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"I just love a good pop culture reference in a moment of crisis."
—Cisco to Dinah Drake[src]

Francisco Baracus "Cisco" Ramon[1][2] (born c. 1991[3]), nicknamed Vibe by Barry Allen,[4] is a former meta-human and former mechanical engineering genius at S.T.A.R. Labs, also formerly serving as the prison guard to their makeshift prison.[5] He came from a Puerto Rican family and provides much-needed comic relief around his stiff workplace. Cisco is also a founding member of Team Flash. He was also friends with Harrison Wells before learning his true identity as Eobard Thawne, though Eobard looked at Cisco as a surrogate son before and after his reveal.

Cisco is the youngest son of Mr. Ramon and Mrs. Ramon, the younger brother of the late Dante Ramon, the boyfriend of Kamilla Hwang, and the ex-boyfriend/good friend of Kendra Saunders and the late Cynthia.

Cisco was also affected by the particle accelerator, causing him to become a meta-human with the ability to manipulate the vibrational energy of reality, although he wasn't aware of his powers until nearly two years had passed since the accident. After the team defeated Cicada, he decided to inject himself with a meta-human cure of his own invention so he could live a normal life with Kamilla. His powers were later restored by the Monitor during the Anti-Monitor Crisis. However, he lost them again when the new multiverse was created.

After the Anti-Monitor was defeated, Cisco began to study the inhabitants and places of Earth-Prime that weren't a part of Earth-1 in the original multiverse. He decided to temporarily leave Team Flash in order to explore Earth-Prime. While he was away, Cisco gave his responsibilities to Harrison Nash Wells.[6]

After Cisco finished his travels of Earth-Prime and gathered all the information that he needed, he returned to help Team Flash in their wars against Black Hole and Eva McCulloch. In order to restore Barry's powers, Cisco helped build a machine that would create an artificial Speed Force, using the information from Nora West-Allen's journal. Initially, he and Barry were unsuccessful, however, after an encounter with a clone of Godspeed, Cisco realized that the missing element that they needed in order to successfully create an artificial Speed Force was in Atlantis, so he traveled there to get it.[7]

After Cisco found an Atlantean portal, he took it to Central City and Team Flash was able to use it to get Iris out of the Mirrorverse.[8] During the final battle against Eva McCulloch, Cisco created a suit that replicated some of his former powers.[9] When he helped Barry capture Abra Kadabra, Kadabra reveals to him that he will eventually go by the nickname Mecha-Vibe.[10]

Due to his fear of working at S.T.A.R. Labs with the next generation of heroes while everyone else was changing and growing, Cisco decided to leave Central City with his girlfriend Kamilla and became the next Director of Technology and Science for A.R.G.U.S. in Star City. Before he left Team Flash, Cisco passed on his responsibilities to Chester P. Runk.[11]


Original multiverse

Early life

Cisco was born to Mr. Ramon and Mrs. Ramon, and he had an older brother, Dante Ramon. The two shared a room all throughout high school.[12]

During Cisco's school years, he met Jake Puckett, who bullied him by giving him swirlies in the toilet bowl unless Cisco allowed Jake to copy his homework.[13] When Dante was 15, he owed a bookie but was unable to pay him back, so Cisco gave him all of the money that he had earned delivering pizzas that year to pay off the debt.[14] At some point, Cisco met Melinda Tores, who he claimed was the love of his life. Melinda actually reciprocated Cisco's crush, but their relationship never became romantic as Dante lied to her about Cisco wanting to become a priest.[15]

Cisco collected tech magazines in high school[16] and showed interests in mechanics at a young age, but his talent was not recognized nor deemed of importance by his family, as their attention were mostly on Dante. Cisco knew he was being under-appreciated, but it didn't stop his passion and he continued to pursue his dream.[15]

While in college, Cisco roomed with Sebastian Ollins. Cisco would later recall that Sebastian couldn't manage to stay awake through a full physics lecture, and that if not for "his very smart, very considerate college roommate lending him notes, helping him study, he wouldn't have made it through his finals."[17]

Cisco eventually became employed at S.T.A.R. Labs under Dr. "Harrison Wells". Over the years, Cisco became very distant from his family, even missing his brother's birthdays.[18]

Career at S.T.A.R. Labs

During his first year at S.T.A.R. Labs, Cisco became quickly at odds with his co-worker and senior, Hartley Rathaway. When Dr. Wells introduced Cisco as the newest member of the team, the latter became skeptical of him, namely because of Cisco's penchant for hipster T-shirts. He was the official monkey trainer at S.T.A.R Labs. Hartley was likewise mildly annoyed when Dr. Wells placed Cisco on the same level as him, saying that "I have a good feeling about him, just as I had about you."

While spending time together, Cisco and Hartley openly expressed their dislike for each other, with Hartley snidely remarking on Cisco's argot and Cisco telling Hartley that if he thought him incompetent then he should try proving it to Wells. Caitlin Snow introduced herself and intervened in their dispute, offhandedly taunted Hartley at the same time, much to Cisco's appreciation. In order to spite him back, Hartley stated Cisco would not last more than a week at S.T.A.R. Labs, but was proven wrong.[19]

Cisco and "Harrison Wells" try to do a handshake.

At one point, the team at S.T.A.R. Labs that was working on the particle accelerator was under a very strict deadline. Cisco, Caitlin, Ronnie, and Hartley were struggling, working late at night on the iridium plating for the synchotron, and they could not get the dubnium capacitor to hold a single charge.[20]

After Hartley was fired Cisco was highly relieved and hoped never to see him again, and Cisco became close to Dr. Wells, with Wells regarding him as a son. Cisco also becomes close friends with Caitlin and her boyfriend (who was also his fellow engineer) Ronnie Raymond, both of whom Cisco looked up to and regarded as family.

Sometime after The Hood came to Starling City, Cisco tried to find out the true identity of the vigilante, by making a list of potential candidates. By 2014, his list included 150 individuals; including Oliver Queen.[21]

Particle accelerator incident

After the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator was switched on, it worked for a few minutes before it began to malfunction. Cisco was sent down to the core chamber with Ronnie to shut it down. Once they got down there, Ronnie requested that Cisco put the accelerator on lockdown if he wasn't back within two minutes. He was forced to lock it down, much to his distress and was promptly joined by Caitlin Snow. They were contacted by Ronnie, who told them of his plan to direct the impending explosion upwards rather than out, and so Cisco had to adjust the particle parameters to compensate for the change. During the particle accelerator's resulting explosion, Ronnie was seemingly killed as the accelerator exploded and produced a blastwave through the city that affected numerous people in Central City and gave them super abilities.[22] However without knowing Cisco was also affected.

Following an accident involving lightning striking him, Barry Allen was put in a coma. After his situation got critical, he was moved to S.T.A.R. Labs where he was stabilized.[23] Sometime following his move, Cisco, along with Caitlin, met Felicity Smoak again during one of her visits to see the patient. The two had inadvertently met sometime before, but were actually introduced as substantial characters came at this time.[24]

Time in Starling City

A little while later, Cisco and Caitlin were asked to pack up a S.T.A.R. Labs warehouse in Starling City, following the massive explosion that occurred in Central City. The two were doing an inventory count and discussing the particle accelerator's explosion when they heard movement in the warehouse. They went to investigate, only to find a security guard standing there. Cisco assured him that they were almost done, though he just stared them down, creeping him out. Before the man could reply, he spat blood out and dropped to the ground, with Deathstroke appeared having murdered the guard. Though Deathstroke pursued Cisco and Caitlin through the facility intent on killing them they find a gun created by Arthur Light, who Wells had fired for apparent insanity, which was capable of harming him. When Deathstroke caught up with them and readied for the kill but Cisco shot him with the gun allowing them to escape, though Deathstroke still escaped with the device he'd come for.

