Thawne, meanwhile, used this as an opportunity to kidnap Martin Stein and Sara Lance. The syndicate revealed to its prisoners that they were in search of the other half of the Askaran Amulet that was in the possession of the Legends. When Sara refused to make a deal with Malcolm Merlyn for the amulet, Thawne used his future tech to assume the identity of Stein; when the rest of the Legends arrived in order to rescue their teammates, Heywood and Ray Palmer managed to steal Capone's ledger, but the team mistakenly took Thawne aboard the Waverider under the assumption that he was Stein. Thawne used this as an opportunity to search for the other half of the amulet, while Merlyn boarded the ship with a squad of Al Capone's men.[1]

After the ensuing battle aboard the Waverider, the Legends traded their half of the amulet for the whereabouts of the real Martin Stein, and arrived just in time to stop Al Capone from pushing the professor off of Dock 39. When Ness was finally healed, Heywood and Palmer gave him the ledger and told him that someone had been impersonating him while he was unconscious, and that said person had uncovered the ledger on Ness' behalf. Ness was doubtful that Capone's empire could be taken apart on charges of tax evasion, but Heywood encouraged him to remain hopeful.[1]

Eventually, On October 24, 1931, Al Capone went down for income tax evasion.[1]

Aberration timeline[]

In a defunct timeline that never came to pass, the Aberration caused by the intervention of Eobard Thawne's syndicate resulted in Al Capone becoming mayor of Chicago. On October 24, 1931, he helped to kick off Oktoberfest with some patrons at Coney Island as reported in the Chicago Chronicle.[1]

The Chicago Constitution[]

Sometime prior to late 2014, the Chicago Constitution was established as a newspaper publisher in the city. On the front page of one of their papers published that year, the Constitution ran a headline about the death of Bernie Reed, which the paper referred to as an apparent suicide.[2]

Alternate reality[]

In the alternate reality created by the Dominators, Tommy Merlyn worked as a doctor in Chicago.[3]

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