The Cicada mask is a mask that was used by Orlin Dwyer as his villainous alter ego Cicada.


Cicada wears an industrial breathing mask that protects his identity and modifies his voice while sounding like a cicada when he exhales. As well as helping him breathe when exerting himself, due to his damaged lungs.


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  • Identity concealment: Orlin uses the mask to conceal his identity.
  • Voice modification: Orlin uses the mask to modify his voice for further identity protection and intimidation.
  • Breathing assistance: Orlin uses the mask to help him breath after his lung was damaged by a piece of the S.T.A.R labs satellite.

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  • Orlin's mask resembles the mouth of a cicada insect.
    • His breathing sounds like a cicada insect as well, which was how he got his moniker.
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