Sometime after, they met Felicity Smoak and John Diggle at the hospital. Felicity asked about Barry's condition, and Caitlin told her how it was still the same. Cisco quickly blurted out that "Iris" had been visiting him a lot. When Felicity asked who Iris was, Cisco struggled to explain their relationship, causing Felicity to walk off distressed that "Barry's in a coma, he's already moved on". A little while later, Felicity met the two of them in a lab, with a vial of Mirakuru, telling them that she needed their help and that it would be their little secret.[24]

Working with The Flash

Early days

Nine months after he was struck by lightning, Barry awoke from his coma to Lady Gaga's Poker Face, a song he allegedly liked. He called Dr. Wells down to lab as quickly as possible, and explained to Barry what had happened, introducing he and Caitlin. The two took a break as Wells showed Barry around S.T.A.R. Labs, explaining in depth what had actually happened. Later, after discovering that he had the ability to run super fast, the team of four headed down to an airfield. He had Barry put on a suit of his creation, which would hold up when he ran fast as well allowed them to monitor his vitals and energy output. He stood back, holding a radar speed gun, as Barry raced off, knocking over Cisco. He continued to monitor his speed before he tripped over into barrels of water. They headed back to S.T.A.R. Labs where Thawne and Barry discussed the potential for the existence of other people like him, specifically another who had super speed like Barry, though Dr. Wells was certain that Barry was unique. He left to meet Iris. After an encounter with Clyde Mardon's weather manipulation, he returned to S.T.A.R. Labs where he was angry at Wells for lying to him in regards to meta-human abilities. Cisco found the idea of controlling the weather cool, but Barry guaranteed that it wasn't cool, as it had caused a murder. Barry returned later, offering an apology in return for Cisco and Caitlin's help in catching rogue meta-humans. They agreed to help, and Cisco revealed a suit he'd designed for use by firefighters, which he believed would suit Barry's purposes well. Barry donned the suit and headed out to where they pinpointed Clyde to be. Cisco and Caitlin communicated with Barry, giving support. When Barry began to attempt to unravel it, Cisco stated his belief that Barry could withstand the pressure, which he eventually did.[23]

After a run-in with a strongman at the Central City National Bank, Barry arrived back at S.T.A.R. Labs with a wrongly-healed ankle, after having previously broken it. They decided to re-break it, and Cisco did it as quickly as possible. Following that, Cisco and Caitlin tagged along with Barry to grab some DNA samples from the crime scene at which the strongman had been.[25] While analyzing the sample, they helped Barry find a group of chimpanzees that had escaped from the Central City Zoo. As he locked them up, they revealed that the DNA sample was that of Joey Rose, a former strongman at the Central City Circus. They delved deeper into the closed circus, discovering that its owner had escaped from Belle Reve and killed several people.[26] They notified Barry of this, while Dr. Wells also provided some details he knew on Mr. Bliss from having attended the circus previously, and Barry left to find the circus.[27] Having been gone for a while, Cisco and Caitlin took a truck and crashed through the tent of the circus. Cisco grabbed Barry and Caitlin attempted to drive away, however, their truck was lifted up by Joey Rose, who threw it some distance from the tent. As they crawled from the wreckage, they encountered the snake lady. The lady promised to let them pass, but Caitlin believed it to be a trap. The lady assured her that she was genuine, as they were only compliant to Mr. Bliss otherwise torture would be inflicted upon them. Before leaving, Caitlin asked what all of it was about, but the woman was only aware that something big was happening. They headed back to S.T.A.R. Labs, where Caitlin explained what had happened to Barry and Cisco further explained what the snake lady had told them.[28] Caitlin suggested that she could experiment with psychotropic drugs on Barry, though she was unsure how he would react. Cisco noticed that Mr. Bliss had arrived at a Central City Cougars match, so Dr. Wells urged that they go down to warn everyone. Having destroyed the work van, they took Cisco's car, which Caitlin found unhygienic and rather small.[29] As they arrived, they noticed that the Flash had already evacuated everyone. Iris greeted them and Cisco claimed that they were there for the circus.[30]

Cisco introducing the calorie bars to Barry.

Cisco directed Barry to a burning building to save people inside. Midway through, Caitlin walked in, causing Cisco to shut the computers off quickly. Caitlin realized what they were doing and after Barry had saved everyone and returned to S.T.A.R. Labs. Cisco explained how he was the "eyes and ears" and Barry was "the feet". He queried Barry about his vitals randomly spiking during their escapade, though the latter claimed to be perfectly fine. After later fainting due to using his super speed, Barry returned to S.T.A.R. Labs, where they monitored him. Caitlin got angry at Barry, which Cisco claimed had only happened at such a level since Ronnie Raymond, her late fiancé. Wishing to see why he kept fainting, Cisco modified a treadmill to fit Barry's needs. They had him gradually work up his speed while monitoring his vitals, before they noted his glucose levels, causing him to faint. When he woke up, they explained that he had acute hypoglycemia and he wasn't eating enough to keep up with his accelerated metabolism. Cisco had determined that he needed to eat the equivalent of 850 tacos (though figured that it would be different for cheese and guacamole tacos.) Detective West promptly arrived and Cisco watched on as they argued, Barry claiming that Joe had no control over him. Later, after a run-in with another meta-human, Danton Black, and his many clones, Cisco was annoyed that Barry had gotten blood on the suit, which he'd made. However, Barry reasoned that some of the blood was Black's, leading to Cisco nicknaming him "Captain Clone", though no one seemed to like the name. They gathered some more of the blood and Caitlin was able to trigger the replicating process in Danton's cells, making an entirely new clone. They were able to guess that it was acting as a kind of "receiver", hence why it wasn't immediately attacking them. Suggesting that Barry should go after Danton, Cisco presented Barry with a high-calorie protein bar to keep his metabolism in check. When he was in the field, the team provided support as per usual for Barry. Following Danton's ultimate death, they watched it on the news, Cisco expressed that "Multiplex", as he renamed him, couldn't hurt anyone else. Barry assured that the three of them were always with him, and that really all of them had been struck by lightning, not just Barry, at least in the metaphorical sense.[31]

