Chubbuck was a neighbourhood in Central City. According to the map shown in Barry Allen's CSI Lab, it was a riverside neighbourhood located near the centre of the city, with Lawrence Hills to the north, Windsor Heights to the south and south-west, Westminister to the west and north-west, and Mounds View to the east across Gardener River.[1] The neighbourhood was destroyed during the Anti-Monitor Crisis.[2]


Sometime before 2014, Chubbuck became a well known neighbourhood within Central City, such that it was labelled on a map shown in Barry Allen's CSI Lab.

In 2016, a. stock broker was stranded to death by Shade out the front of Palmer and Racine at 1001 Park Street. The following morning, a number of CCPD officers, including Detective Joe West, CSI Barry Allen, and CSI Julian Albert attended the scene to examine the crime scene.


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Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Chubbuck is a residential area in Central City, home to the Central City Hospital
    • While a hospital is known to have existed in Central City, it is unknown if it was located in Chubbuck.


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