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For the individual who was brainwashed to think she is Circe Sionis, see Kate Kane.

"You remind me of an inmate I heard of at Arkham. Sweet Circe Sionis. Poked the baby blues out of some corporate bigwig. My Mouse and I used to call her 'Can't CEO Killer'. Ahh. Memories."
"He deserved it."
"Who, dear?"
"The corporate bigwig. He crossed a line, and I had to make sure he never found his way back."
"You. You gouged his eyeballs out. Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk. Why, if it isn't Circe Sionis. I heard that you were trampled to death in the Arkham breakout.
Alice and "Circe Sionis"[src]

Circe Sionis (died 2020) was the daughter of Roman Sionis.


Early life and imprisonment

Circe was born to Roman Sionis, the CEO of Janus Cosmetics, and became a model.

Circe Sionis' archives.

At some point in 2016, Circe was assaulted at a party by Ezra Castellanos, the CEO of a company, and defended herself by gouging his eyes out. She was arrested by Crows Security, who manipulated the evidence to make it appear as though Circe attacked Ezra unprovoked in a mentally unstable rage. She was subsequently incarcerated at Arkham Asylum. While in Arkham, Mouse and Alice jokingly called Circe the "Can't CEO Killer".[1][2]


In mid-2020, Circe was trampled to death by inmates escaping Arkham, including Alice.[3][2]


Kate Kane wearing the mask of Circe Sionis.

Roman began wearing a mask as a symbol while leading the False Face Society to mourn Circe's death; when asked by the new Batwoman why he wore the item, he explained its origin and his daughter's death. Furthermore, Roman try to justified trying to kill the new Batwoman by saying that she wears the symbol of his daughter's murderer.[1]

Ryan asked Luke Fox to use what information she had garnered about Roman's daughter to determine Black Mask's secret identity, but he could not, citing that the original Batwoman never killed a woman; proving that this is nothing more than a lie told by Black Mask in attempt to justify his despicable actions.[4]

After about six weeks of therapy and hypnosis, Enigma gave the memories and personality of Circe to Kate Kane to replace the deceased woman.[5]

Kate believes that she is Circe.

Roman lied to the public that he saved Circe from the fire of Arkham, but Alice knew otherwise because she saw Circe die, having stepped on the woman's lifeless body on her way out of the asylum.[2] Continuing the lie, Roman made commercials with "Circe" advertising his new burn cream "Rebirth" and has claimed on social media that his daughter was in rehab for months to explain why she has not been seen. Eventually, Ezra Castellanos, the CEO who harassed Circe, was killed by Tatiana at Roman's behest.[6]

Kate was brainwashed by Evelyn Rhyme into believing that she was Circe by the request of Roman Sionis.[1] Kate ended up breaking out of the mental conditioning, however, she still wore Circe's face; due to the fact that her original face was completely disfigured.[7]



Season 2


  • Circe had brown eyes.[2]

Behind the scenes

  • In the comics, Black Mask is indeed linked to a Circe, who is disfigured and forced to wear a mask as well, but she is his ex-lover; instead of his daughter. She debuted in Batman Vol 1 #386 (August, 1985).