A while later, Cisco alerted Barry to a man with a gun in a getaway car being chased by cops, who Barry sped to and placed in the cop car within a matter of seconds. The following day, after the Darbinyan crime family were gassed to death by a presumed meta-human, the S.T.A.R. Labs team began researching what they could, all of them excited by the potential prospects. Joe noted that they would have to find somewhere to hold them, as Iron Heights was less than ideal, and Cisco suggested the particle accelerator. Cisco and Dr. Wells went down to the particle accelerator's core chamber, where Cisco had a hard time being due to the former night's events. They headed back up, Cisco keen to leave the area. The two of them assisted Barry after he went after the gaseous meta-human, pinpointing his location. Barry soon inhaled some of the man's toxic fumes and was forced to race back to S.T.A.R. Labs, where they extracted the gas for sampling. As Barry woke up, they discussed being able to find the meta-human's identity, whereupon Cisco instead nicknamed him The Mist. Cisco and Thawne went on to identify the gas, noting that although it was hydrogen cyanide, it had traces of a sedative (specifically that used on death row inmates before execution). They identified the meta-human, Kyle Nimbus, and his next target, Joe West. As Barry sped to Iron Heights, where Joe was visiting, Cisco offered to help Barry break in, though Barry claimed to have known how to since age 11. Barry eventually beat The Mist, capturing him, and they put him in their makeshift particle accelerator prison. Caitlin was skeptical that the prison would hold, though Cisco was certain that it would, as it had a super-conductor 100,000 times the strength of Earth's magnetic field. As Dr. Wells left, Cisco attempted to apologize for the night of Ronnie's death, however, Caitlin admitted that she was okay, as she was even more proud of Ronnie. The two headed out to the movies, followed by ice cream.[22]

Cisco played table tennis with Barry as Barry was also playing a game of operation with Caitlin and a game of chess with Wells to which Cisco lost. Soon after, they were alerted of a bank robbery by Leonard Snart. Later when Felicity visited the team, he learned that Barry knew who The Arrow was, which he found sweet. Cisco was later yelled at by Wells, who was furious Cisco built the cold gun, a weapon powerful enough to even harm Barry, despite his speed. Cisco later revealed he built the gun in fear Barry would become a psycho like the other meta-humans. Cisco managed to find a way to track down Snart by using triangulation though Felicity intervened as she managed to track him down in under a minute, as opposed to Cisco who claimed it would take half an hour. When Barry decided to take down Snart by also turning off his communications, Cisco along with Caitlin was told by Felicity that they should help Barry, despite his orders. Cisco, Caitlin, and Felicity later arrived with the S.T.A.R. Labs vacuum cleaner, claiming to Snart that it was the prototype cold gun, to threaten him to leave. Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Wells told Cisco never to create such a weapon again.[32]

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Discovery of Eobard Thawne and timeline changes

Cisco learns Harrison Wells' true identity.

Original timeline: After some time, reporter Mason Bridge began to believe that Wells was hiding something, and confided in Iris West that he suspected Wells had a connection with the murder of Simon Stagg months prior. This information was later relayed to Barry and Team Flash, including Cisco, although Caitlin and Barry quickly dismissed Bridge's suspicions. Despite this, after developing a device capable of helping Team Flash stop Mark Mardon, Cisco explored the claim further, having realized that there was no reason the "Man in Yellow" should have escaped the containment field in December. He began running several tests on the field to determine the root cause of its failure while requesting that Caitlin keep Wells at bay. He eventually realized that the "Man in Yellow" that they saw in December was indeed a holographic image, and the man's encounter with Wells was recorded beforehand. Just as he arrived at this conclusion, Wells appeared and confronted Cisco, revealing his true identity as Eobard Thawne and the Reverse-Flash.

Eobard kills Cisco to protect his secret.

As a terrified and tearful Cisco questioned Thawne on why he murdered Nora Allen in 2000. Thawne explained that he was not there to kill Nora. Rather, he was there to kill Barry, and he was from the future, having been trapped in the past for 15 years. When Cisco asked why Thawne helped Barry for so long, Thawne explained that he needed Barry to get faster as a "means to an end." Finally, Thawne revealed that he created a speed mirage in December, which is what caused the team to see both the Reverse-Flash and "Wells" as different people. With Cisco having discovered his secret, Thawne revealed that his only option was to kill Cisco. As he pleaded for his life and claimed that he would be able to help Thawne get to his own time, Thawne disagreed, saying that he was smart but not that smart. As Cisco tearfully watched Thawne vibrate his hand, the latter revealed that he viewed Cisco as a surrogate son before phasing through Cisco's heart, killing him.

Shortly after Cisco's death, Barry accidentally traveled back in time while trying to prevent Mardon's tsunami from devastating Central City, allowing him to inadvertently prevent the circumstances that led to Cisco's murder.[18] Because Barry time traveled by accident for the first time, these events never occurred and instead are replaced by the following.

Current timeline: After some time, reporter Mason Bridge began to believe that Wells was hiding something, but couldn't confide his suspicions in Iris West due to Barry's interference. As such, no information was relayed to Team Flash, and Cisco would never explore the containment field failure. After Barry captured Mardon earlier than the original timeline, Cisco was forced to attend his brother Dante's birthday party, where he grew bitter after realizing that Dante hadn't changed over the years and he was still considered the better sibling by their parents. Storming out of the party in exasperation, he went to a nearby bar where he was lured by Lisa Snart under the false pretense of going home with a date, where he encountered her brother, and Team Flash's former foe, Leonard.

Leonard demanded that Cisco make heat and cold guns for Mick Rory and himself respectively, to which Cisco refused but later relented after seeing that the two had captured Dante as well. After developing the two guns, Leonard saw through Cisco's initial deception, noticing that he had tampered with the firing pin. He was then told to make a gun for Lisa as well with gold. After doing so, Cisco continued to be held captive with Dante, upon which the latter revealed that his high-school girlfriend Melinda Tores reciprocated Cisco's crush for her, much to Cisco's shock. Dante then revealed his own insecurities and how Cisco had the power to pursue his passion while Dante was too afraid to even attempt to do so. Having had enough of his failures, Dante attempted to break free and attack Rory along with Cisco but was stopped by Lisa and Leonard. Leonard proceeded to demand that Cisco reveal the identity of the Flash in exchange for his and Dante's freedom. Despite his insistence that he didn't know who the Flash was, Cisco eventually gave up Barry's secret identity after Leonard froze Dante's hands, causing him immense pain, and threatened to do much worse.

As promised, Leonard let Dante and Cisco go, with the latter returning to S.T.A.R. Labs feeling that he betrayed the team. As he tearfully explained the circumstances of his return, Barry explained that it was his fault Cisco was in that position. Despite this, Cisco prepared to pack his belongings and leave Team Flash, feeling that he no longer deserved to be there. However, Wells pulled him aside, explaining that Cisco was forced to make the most difficult choice between two loved ones and that he didn't make a mistake. Wells explained that Team Flash loved him as well and he himself viewed Cisco as a surrogate son, convincing Cisco to stay.[15]

Stopping Reverse-Flash

After some time, Barry learned of the "disappearance" of Mason Bridge and, knowing of Bridge's suspicions about Wells in the original timeline, rightfully deduced that he was murdered by Wells and made the connection between Wells and the Reverse-Flash.[15] With this revelation, Barry grew skeptical of whether to trust Caitlin and Cisco as he believed that they too were in league with Wells. Consequently, Cisco began to notice changes in Barry's mood and took his concerns to Joe, but Joe, knowing of Barry's distrust, merely told Cisco that Barry's mood was because of their recent meta-human criminals and the Reverse-Flash roaming free. Later on, however, Barry and Joe decided to reveal their theory of the Reverse-Flash's identity to Cisco and Caitlin. Although Caitlin immediately dismissed the claim, Cisco explained that he was having dreams where Wells revealed his identity as the Reverse-Flash and killed him. Unbeknownst to Cisco, the "dream" he was having was a trace of the original timeline before it was reset by Barry.[33]

Deciding to research Wells further, Joe and Cisco traveled to Starling City where they, with the help of Quentin Lance, investigated the crash site where Tess Morgan died. As Cisco checked the site, he noticed some abnormal activity and dug up a rotting corpse, much to his disgust and shock. They later relocated the body and, with Caitlin and Barry, worked to identify who the body belonged to, before realizing that, to their horror, the DNA matched that of the true Harrison Wells. Suddenly confused as to who they were working under for so long, Cisco and the rest of Team Flash, with Caitlin now convinced, began working to uncover the truth of the Reverse-Flash.

