Dodgson is a member of the Wonderland gang and a former agent of Crows Security. He is also the boyfriend of Beth Kane.


Secretly working with Alice, Dodgson began working as an agent of Crows Security. The Crows worked on an event, at which they were shutting off the Bat-Signal. The Wonderland gang ambushed the event, kidnapping Sophie Moore in the process. Following that, they worked security at the city's movie in the park event. Dodgson was assigned watch from an undeveloped skyscraper by the park. Due to this, he allowed Alice and her gang to bring Sophie in, hanging her on a plank of wood off the side of the building. He left the gang to their devices, driving a truck full of explosives to beside the park, before fleeing.[1]


  • Peak of human physical condition: As a former member of Crows Security, Dodgson is likely in top physical condition, given most of their agents are ex-Navy SEALs or Green Berets.[1]



Season 1

Behind the scenes

  • Given his association with the Wonderland gang, Dodgson's name is a reference to the real name of author Lewis Carroll, Charles Dodgson.


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