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A chupacabra, nicknamed "Chupi" by its caretaker Mona, escaped from Mallus's realm after Mallus was freed.


Chupi sleeping.

"Chupi" escaped Mallus's realm, and was captured by the Time Bureau. It was taken to their headquarters in November 2018, where it was heavily tranquilized. Eventually it awakened, escaping its confinement alongside a Baba Yaga and a Kaupe. They searched for food, but couldn't find any. It was ultimately given food by Mona Wu, before being sedated and put back into confinement.[1]

Magical fugitives.

When Mona was on her way to Nora Darhk's cell, the caretaker greeted the chupacabra in Spanish, calling it "Chupi", to which it greeted her back.[2]

He was held prisoner in the Time Bureau until being released by Charlie.[3]

Later, he became an entertainer at the magical theme park Heyworld.[4]

Powers and abilities


  • Chupacabra physiology: As a Chupacabra, Chupi possesses supernatural atributes.


  • Elephant tranquilizer: Even as a magical creature, Chupi is susceptible to mortal vulnerabilities. The Time Bureau was able to sedate the chupacabra with two doses of elephant tranquilizer for a few hours.[1]


DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Season 4


  • According to Mona, the chupacabra prefers to eat birria.[1]