Cisco later explored the S.T.A.R. Labs schematics where he noticed a room that wasn't supposed to exist. As Barry, Caitlin, and Cisco worked to find the room, Cisco noticed an increase in tachyonic particles emanating from one location, which they later discovered was the location of said hidden room, known as the Time Vault. As they entered, they noticed the Reverse-Flash suit and Wells' newspaper of the Crisis in 2024, much to their shock.[34] After Caitlin revealed that Iris was to marry Barry in the future, Gideon spoke, unsettling Cisco somewhat. After Gideon explained that she knew who Barry was, they realized that they needed to disable Gideon's memory core to prevent her from telling Wells of the encounter. Cisco initially volunteered but refused after Gideon revealed her memory core's location. Barry then asked Gideon to not tell Wells of the encounter and was surprised when she accepted the command, revealing that Barry would create her in the future. With Wells nearby, Barry sped Caitlin and Cisco out of the time vault before Wells took notice.

Finding it necessary to explore his "dream" further in order to trap Wells, and having realized that the "dream" was, in fact, the events of the original timeline, Cisco, along with Caitlin, developed special glasses to help induce Cisco into a lucid dreaming state where he could guide Team Flash as to what was going on. After completing work on the glasses, Cisco met with Barry, Joe, and Caitlin and prepared to enter the dream where he was murdered by Wells. As he entered his dream, Cisco recounted the events of the original timeline, explaining to Team Flash that he thought that Wells had tampered with his work and he needed to make sure. Cisco soon realized that the Reverse-Flash they encountered in December was a hologram before Dream-Wells appeared and confronted him just as he had in the original timeline. Cisco explained Dream-Wells had revealed his identity as Eobard Thawne, as Joe drew the similarity between the last names of him and Eddie. Cisco proceeded to confirm that Eobard had killed Nora but intended to kill Barry. As Dream-Eobard prepared to kill Cisco in the dream, Cisco began to convulse in the real world with his blood pressure dropping, prompting Team Flash to desperately find a way to return Cisco to the real world as Caitlin repeatedly assured him that his experiences weren't real. Just as Dream-Eobard killed Cisco in the dream, Team Flash recovered him and safely returned Cisco to the real world.

Now knowing how to bait Eobard, Team Flash decided to recreate the exact same circumstances in the dream to get him to confess to Nora's murder, but with extra protection for Cisco. In order to do this, Cisco reversed the speedster trap they concocted in December to prevent a speedster from getting in, rather than preventing them from getting out, before successfully testing it on Barry. With their plan ready, Cisco waited for Eobard to return to S.T.A.R. Labs before setting off the Reverse-Flash hologram to set the events of his dream in motion. As Joe and Barry hid in the back of the bunker, Cisco was confronted by Eobard, who claimed that Cisco was clever. As Cisco attempted to weed out a confession of Nora's murder, Eobard dodged the advances and simply said that Nora had been dead for centuries, which wasn't a real confession. As Eobard raised his hand in preparation to kill Cisco, he activated the speedster trap, but Eobard was able to enter it nonetheless, much to Team Flash's shock. As Eobard advanced on Cisco, Joe, without thinking, shot several bullets at Eobard. As Barry desperately attempted to stop the bullets, he was unable to stop the last one due to the speedster trap and it hit Eobard, seemingly killing him. As Cisco claimed that he would never sleep again, a devastated Barry explained that since Nora's true killer was dead, his father would remain in prison forever. Just then, however, Cisco noticed that Eobard's corpse morphed into Hannibal Bates, as the real Eobard, alive and far away from S.T.A.R. Labs, spoke over the speakers, revealing that Bates had impersonated him the whole time and reintroducing Bates' ability to morph into anyone he touched. Cisco listened as Eobard explained how he used Bates for his own purpose, enraging Barry. As Barry taunted Eobard to face him, Eobard said that the two would face again. Receiving an alert on his phone, Cisco told Barry that Eobard was in the time vault as Barry ran off in pursuit.[35]

After Eobard kidnapped Eddie Thawne, Cisco and Team Flash worked to locate the two but to no avail. Cisco later began to look into Eobard's wheelchair, realizing that Eobard must have used it for some other reason besides diverting suspicion to his Reverse-Flash identity. Cisco later found a power source located on its underside and deduced that Eobard was using it to charge his speed, thus ensuring that he was faster than Barry at all times. After he revealed his findings to Barry, Caitlin, and Joe, Cisco was alerted to the particle accelerator's reactivation, much to his shock. Barry suspected that Eobard was in S.T.A.R. Labs all the while, which was why the team failed to locate him earlier when they were searching throughout the city. Cisco, Barry, and Joe went to the pipeline to confirm Barry's suspicions, with Cisco bringing his drink along as it could alert them to Eobard's presence. As the three opened the pipeline door, Cisco noticed his drink float in the air, indeed confirming Eobard's presence, before the Reverse-Flash raced out of the pipeline and out of S.T.A.R. Labs. As Barry ran off in pursuit, Cisco and Joe watched as Shawna Baez escaped her meta-human containment cell. Despite their efforts to subdue Baez, she was able to utilize her powers to escape and trap Cisco and Joe in the pipeline before fighting Caitlin, although Iris was able to knock Baez out and save Caitlin in time.

After Baez was returned to her cell, Joe noticed a faint voice from within the pipeline. Realizing that the voice was Eddie's weakened shouts for help, Joe and Iris were able to rescue him. While Eddie recovered, he revealed to Team Flash that Eobard had revealed his identity, just as he had in Cisco's "dream," and said that the two were family. He explained that Eobard was working on a futuristic, metallic tube and that it was the "key" to Eobard regaining everything he lost, although he didn't know much else. After Caitlin allowed Eddie to return home and rest, Cisco received another alert, revealing the "key" Eddie was talking about: a device plugged directly into the particle accelerator. After Barry asked Cisco if he could disarm the device, Cisco explained that since the device was from the future, he couldn't tamper with it without running the risk of destroying the building. Cisco speculated that the device would be fully operational in 36 hours, as Barry realized that Eobard would return to S.T.A.R. Labs then.

With hours before the particle accelerator turned on and killed all the meta-human prisoners in the pipeline, Barry proposed that Team Flash relocate them to Lian Yu, realizing that Iron Heights would not be sufficient to handle the meta-humans and they couldn't let them roam free. After Barry recruited Leonard and Lisa Snart to help in transporting the meta-humans, Cisco fit energy dampers into his uncle's frozen food truck using the rig's cooling mechanisms and Eobard's power source, as the truck was big enough to support all the prisoners that needed to be transferred. With their plan ready, Caitlin rendered the prisoners unconscious and Team Flash relocated them to the truck. Cisco followed the convoy as they drove to the Ferris Air Testing Facility, although before their plan was a success, Leonard sabotaged the truck, allowing the prisoners to escape with their powers. As Rainbow Raider used his powers on Caitlin, she succumbed to its effects and attacked Cisco, blaming him for the "death" of Ronnie during the particle accelerator explosion. Shortly afterward, after Leonard and Lisa made their escape, Cisco ran to an injured Barry and ensured that he was okay.

