A pair of kukri-like knives were wielded by Grace Gibbons/Cicada from an erased future.


In an erased future, Grace Gibbons obtained two kukri-style daggers which are imbued with dark matter. She had a psychic bond with the knives, and controlled them with great efficiency. The knives' abilities are similar to Orlin Dwyer's dagger.

A future Grace traveled to the past to the point immediately after her uncle was cured of his powers. She attacked at S.T.A.R. Labs and used the knives against Team Flash.

Powers and abilities


  • Psionic bond: The kukris share a psychic connection to Grace Gibbons. Grace can mentally summon the knives and control them with great efficiency. The kukris' abilities are similar to her uncle's dagger.
  • Enhanced durability: Grace has shown to be able to block laser blasts, and even bullets, with the knives, without them breaking.
  • Meta-human detection: The kukris glow red if a meta-human who gained powers due to exposure to dark matter is near.


The Flash

Season 5

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