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The Chinese Triad is a criminal organization based in China, but with branches in North American cities with a high Chinese immigrant population, such as Star City. The organization was lead by Zhishan until his death, after which his former apprentice, Chien Na Wei, became the new leader of the Chinese Triad.


At some point, the Chinese Triad established a notable presence in Starling City. The organization was notorious for carrying out assassinations on any target for fair pay, regardless of collateral damage and civilian body count.

Sometime prior to late 2012, the Chinese Triad began smuggling drugs into Starling City with help from Martin Somers, who allowed them to use Starling Port in exchange for a cut of the profits. Stevedore Victor Nocenti attempted to testify about the operation but was murdered by Chien Na Wei. As a result, Somers and the Triad came under fire from Victor's daughter, Emily Nocenti, and her attorney, Laurel Lance. When the Hood targeted Somers, Chien decided to assassinate Laurel, but failed. Afterwards, the Triad decided to kill Somers to erase any evidence of their drug trafficking, but the Hood stopped Chien from doing so and recorded Somers' confession of ordering Victor's murder.[1] Following Somers' arrest, the Hood further damaged the Triad's operations by destroying the offshore yacht which supplied them with drugs, forcing the organization to cease their drug smuggling.[2]

In late 2016, the Triad laundered money through Star City Trust Bank, spurring Vigilante to intervene through hacking.[3]

In late 2019, China White led a squadron of Triad agents on motorcycle to kidnap Robert Wong; they battled Green Arrow, Spartan, and Tatsu Yamashiro and successfully escaped. Later, Spartan and Tatsu attacked the Triad in an attempt to get the re-created Alpha-Omega virus.[4]

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