After returning to S.T.A.R. Labs, Team Flash noted that the particle accelerator was fully online and watched Eobard return, prompting Barry to face him. Cisco watched as Reverse-Flash fought the Flash, Firestorm, and Oliver Queen at once, culminating in Eobard's defeat as Oliver shot an arrow into him and rendered him unconscious. Team Flash later imprisoned Eobard in the pipeline.[36]

While imprisoned, Eobard explained his plan, which was to have Barry run fast enough to create a wormhole for Eobard to travel through to return to his own time, while Barry could have the chance to go back and save his mother. While Barry considered the offer, Professor Stein pointed out the risks, as saving Nora could mean Barry would never meet Cisco, Caitlin or Ronnie. When Barry decided to go through with the plan, he asked Cisco to help him built a time machine for Eobard, as Eobard's speed, though faster than Barry's, was unreliable, proving Cisco's theory about his wheelchair "charging" him.

When Cisco and Ronnie discovered some of the materials were insufficient, Cisco gave the plans for the Time Sphere to Eobard to examine and asked how he fitted his Reverse-Flash suit into his ring. Eobard, however, was more focused on the Time Sphere and told Cisco the correct materials but Eobard expressed annoyance that he was unconcerned about his fate, believing Cisco would be more understanding. Instead, Cisco told Eobard about him murdering him in an alternate timeline which he kept remembering, and remembered how Eobard regarded him as a son and killed him. Eobard apologized, not for killing Cisco; justifying that he must have had a good reason, but that Cisco can remember alternate timelines, meaning he can see through the vibrations of the universe, confirming what he has suspected for some time now: when the accelerator exploded, Cisco was affected too.

Cisco denied Eobard's claim but he assured Cisco that a "grant and honorable" destiny awaits him but hopes that one day he'll remember who gave him that gift and that it was out of love. Cisco later presented the rings at Ronnie and Caitlin's wedding. Before Barry went back in time, Cisco reminded him there would be three of him back there - the current him, the future him and the younger him - and told him to wait until young him was gone. Cisco and Joe oversaw Eobard preparing to leave in the Time Sphere, but before he could go, Flash returned and destroyed the pod, stranding Reverse-Flash there and they fought. While Reverse-Flash had Flash subdued, he prepared to kill him only for Eddie to shoot himself in the heart, causing Eobard to start fading away. Cisco realized that if Eddie dies then Eobard will never be born and he was being erased from existence. Cisco watched Eddie die in Iris' arms as Eobard faded into nothing.

However, as Professor Stein warned, Barry's time-traveling formed a singularity that started to consume the city. Flash took off into the portal to stop it and ran around the inner ring, preventing it from opening further.[37] However, Ronnie and Professor Stein were forced to close the portal by separating as Firestorm within it to unleash their power. They did so, but Ronnie was lost in the explosion and presumed dead; leaving the team to deal with the loss of both Eddie and Ronnie.[38]

Temporary departure from Team Flash and return

Following Eobard being erased from existence and the aftermath of the singularity event, Barry began to blame himself for the loss of Thawne and Ronnie and subsequently disbanded the team, denying the idea of him being a hero and opting to work alone. As a result, while Caitlin found work at Mercury Labs, Cisco was initiated into the Central City Police Department as a liaison and scientific adviser working closely with Joe. In order to help the department subdue remaining meta-human criminals, Cisco developed a device he named B.O.O.T. and presented it to Captain Singh. Shortly after, Joe asked Cisco of the upcoming Flash Day rally and whether he spoke with Barry, upon which Cisco revealed that he hadn't contacted Barry or Caitlin since the team broke apart and that none of his efforts would sway Barry to attend the rally regardless.

Cisco later attended the ceremony with Joe and found Caitlin there, much to his surprise. As the city prepared to honor The Flash, Barry appeared, pleasing Cisco and Joe that he changed his mind. However, shortly afterward, the ceremony fell under attack to another meta-human. During their efforts to stop him, Cisco had a vision of the man speaking with an unknown speedster, unnerving him slightly. Cisco then proceeded to use B.O.O.T. in an effort to capture him. However, the device didn't affect the attacker at all, as he was able to use his powers and grow in size. Joe then urged Cisco to run as he and Barry worked to hold him back, successfully doing so as the attacker revealed his face and escaped before doing further harm.

Cisco then worked with Joe to identify the attacker, after the latter explained that he looked just like a dead man named Al Rothstein that they had found at a nuclear plant just days before. However, much to the two's shock, Rothstein wasn't in Central City during the night of the particle accelerator explosion and thus couldn't be a meta-human, nor did he have any twin siblings. In order to subdue the attacker, Cisco, Joe, Iris, and Martin Stein returned to S.T.A.R. Labs and refused to let Barry stop Rothstein alone, much to the former's dismay. Cisco later informed Barry that they had determined Rothstein's location, upon which Barry ran off to stop him while leaving his communication headsets behind, insisting on accomplishing the task without Cisco's guidance. Despite Barry's resistance, he later saw reason after he was attacked and nearly killed by Rothstein and agreed to revive Team Flash, much to Cisco's relief, and brought Caitlin back from Mercury Labs. With the team's help, Barry was able to subdue Rothstein by trapping and flooding him with radiation in a closed-off chamber. As Rothstein succumbed to the radiation's effects and began to die, Barry asked him why he wanted to kill The Flash, to which he replied that Zoom wanted him to do so and the only way for Rothstein to return home would be if he completed his mission.

Using a video made by Eobard before his death in which he confessed to murdering Nora Allen, Barry was able to exonerate his father Henry from prison. Cisco attended the party and welcomed Henry back with open arms, where he also received an official CCPD badge from Joe, much to his pleasant surprise. Shortly afterward, Cisco added in an upgrade to Barry's suit, replacing his traditional red emblem with a white one, comparing the new emblem to the emblem from the future newspaper and declaring that there was no reason to continue fearing the future. He and Caitlin then revealed that S.T.A.R. Labs underwent several upgrades as well, with higher security added so that intruders wouldn't be able to enter, although immediately after, an unknown man appeared and introduced himself as Jay Garrick, before ominously proclaiming that their world was in danger.[38]

War against Zoom

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As Team Flash demanded that he talk, Jay revealed that he knew the identities of all of Team Flash's members. After reiterating that their world was in danger, Jay explained that following the singularity, several breaches had opened connecting his world to theirs. Cisco listened as Jay clarified that the Al Rothstein they fought and killed was from his world. After a skeptical Barry asked him for elaboration, Jay revealed that he too was a speedster and the Flash of his world, and before entering the breach, he was in a fight with another speedster named Zoom, describing him as an unstoppable, evil demon with the face of death. When the breaches opened, Jay was forcibly pulled in just before Zoom could kill him, causing him to land in a different world, powerless and unable to return to his own.

Still skeptical of Jay's claims, Team Flash asked Caitlin to run several tests on him, to which she agreed.[39]

It was later revealed that Jay was actually Hunter Zolomon[40], who was holding the true Jay Garrick prisoner. Cisco and Team Flash managed to defeat Zoom but not before he killed Barry's father. Traumatized by his father's death, Barry traveled back in time and prevented his mother's death, causing Flashpoint.[41]

Flashpoint timeline

Cisco in the Flashpoint timeline.

