"Child's Play" is the seventh episode of The Flash. It aired on November 15, 1990.


The Flash helps a street kid who steals a computer disc that could unravel the plans of a chemist/criminal who's developed a new hallucinogenic drug.


  • Barry Allen refers to a journalistic "Arkham exposé". Arkham, refers to Arkham Asylum, the facility later featured in many Batman films. However, this episode aired before Arkham has appeared or received mention in any of the Batman TV shows/films, making the first reference to Arkham in a Flash TV show and not a Batman related adaptation.
  • While Barry is walking his dog Earl, he passes by a theater showing a double feature of Superman (1978) and Batman (1989). Like the Flash, Superman and Batman are DC Comics superheroes.
  • The title of the episode is called Child's Play. Ironically, Perrey Reeves, who plays the girlfriend of the main antagonist also played the role of Andy Barclay's love interest Desilva in Child's Play 3.

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