The Children of Liberty were an anti-alien movement group led by Ben Lockwood. It was composed of humans and given Raymond Jensen's membership, possibly some augmented humans. It's later revealed that they were unwitting pawns in Lex Luthor's latest scheme. With Ben incarcerated and Lex's crimes exposed, the Children of Liberty were dissolved and its members were incarcerated.


Knowing the threats extraterrestrials pose to humanity's future, Ben Lockwood decided to create a humanity first organization, to help empower and support human beings who have lost their financial assets, employment, and educational future to extraterrestrial activities and manipulations.

Ben seeks to either deport or kill all these extraterrestrials and bring the U.S. government back on working for the sole benefit of all of humanity.


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At some point, the Children of Liberty was led by Ben Lockwood, with the help of Mercy and Otis Graves, as an anti-alien group, Ben became Agent Liberty, committing unspeakable acts such as murdering innocent aliens in cold blood. His followers claim to be Agent Liberty themselves to protect Ben's identity.

However, eventually, Ben was arrested and his identity as Agent Liberty was exposed to the public.[1] Unfortunately, he was released from prison since a crime is only defined as a terrorist act if it is committed against other humans, not aliens. Even though, the Alien Amnesty Act grants all aliens, in general, the same civil rights as humans, which was a result of Phil Baker's manipulation; to improve his poll ratings.

Tom left the group after coming to his senses, as he became disillusioned and disgusted by the Children of Liberty's crusade against aliens, George Lockwood would also turn against the Children of Liberty after he discovered that one of his friends is an alien who hid what he was from George due to his father as well as Ben abandoning him after his mother, Lydia Lockwood, was murdered to quench his thirst for vengeance.

Ben Lockwood discovers that he and his organization were (unknowing) pawns of Lex Luthor, Ben and the Children of Liberty go to Shelley Island to get revenge on Lex for using them as pawns and also to kill Lex's alien prisoners who were innocent, Ben and his agents got into one last confrontation with Supergirl and the Superfriends. One by one the Children of Liberty were defeated. He got into a confrontation with the Kryptonian, managing to land a few blows. However, he was no match for her superior strength and combat skills, as she quickly overpowered him.

Ben then got into a confrontation with James Olsen, whose combat skills were also superior to his, as the two men simultaneously stabbed each other with Lena's Harun-El extractors, removing each other's powers, but James lost an eye. Ben was ultimately defeated by Alex Danvers.

After Lex's crimes are exposed to the public, Baker is subsequently removed from office, impeached and arrested for his involvement with Lex, vice president Plastino is appointed as the acting president of United States until re-elections can be held again; he first acts were to take away the deputation of the Children of Liberty and re-enact the Alien Amnesty Act; unlike before, he makes sure that their human laws apply to Alien Amnesty Act; thus, Ben and various members of the Children of Liberty are incarcerated for domestic terrorism, and the group is dissolved.

George (a former member of the group) would later become a peacemaker between aliens and humans to ensure that no family would be divided by hatred, thus, putting an end to the Children of Liberty's crusade against aliens for good.

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  • Since vice president/acting president Plastino reinstated the Alien Amnesty Act, which allows aliens to come to Earth whenever they want and gives them the same equal rights as humans, the Children of Liberty are now considered a terrorist organization; as various members, along with their leader, Ben Lockwood have been imprisoned for crimes of domestic terrorism against the alien citizens of National City.
  • The Children of Liberty share several similarities with Project Cadmus;
    • Both are anti-alien hate groups.
    • Both had Mercy and Otis Graves working for them.
    • Both organizations secretly had U.S. government backing.
    • Both had a member of the Luthor family as masterminds of each group.
      • Lex Luthor was for a long time the unknown mastermind behind the Children of Liberty while Lillian Luthor was the mastermind behind Project Cadmus, albeit more openly.


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