In the timeline where Barry prevented Reverse-Flash from killing Nora Allen (nicknamed "Flashpoint" by Eobard Thawne), Cisco never met and worked for Thawne. Consequently, the Cisco of this timeline never met any of the future members of Team Flash and had a very different life, making a name for himself and creating his own company, Ramon Industries, which later grew to be a success.

Three months after Barry returned to 2016 after saving Nora, Barry went to Cisco for help in stopping the Rival, although Cisco didn't know who he was as he had never met Barry in this timeline. Cisco had additionally developed more of an ego than the Cisco Barry knew, insisting that people call him "Mr. Ramon." Despite his reluctance in crime-fighting, Cisco was convinced by Barry to join the effort to stop the Rival after the latter revealed that he had time-traveled and altered his past, unknowingly changing Cisco's fate in the process. Cisco helped Barry and Wally West/The Flash in stopping the Rival but their efforts proved to be futile as the Rival ended up injuring Wally severely to the point of death. As this timeline's Caitlin tended to Wally at Ramon Industries, Cisco reinforced his dislike for crime-fighting.

Having realized the dangers of altering time, Barry asked Thawne to travel back in time and undo his changes by killing Nora once again. After Thawne did so, the "Flashpoint" timeline was erased and Cisco's fate returned to how it was in the original timeline albeit with slight changes.[14]


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As a consequence of Eobard Thawne resetting the "Flashpoint" timeline, Cisco's personal history was altered, with his brother Dante perishing in a car crash when this event never occurred in the original timeline. Dante's death affected Cisco greatly to the point that he would frequently ask Barry's time remnant (who had taken the place of the real Barry while he lived in the alternate timeline) to travel back in time and save Dante from his death, although he would always refuse, driving a wedge in the two's relationship. At some point after this, Cisco began to attend regular talk therapy to express his grief.

Several days after the real Barry returned from the "Flashpoint" timeline, Cisco watched from S.T.A.R. Labs as Barry chased and apprehended a burglar. When the latter returned to S.T.A.R. Labs, Cisco displayed open resentment toward him, confusing Barry as he was unaware of his time remnant's actions and refusal to save Dante. Later, in the middle of a talk therapy session, he noticed Barry listening in on him, who had just discovered what happened to Dante as a result of Flashpoint, and told him to leave. Later on, in an attempt to understand what was going on and repair their seemingly damaged relationship, Barry invited all the members of Team Flash to dinner, where Cisco revealed the actions of Barry's time remnant, finally enlightening the real Barry as to why Cisco had such an attitude towards him. Having realized what went wrong, Barry explained to Team Flash how he saved his mother and changed everyone's lives in the process, angering Cisco that Barry had saved a member of his own family but refused to do the same for a member of Cisco's family. However, after being told of the true nature of Barry's mistake by Iris and that everyone makes mistakes, Cisco began to recover, arriving as Vibe and saving Barry's life from speedster Edward Clariss, before beginning to make amends with Barry.[42]

Vibe fighting Killer Frost.

When Cisco accidentally changed history for the worse will trying to make it better during the Dominator invasion, he began to understand how Barry felt after "Flashpoint" and started to repair their friendship.[43] Cisco began to use his powers more, but he was afraid of becoming similar to his Earth-2 doppelganger, Reverb. With the help of his friends, he managed to overcome this fear and gained the confidence to build the Vibe suit. Cisco managed to beat Gypsy, saving H.R. Wells in the process.[44] Later, Cisco and Gypsy began dating. Cisco later contacted her to help defeat Gorilla Grodd's army,[45] Killer Frost, and Savitar. After Team Flash defeated Savitar, Barry was forced to enter the Speed Force prison in order to stabilize it.[46] While Barry was inside the Speed Force, Iris would have Cisco "vibe" her to the timeline that Barry inadvertently erased when attempting to stop a tidal wave from hitting Central City, so she could watch her first kiss with Barry.[47]

Fighting the Fastest Mind Alive

Vibe confronts Peek-a-Boo.

With Barry gone, Vibe and Kid Flash took it upon themselves to protect the city. The duo of heroes would be in charge of defeating Peek-a-Boo with the help of Joe and the police. In order to free Barry from the speed force, Cisco worked on a Quark Sphere for six months with the Harry Wells, Caitlin, Tracy Brand, Felicity Smoak, Tina McGee and Curtis Holt.[48] However, freeing Barry accidentally created a bus full of meta-humans.[49]

During the Earth-X invasion, the Nazis captured Cisco[50] and locked him in the Pipeline along with Dinah Drake, Harry, Caitlin, and Mick Rory.[51] When Cisco and Harry started bickering, Dinah asked Caitlin if the two would be arguing the entire time they were imprisoned, to which she cheekily said that they probably would.[52] Cisco and the others were eventually freed by the Legends. Regrouping in the Speed lab, the heroes went up against Metallo and Dinah compared him to the Terminator, much to Cisco's delight. With their combined efforts, they were able to destroy the android. During the battle, Cisco, Iris, Harry, and Felicity Smoak piloted the Waverider for Frost, Amaya Jiwe, and Zari Tomaz to destroy the Wellenreiter.[53]

Cisco and Cailtin are saved by Ralph.

After Barry was sentenced to prison after The Thinker framed him for murder,[54] Cisco worked with Ralph Dibny, who temporarily replaced Barry Central City's vigilante. Vibe and Frost faced the Trickster and his mother alone, but they were going to burn to death, until Ralph as the Elongated Man came to save them, and they began to trust their friend.[55]

Later, Breacher went to confront the vampire Crucifer again, but Cisco saved him just in time.[56] After Cisco turned down the Breacher's offer to become the new Breacher, Cisco and Gypsy decide to split up when they realized that their career and live goals are very different from one another's.[57] During the Enlightenment, Cisco and the Team Flash defeated The Thinker but debris from several of his satellites fell rained down on Central City[58], creating meta-tech and meta-humans like Orlin Dwyer/Cicada.[59]

Rise of Cicada

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Vibe, Flash, and XS try to calm King Shark.

In order to stop being hunted by Cicada, Cisco pretended to die after one of Cicada's attacks. Despite surviving the attack, traces of energy from the Cicada's dagger nullified his powers[60], forcing him to stop being Vibe.[61] Over time, Cisco began to like not having to deal with all the problems that came with his powers. With Ralph's help, Cisco overcame his breakup with Gypsy and started seeing other people, eventually meeting Kamilla Hwang.[62] Cisco and the others tried the cure on King Shark, but Cisco got upset that Barry used it too early. After Shark defeated Grodd, Cisco and Barry reconciled.[63]

The Team Flash confront Thawne.

When the team persuaded Orlin to take the cure and he was a normal human again, another Cicada took him away and killed Vanessa Ambres.[64] Team Flash eventually discovered that the other Cicada was actually Grace Gibbons from the future.[65] Cisco and Caitlin managed to create a meta-human cure to prevent meta-humans from being hunted and killed by the new Cicada.[66] After Team Flash managed to defeat Cicada by destroying her dagger and administering the meta-human cure to her younger self, Cisco and the team faced Thawne, who returned from the future. Later, he decided to take the meta-human cure himself.[67]


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While Cisco was adjusting to civilian life and continued to work as a mechanical engineer at S.T.A.R. Labs, Ramsey Rosso, a meta-human who had blood-related powers, emerged as a new threat to Central City.[68] Cisco and Team Flash manged to defeat Ramsey but then had to deal with the Anti-Monitor Crisis.[47]

Anti-Monitor Crisis

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Vibe with his powers restored.

