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"Do you know that even with all the amazing toys I've built, you're the best thing I ever made. You're just like me."
Winslow Schott Sr. to Winn Schott.

"Childish Things" is the tenth episode of the first season of Supergirl, and the tenth episode overall. It aired on January 18, 2016.




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At the Maximum Security Prison, a pair of guards check on Winslow "Toyman" Schott Sr. while they bring him a meal. When they open his cell they assume that he is sick and in need of medical attention, but soon discover a talking doll on his bed and become his victims of a trap as a yo-yo with blades kills the guards. Taking one of the guard's uniforms, he then attacks another pair of guards, killing them with the same device.

Winn Schott holding his father's Toyman doll

Winn holding a Toyman doll with a message left for him by his father.

During a flight together, Kara convinces J'onn to embrace his powers and reveal himself to the world, but J'onn refuses to do that, saying he likes his current identity as Hank. They are joined by Alex as the three come up with a plan to find out what Maxwell is hiding at Lord Technologies. Later on at CatCo, Cat offers Lucy a job despite a conflict of interest because of James, but is convinced to take the offer. As James and Winn asks Kara to listen in on the conversation, the news reports of Winn's father becomes the top story and Winn wants nothing to do with it, and when agent Cameron Chase arrived to talk to Winn about his father's whereabouts, Winn tells her that he has not seen his father and wants nothing to do with him. Kara then confronts Winn, who admits that his father, who was a toy designer, was responsible for the death of six people at the company he worked for after his boss took credit for his father's designs, although his boss, the intended target, survived. Winn then shows Kara a doll he received on his desk, which contained a voice message, indicating that Winslow Sr. wants to meet him at their favorite place, and goes to Cameron to tell her.

Back at the DEO, Alex attempts to convince J'onn to use his powers to infiltrate Lord Industries but J'onn is refusing because it would make him relive his past as the Martian Manhunter. However, Alex does call Maxwell out for a date, giving J'onn time to sneak in and get the information. That evening, as Alex and Maxwell have their dinner (that turns into a conversation over their "association" with Supergirl), J'onn posing as Maxwell sneaks in and finds the mystery woman. When J'onn trips over the alarm a guard shows up but J'onn erases his memory and tells the woman he'll be back. When Maxwell returns, he discovers the guard has no memory of anything, including his own family. Meanwhile, Kara questions Cat's reason for hiring Lucy, only to have Cat accuse Kara of making eyes at James. James later discovers Lucy in his office, but he's reluctant to have her working at the company. Lucy wants the job and is upset that he does not support her.

At an arcade, Winn finds his father, who despite his dislike for Winslow Sr., the elder reminds his son that they are much alike. However, as Cameron and her agents closes in on Winslow Sr., they are tricked by a wall of mirrors and tells Winn Jr. to leave as the mirrors collapse. A cloud of gas appears ready to take out the agents but Kara as Supergirl arrived to inhale the gas and disperse it into the air. Cameron tells Winn Jr. that she is not convinced that he wants nothing to do with Winslow Sr., leading to Winn Jr. to believe that Cameron wants to have his father killed. Kara tells a reluctant Winn Jr. that she will find his father. Back at CatCo, Winn Jr. realizes that his father must be hiding in an abandoned factory that he use to own and Kara flies off to capture him before the FBI does.

When she arrives at the factory Kara is trapped in quicksand and hears a girls voice from an overhead box that is about to be dropped into a shredder. She escapes but discovers a Supergirl doll in the box, allowing Winslow Sr. to escape. At Kara's Apartment, Winn Jr. wants to call Cameron, but Kara talks him out of it and convinces him not go down the same path as his father. After being encouraged by Kara, Winn Jr. tried to kiss Kara but Winn Jr. is rejected by Kara, and he leaves upset. He is then kidnapped by Winslow Sr. and is taken to a warehouse. He reveals that his whole plan is for Winn to kill his former boss, Chester Dunholz so that they can be together in prison. To ensure his compliance Winslow Sr. says that he has hidden ten bombs in random toys at the convention and he will set them off if Winn does not go through with it.

The following day, Cameron shows up at CatCo, where she and Cat are combing for clues to find out if Winn Jr. is working for his father. As Chester Dunholz, makes his speech, Winn Jr. arrives with the weapon (disguised as a plastic gun). As Winn fires the gun into the air Cameron and the FBI agents shoot to kill him, but Supergirl stops them, and uses her x-ray vision to see Winslow Sr. set the bombs on a timer. She opens the sprinklers to create a frozen shield that foils Winslow Sr.'s plans and then subdues him. Afterwards at CatCo, James admits to Lucy that he wasn't enthusiastic about working alongside her but they kiss and make up.

After Kara sees this, she tries to apologize to Winn, who in turn apologized for kissing her but because of his feelings for her is not so sure at this point. Later that evening Kara, flies in with her Supergirl outfit on into her apartment, confiding to Alex about Winn's feelings for her and admits she felt guilty about it. Alex then admits to Kara that she convinced J'onn to infiltrate Lord Technologies, which Kara had reservations but Alex believes he can do it. Unaware to the sisters, Maxwell had planted a recording device in Alex's purse, confirming his suspicions that they're sisters.




  • This episode includes multiple references to other Toymans. Winslow Schott uses a doll that resembles the Toyman of Superman: The Animated Series, and another one that looks like the Toyman of Super Friends.
  • Cameron Chase is introduced as a member of the FBI. In the comics, Cameron was a member of the D.E.O., which was created for her stories.
    • As a possible nod to this, D.E.O. agents are known to masquerade as FBI agents in the series.
  • J'onn choosing to erase someone's memories and his subsequent remorse is similar to the controversial mindwipes performed by super-heroes in Identity Crisis.
  • As Winn approaches the arcade to meet his father, a Superman rocket ship kids ride is visible.
  • At the arcade, Winn mentions that he was only 11 when he saw his own father being dragged off for murder. In The Flash, Barry Allen was also only 11 when he saw his own father being dragged off for murder. The difference is that Winn's father really did commit murder whereas Barry's father was framed and wrongfully convicted.


  • After his father escapes from prison, Winn is approached by the FBI, who are trying to apprehend him. However, escaped fugitives, especially those who have escaped from federal prisons, fall under the jurisdiction of the United States Marshals Service, not the FBI.
  • Supergirl possesses X-ray vision which is frequently utilized (seen in this episode as well), yet is fooled by Toyman that there is a little girl held hostage in the wooden crate, which she has to open to find that it's only a doll.
  • J'onn and Alex say the product of sodium sulfite and sodium iodate is hydrochloric acid (or in chemistry terms, NaSO3 + NaIO3 -> HCl). However, neither of these reactants contain chlorine so the suggested chemistry with sodium sulfite and sodium iodate alone is impossible.
  • At the end when eating pizza with Alex, Kara's slice switches to bent and straight between shots.