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Christine "Chrissy" Beppo[1] is the editor-in-chief of the Smallville Gazette.

Chrissy hired Lois Lane after she resigned from the Daily Planet to investigate Morgan Edge, who turned out to be Tal-Rho, Superman's Kryptonian half-brother who used the Eradicator to transfer Kryptonian consciousnesses to the citizens of Smallville. After the latest attacks on the town, the Gazette was going to go bankrupt, but Chrissy was able to rebuild it with the help of Lois. The next year, the Gazette's veracity was threatened when Lois' sister tried to debunk one of her old articles about Ally Allston and her cult.


Early life

Chrissy's junior year was pretty wild, jam bands, mushrooms, Birkenstock Kevin, and a few intense trips.[2]

At some point, Chrissy became the editor-in-chief of the Smallville Gazette, where she also worked as a reporter, printer, janitor, and sometimes plumber.[3]

Meeting Lois Lane

When Lois Lane moved to Smallville, Chrissy followed her to a cafeteria, and Lois noticed. Afterwards, Chrissy went to the town meeting to report the events. There, she and Lois met again. Chrissy clarified that she had wanted to talk to Lois for days but had no courage and that she was the idol of "her editor". After Lois asked Morgan Edge the questions, Chrissy said that she was exactly as they had described her.

The next day, Lois went to the Smallville Gazette and Chrissy admitted that she was the editor of the newspaper, so Lois asked if she could publish an article about Edge. Chrissy said that if Lois did that she would be fired and Lois said that she had already resigned. Chrissy then asked when they could start.[3]

Investigating Morgan Edge

Lois and Chrissy watch the car catch fire.

The next morning, Sharon Powell arrived at Gazette and told Chrissy and Lois that she could help unmask Edge. Sharon claimed that Edge is to blame for her son's disappearance. At first, Chrissy didn't believe it, but after Lois's car was blown up and a man tried to kill her, she soon realized that there was a conspiracy connected with Edge and so she decided to help Lois in the investigation.[4]

Lois and Chrissy argue.

Lois was going to do another article about Edge but Leslie Larr went to the gazette with a copy of Lois' Daily Planet contract, which included a clause preventing her from publishing an article that would "defame" Edge. As the Gazette did not have the resources to survive a lawsuit, Chrissy was reluctantly forced to leave the story. Chrissy attended the town council meeting to grant Edge the mining rights of Shuster mines, she was the only vote against.[5]

Chrissy and Lois were at the Smallville Gazette when Derek Powell suddenly reappeared, claiming to have suffered a head injury that rendered him amnesiac for months. Although neither Chrissy nor Lois believed him, Sharon was happy to have him back so she told them there was no story to write. When Derek mysteriously disappeared again, Chrissy used his mother's phone to track him. She followed him to a facility where she saw Leslie Larr place him in a machine. So, she called Lois and informed her of the situation.[6]

Later, Chrissy researched the Luthor family tree for Lois to see if the man going by the name "Luthor" was somehow related to Lex. She learned that he was not and told Lois.[7]

Lois, Chrissy, and Clark Kent have a meeting about the plans of Morgan Edge; Chrissy decides to research each of the individuals in Edge EnerCorp's Young Executive Program. Chrissy calls Lois after she discovers the birth name of Leslie Larr and that she was born in Smallville, causing Clark and Lois to realize that why Edge chose Smallville over the other towns that have X-Kryptonite deposits.[8]

Chrissy wanted to write the story, but was stopped by the DOD. Lois assured that they could make up for it by interviewing the affected Smallville citizens, but Chrissy realized that Lois knew more than she was saying and asked her to leave. Later, Lois came back with an official statement from her father. She claimed she was hiding details that Sam had told her in secret and she couldn't be objective. So she asked Chrissy to write the story as she couldn't.[9]

For the next three weeks, Chrissy used the Gazette to protest the DOD's continued presence in Smallville, describing them as an occupying force. The Gazette's subscribers dwindled too much to be economically viable after people started leaving Smallville. Despite Lois assuring them that they could find new readers, Chrissy saw no way out and reluctantly accepted an offer to sell the Gazette to a multinational conglomerate.[10]

Sam Lane warned Chrissy and the Cushings that Edge would return to Smallville and asked them to help evacuate the city. Chrissy ran a special issue of the Gazette warning people to get out of town. After defeating Edge, Superman gave an exclusive interview to Chrissy, revealing that Morgan Edge was a Kryptonian. Later, Lois and Chrissy decided build a newspaper owned and operated by themselves. For reporters who put the story first no matter the consequences.[11]

The Inverse Society

Over the next three months Chrissy attempted to hire new reporters for the Smallville Gazette, like Micahel, but could not find anyone who was both affordable and met Lois' standards.[12] Later, Chrissy got a call from a podcaster who was investigating one of Lois' old stories, in which she accused a self-help group called the Inverse Society of being a cult. One of her sources denied her allegations and claimed that Lois coerced her into making false statements. Lois said her source was legitimate, but admitted that an anonymous source was her sister Lucy, who attempted suicide under the influence of the group's leader, Ally Allston.[13]

The source was Lucy herself, who claimed in the podcat that Lois was a liar and wanted revenge on Ally. Chrissy managed to find details of a Society meeting on the dark web, so she and Lois went to the meeting in New Carthage, with Chrissy wearing a blonde wig and the alias "Penelope Collins", while Lois confronted Lucy. During the meeting, Ally revealed that she knew who Chrissy was and showed her hidden camera recordings filming Lois and Lucy arguing, where Lois admitted that she hated Ally and left out part of Lucy's history that seemed to corroborate the Society's teachings. Chrissy was shocked by this and so they went home. After being disappointed with Lois, Chrissy decided to meet with Ally to clear things up.[1]

The next day at the Smallville Gazette, Chrissy told Lois that she never tells the whole truth and that she's better off looking for the truth herself. While interviewing Ally about the Inverse Society, Ally drugged her and put something in her tea and had her cross over to another world where she saw another version of herself and another version of her dad in that world, he's terrified of Ally. Everyone was. She's taken over the world. Chrissy woke up startled, so Lois and Superman showed up to save them from Superman's Inverse World counterpart who wanted to kill Ally. Later, Chrissy went to Sarah Cushing's quinceañera and made up with Lois and told her everything that happened. She finally understood that Ally is a dangerous woman and they have to stop her.[2]

The Inverse Society tries to merge with their shadow selves.

Eventually, Chrissy was selected by Ally along with her followers to enter the Inverse World through the Shuster Mines. However, most of Ally's followers were likely disintegrated by the portal upon being activated. Luckily Superman managed to get there in time and saved Chrissy and Ally. Later, Chrissy thanked him.[14]


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Chrissy has an admiration for Lois Lane and is afraid to report big news, as nothing like this happens in Smallville.


  • Expert investigator: As the best reporter of the Smallville Gazette, Chrissy is an exceptional investigator, as she follows every lead and rumor to discover the truth behind any story.


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