After helping Ray Palmer finish the Paragon detector, Cisco ran into the Monitor who restored Cisco's powers telling Cisco that he needed his powers to fulfill his destiny. Cisco was aboard the Waverider when it was destroyed by a wave of antimatter from the Anti-Monitor who was possessing Harbinger.[69] He was restored a month later, after the Paragons and the Spectre created a new universe.[70]

Erased future

In an erased future where Savitar succeeded in murdering Iris West, Cisco lost his hands in a fight with Killer Frost, losing most of his meta-human powers in the process. As a result, Cisco developed bionic hands but was never able to regain his powers. After Iris's death, Barry abandoned Team Flash to cope with his grief, resulting in Cisco suffering from loneliness and depression with the team disbanded. However, despite their catastrophic losses, Cisco never lost hope, hoping that one-day things would return to how they used to be.

When Barry Allen time-traveled from April 2017, Cisco saw a new opportunity to get the team back together. However, to achieve this, he created a device that interfered with the resonance field Barry created while running, keeping 2017 Barry from going back in time, despite running fast enough to do so. As a result, this allowed 2017 Barry to catch up with his team's future selves and see what 2024 Barry had done to them. 2017 Barry had a change of heart and brought the team back together to take down Top and Mirror Master. 2024 Barry Allen realized his mistakes and decided to save his past-self, and apprehend Top and Mirror Master.[71] Since Savitar ended up killing H.R. instead of Iris in 2017, this future never came to pass.[46]

New multiverse

Cisco was an employee at S.T.A.R. Labs and a founding member of Team Flash just like he was in Earth-1. He attended to Caitlin and Ronnie's wedding.[72]

Although his powers were restored by the Monitor during the Crisis, Cisco did not have his powers on Earth-Prime. He felt like Team Flash didn't need him since so many members of the team had meta-human powers[6], so he worked constantly to impress Kamilla Hwang.[7] Cisco was remorseful since no longer having Vibe's powers made it impossible to save Harry Wells and Jesse Quick when Earth-2 was destroyed.[6]

Exploring Earth-Prime

After discovering that there were many changes between Earth-1 and Earth-Prime, Cisco decided to temporarily leave Team Flash to catalog all of the changes. In the meantime he gave Nash access to the laboratory as a way to bury the hatchet with him.[6] He managed to catalog many of the villains of Earth-Prime as well as the fact that Atlantis was now on Earth-Prime.[73] Cisco eventually returned from his exploration to help Team Flash defeat Black Hole.[74]

Creating an artificial Speed Force

After the death of the Speed Force,[73] Cisco helped build a machine that he and Team Flash would use to create an Artificial Speed Force, using information from Nora's journal.

Cisco exorcizing Thawne alongside Barry and Cecile.

Nash tried to convince Cisco that he was having visions of Harry and Sherloque, but he refused to belive him and insisted that they were dead. When Cisco was willing to help him with tests to see what happened, Eobard Thawne already possessed Nash and tried to kill him until Cecile knocked him out.

After that confrontation, Cisco started working on a way to "exorcise" Thawne from Nash. Cisco and Barry, with Cecile Horton monitoring empathically, used the MAD 2.0 to enter Harrison Nash Wells' mind in order to get rid of Thawne. While they were in Nash's mind they discovered that Allegra Garcia was the doppelgänger of Maya, Nash's adopted daughter. Afterward, Cisco scanned the world with the S.T.A.R. Labs satellites to look for Thawne. When he couldn't find Thawne, he hypothesized that Thawne was searching for another body elsewhere.[75]

While running simulations for the artificial Speed Force machine, Cisco spent time with the West family, "Kamilla", and "Iris" when he was summoned by Ralph Dibny who needed a hacker to help him in his investigation of Sue Dearbon. As Cisco was hacking into the security systems of the First National Central City Bank, he met "January Galore", who distracted him with her knowledge of computers. Later, Cisco learned that January was actually Sue, but she managed to escape him and Ralph.[76] Cisco returned to S.T.A.R. Labs to finish the machine; however, the machine ultimately didn't work.[77]

Team Flash had a meeting where Barry revealed to the others that Iris, David Singh, and Kamilla were all replaced by mirror duplicates that had been masquerading as their loved ones for weeks. Cisco, visibly shaken, wondered if Kamilla was still alive and prodded Barry for a better explanation, causing the two to argue loudly and for Cecile to calm them.

After a clone of Godspeed attacked Barry in S.T.A.R. Labs, Cisco listened as Allegra Garcia gave an account of the skirmish. He then extrapolated that the team needed the help of Hartley Rathaway to defeat the foe, but Cisco was not looking forward to being around him. In order to explain to Barry why Hartley was different than Barry remembered, Cisco used an article from Central City Picture News. After Pied Piper and the Flash defeated Godspeed, Cisco and Nash realized that he bled "solidified sound", which they used to help Rathaway's boyfriend Roderick Smith.

Inspired to do whatever was necessary to find Kamilla and give Barry back his speed to deal with Eva McCulloch, Cisco announced that he was leaving to go to Atlantis to get what he needed in order to make a perpetual motion machine.[7]

After Nash Wells sacrificed himself in order to power the artificial Speed Force, Cisco and the other members of Team Flash held a private funeral for him. After Barry figured out how to open a portal to the Mirrorverse, Cisco ran some tests and determined that the artificial Speed Force had given Barry the ability of speed thinking. When Cisco asked Barry how they were going to get the dark matter photons off of Eva, Barry revealed that he had called in Frost to distract Eva while he ran by with the Tachyon prototype and collected the particles that they needed. After Barry let Frost get hurt and exposed Eva on live TV, Cisco began to question Barry's speed thinking ability. As Cisco was warning Barry about a problem with the artificial Speed Force, he noticed that Barry was only planning on saving Iris. Cisco, Frost, and Allegra tried to stop Barry from going through with his plan, but Barry was able to outsmart them all.[78]

When Cisco woke up, he saw that Barry was back to normal and Iris was free from the Mirrorverse, but required medical attention. Joe told Cisco what was happening and Cisco informed Team Flash that Eva was getting more powerful. Barry then told Cisco to call Joe back and inform Joe that they need to balck out the city. After getting off the phone with Joe, Cisco put S.T.A.R. Labs into lockdown. Cisco, Caitlin, Allegra, and Chester were shocked to see Wells and even more surprised when he revealed that he was the original Harrison Wells. After Wells explained how he was alive, Team Flash was reunited with Ralph and Sue. However, Ralph's face was melted, so Cisco took him to put him in the mobile bionic containment unit. When Barry informed Team Flash that Iris was the key that they needed to restore the Speed Force, the team came up with a plan to help Barry. Cisco and the rest of the Team Flash was present with the Speed Force was restored and they all celebrated as Barry regained his speed.[9]

Becoming Mecha-Vibe

Cisco, Barry, and Frost fight Eva's army.

