For the eponymous character, see Chien Na Wei.
"China White" is the third chapter of the comic book series Arrow. It was released digitally on October 24, 2012.


The origin of the mysterious China White is revealed! Who is this murderous assassin and what's her connection to Oliver Queen? Find out this and more![src]


After Chien Na Wei's battle with The Hood,[1] Zhishan berates her for being defeated by the vigilante. He accuses Chien being afraid of The Hood, degrading her back to the fearful, helpless little girl she used to be.

In a flashback, Chien as a young girl is running through her house with a doll. Chien's father becomes angry with her for running and strikes her, saying she is weak. Before he can hit Chien again, a younger Zhishan breaks into the home and shoots the man several times through the chest. He then shoots and kills Chien's mother, despite her pleading. Present-day Zhishan reflects how that night, he saw the fear in Chien that would begin to turn her hair white. However, Zhishan also mentions that he saw "potential" in the little girl when she glared at him, resulting in him sparing her during his rampage.

Several years later, Chien as a preteen is harassed and bullied by her classmates due to her white hair. One day in school, a girl in Chien's class mocks that her parents are "better off dead". Chien snaps and stabs a pencil through the girl's hand in a fit of rage while yelling for her to shut up. The teacher and entire class are horrified and huddle against the blackboard. Shocked by what she has done, Chien tries to apologize before rushing out of the school to the front gates, where she is greeted by Zhishan. Zhishan reveals he too had an abusive father like Chien's and offers to make her "stronger" so no one could ever harm her again. Zhishan gives Chien a piece of paper, telling her to find him when she's ready.

Chien heads home and soaks her hair with hydrogen peroxide, turning it entirely white. Leaving with her backpack, she sets out to meet Zhishan.

Back in the present, Zhishan mentions how the last time Chien felt fear, he turned her into a warrior. He vows to transform Chien into something "greater" in the face of her new fear.




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