Chloe is a friend and ally of Clark Kent/Superman.


A friend of Clark Kent and skilled mystery solver, Chloe helped him in many of his adventures and investigations for years, later creating a website regarding all the supernatural things that she witnessed, the "Wall of Weird".

In 2007, when Kara and Alex Danvers were investigating the murder of their friend Kenny Li, they sent Chloe a zip drive of the encrypted files on his laptop. Chloe decrypted and returned Kenny's files to Kara the next night, along with a physical copy of a photo depicting the latter flying, which she omitted from the digital photos.[1]


  • Genius-level intellect: Chloe is very intelligent, being considered one of his most valuable and trusted allies by the same Clark Kent/Superman, whose mind works sharply and faster than most humans.[1]
    • Expert investigator: Chloe is known to be an accomplished and talented mystery solver.[1]
    • Computer specialist/Expert computer hacker: Chloe is a very capable computer specialist and hacker; she was able to decrypt Kenny Li's protected files in just a day, and is known for having helped Superman with her computer skills on various occasions.[1]



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