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"Her mother died. Just after she got out of diapers. Cancer. And without me... she's not going to have anybody to look after her. So... I know I don't know you. And I know you don't know me. But... please make sure my daughter's okay. Please."
—The man's last words to Sara Lance[src]

An unnamed man (died 2009) was the husband of a late unnamed woman and the father of Cindy Simone.


When his daughter, Cindy, was just a toddler, the man's wife passed away from cancer, leaving him to raise Cindy alone.

On May 10, 2008, the man and his daughter went to a sports game, where he took a picture of Cindy that he kept in his wallet.

The following year, the man was flying a plane over Lian Yu, whereupon a missile shot it down, causing him to crash. Sara Lance helped pull him out of the wreck, but the man was mortally wounded. Knowing he wouldn't survive and not wanting his daughter to be alone, the man asked Sara to look after his daughter. He gave Sara the photograph of Cindy from the sports game they attended together. The man then succumbed to his injuries and passed away.[1]


After returning to Starling City, Sara would honor the promise she made to the man by keeping an eye on and looking after Cindy, resulting in the two becoming close friends (though she kept her association with Cindy's father secret).[1]



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