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Charles "Chuck" McCabe (born February 11, 1960s)[1] is the husband of Patty McCabe. He was the adoptive father of Mari McCabe in the original timeline. However, the Legends prevented the destruction of Mari's village in the current timeline so she was never an orphan.


Original timeline[]

Early life[]

Chuck McCabe was born on February 11 in the 1960s in Detroit, Michigan. At some point, he met and married Patty. Around 1992,[2] the couple adopted an orphaned baby girl, whom they named "Mari McCabe". The only possession Mari had was an ancient artifact and Chuck discovered from a friend was that it was called the Anansi Totem.[3]

Mari's powers[]

Chuck talks to Mari

Chuck talks to Mari.

In 2015, upon hearing Mari was back in Detroit after a four-year trip, Chuck posted her bail from prison. He warmly greeted his adoptive daughter and took Mari out for dinner, where she told him of a job interview gone wrong, which got her arrested. The two then nostalgically reflected on Patty. While walking home, Chuck inquired about Mari's time away searching for her birth parents. Suddenly, they were ambushed by a gang of thugs. Chuck offered his wallet with all of its contents, only to be knocked down.[4] He eventually recovered and found that Mari had somehow taken down the entire gang. They headed home, where Chuck gave Mari coffee, suggesting she could stay in her old room.[3]

Mari lifts up a table

Mari lifts up a table in front of Chuck.

Later one night, Mari revealed to Chuck that her necklace had magical powers. He was skeptical until Mari demonstrated a feat of strength by easily picking up the kitchen table, before they headed outside. Outside, Mari demonstrated powers of wall-climbing and nearly tried jumping from a ledge to fly, much to Chuck's disbelief. Back inside as Chuck tried to comprehend this reality, Mari voiced her belief that her necklace would reveal answers to her past. The doorbell then rang and Chuck got up to answer it. He was confronted by the Flash and the Arrow, who wanted to see Mari. However, Mari fled, leaving the two heroes to chase after her as a concerned Chuck watched.[5]

A few days later, Mari returned home and presumably disclosed the truth about her origins to Chuck. She expressed her desire to use her totem's powers to protest Detroit. Chuck pondered the idea of his adoptive daughter being a fashion designer by day and vigilante by night. Mari affirmed she knew who she was now and embraced Chuck, accepting him as her father.[6]

After Mari being struck by lightning by Mark Mardon, Chuck is with her in the hospital, telling her that she should go back to fashion design. The TV in the room was on, saying that a totem from Zambesi, among other things, was stolen from the Detroit Museum of Natural History. The TV is muted by Chuck, and he begins to talk about how he used to take Mari there when she was younger.[7]

Time ripple[]

After Amaya Jiwe lost her totem, it soon caused a ripple in time, creating a version of history where Mari never received her totem and had become a vigilante hero in Detroit without powers. She had been hurt trying to save people in a burning building and Chuck had gone to the hospital to see her. He had been approached by Nate Heywood and Wally West, who had come to check on Mari in place of Amaya. They posed as journalists and told Chuck they wanted to do a story on his daughter's heroism, but Chuck told them that he would prefer that Mari learn to take better care of herself.[8]

Current timeline[]

Because of the Legends' intervention in Zambesi 1992, Mari never became an orphan. Therefore, she was never adopted and raised by Chuck and Patty.[9]



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