Cisco created a new suit in order to help Barry and Frost fight Eva McCulloch. Upon reaching the battle site, Cisco and Frost engaged Eva's mirror clones while Barry and Iris managed to convince Eva to do the right thing. After seeing Kamilla and saying goodbye to the the original Harrison Wells, Cisco joined Team Flash to celebrate the victory.[9]

Cisco and the rest of the Team Flash helped clean up Central City after Eva's attack. Upon learning that Abra Kadabra's had returned, Cisco accompanied Barry in his new suit to confront Kadabra. While confronted by Cisco and Barry, Kadabra revealed to Cisco that he will eventually go by the nickname "Mecha-Vibe". After intially escaping, Cisco and Barry were able to apprehend him. They then turned Kadabra and his obelisks over to A.R.G.U.S. who wouldn't tell Cisco how they planned on keeping Kadabra contained.

Frost kept having headaches, so she asked Cisco to run some tests on her. After running some tests and determining nothing was wrong, Cisco and Chester examined some of Kadabra's tech that Cisco swiped off of one of the A.R.G.U.S. guards. After Kadabra escaped, Team Flash discovered that he had created an antimatter bomb and was going to use it to destroy Central City. When the team tried to figure out why Kadabra wanted to destroy Central City, Cisco and Chester revealed that they found a Martian memory restorer in Kadabra's tech and Cisco theorized that something in Kadabra's pre-Crisis memories brought him to Central City. After Barry got through to Kadabra, Cisco and the rest of Team Flash watched in horror as Kadabra was killed by a super strong creature. The team then vowed to stop the creature that killed Kadabra before it killed again. Later, Cisco was playing video games with Chester when Caitlin paid him a visit. After Caitlin told him that she was no longer having headaches, she revealed that her and Frost were now separated, much to Cisco surprise.[10]

Cisco, Barry, and Frost confront Psych.

Cisco revealed to Barry and Iris that Caitlin and Frost were now separated. After Barry was attacked by a new enemy, Cisco nicknamed the enemy "Psych" because he incited extreme psychosomatic reactions. Later, Cisco began working on the Firestorm Matrix in an attempt to merge Caitlin and Frost back together. While Cisco was talking with Frost, Caitlin stormed in and revealed to Cisco that Frost had sabotaged the Firestorm Matrix. Before they could talk about the situation, satellites picked up Psych's isotopic signature, so Cisco and Frost went with Barry to confront Psych. Even though they had mental dampeners, Psych made each of them see their biggest fear.

After being defeated, Cisco, Barry, and Frost returned to S.T.A.R. Labs. When Caitlin asked Cisco where Frost was, he told her that she wanted be alone and was freaked out by whatever Psych made her see. He then began to make a plan to defeat Psych. When Barry went after Psych again he got caught in a nightmare, but Cisco managed to talk him through it and Barry defeated Psych. After Barry went into a coma to heal, Cisco was shocked to the see Speed ​​Force wake up and it revealed to Team Flash that Fuerza and Psych were just like it.[79]

The Forces and Moving on

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Cisco stops the airship from crashing.

Cisco and Kamilla wanted to leave Central City, but didn't know how or when to tell Team Citizen and Team Flash.[80] Cisco and Kamilla eventually their intentions revealed to Barry, Caitlin, and Iris. Cisco also went on to reveal that because of Chip Cooper's reassignment and thanks to a recommendation from both Lyla Michaels and John Diggle, A.R.G.U.S. offered him the job of Director of Technology and Science. Cisco was surprised and secretly upset at how Barry, Caitlin, and Iris had taken the news, seemingly being completely okay with him leaving and even encouraging him. However, as he was preparing to leave, a new Rainbow Raider robbed a bank, so Cisco told Barry and Caitlin that he would help them take her down as a part of their last mission together. After the new Rainbow Raider was stopped, Cisco contemplated all his previous adventures with the team and passed his role to Chester.[11]

The Godspeed war

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Cisco officiating Barry and Iris's vow renewal.

Diggle filled Cisco in on what was going on Central City, so he went there in order to help Team Flash. When Barry, Jay Garrick, Nora West-Allen, and Bart West-Allen were surrounded by a group of Godspeed clones in the Zauriel Cathedral, Cisco arrived and used his gauntlets to trap the Godspeed clones in a synthetic entropy trap. Cisco then left the cathedral and reunited with Team Flash as well as Jay at S.T.A.R. Labs.[81]

After August Heart was defeated and arrested, Cisco agreed to be a minister for Barry and Iris' wedding vow renewal. After Bart West-Allen sang "1949" to his parents, Cisco had the couple state their vows and kiss each other.[82]


After Barry Allen removed the Negative Speed Force from Eobard Thawne to protect him from being erased, he contacted him to have A.R.G.U.S. incarcerate him.[83]

Possible future

In a possible future, Cisco creates a device that is able to replicate J'onn J'onzz's power of memory restoration in order to give individuals back their knowledge of the original multiverse.[84]

Erased future

He was supposedly killed by Barry Allen in Reverse Flashpoint, but it never came to pass since Barry and Damien Darhk undid that timeline.[85]


Cisco in his civilian persona.

"Cisco Ramon, always cutting the tension with a joke."
Nora West-Allen[src]

Cisco is a kind, caring, intelligent, and laid-back young man, who often at first glance seems unable to take things seriously. However, he has often proven to be surprisingly focused when it comes to helping Barry fight against crime. It's apparent that Cisco is a nerd in many of the conventional ways. He has a clear love of comics, sci-fi, and pop culture, and is very excited to see such concepts made real for him, such as witnessing super-powers from assorted meta-humans, in particular, Barry and his super-speed. His love of comic characters has driven Cisco to often come up with names for Barry's assorted Rogues Gallery, such as Captain Cold. Cisco has great pride in his tech to the point of being extremely protective of it, such as becoming angry when Barry told him that his Flash suit was destroyed by Bette Sans Souci. Cisco is also a very careful planner as he invented a weapon specifically meant for taking down Barry in the event that the latter turned into a corrupt meta-human.

Cisco can be ridiculously paranoid and self-righteous at times, such as building a gun that can produce absolute-zero in fear Barry would lose control and go psycho like many other meta-humans; however, his actions resulted in the loss of an innocent man's life. Next, when he hid his powers from his friends because Eobard Thawne told him that his powers are a gift and that one day the latter will thank him for it, he believed that he might end up like Thawne. Then, after encountering Killer Frost on Earth-2, he reacted out of fear when Caitlin became shut off after Zoom murdered "Jay Garrick", Caitlin's lover, afraid that she might end up like her Earth-2 doppelgänger to the point of being naive and selfish when he didn't have a clue what it was like to watch a loved one die before their eyes.

Cisco loved his brother, Dante, very much despite his jealousy and annoyance of him due to his family favoring him. He was willing to divulge the identity of the Flash to Leonard Snart in exchange that he kept Dante alive. After seeing Zoom kill Rupture, he realized how much his brother meant to him and decided to start a better relationship with him. Cisco was devastated when Dante was killed in a car accident. He was more hurt that both the time remnant of and current Barry both refused to go back in time to save his brother.

As a result, Cisco acted cold and depressed toward Barry. Cisco eventually recovered from this state of mind due to Iris explaining that everyone makes mistakes and when he was able to save Barry from the Rival, not willing to lose another friend. He seemingly returned to his cheerful demeanor, but his wounds were reopened once Killer Frost revealed that Dante potentially died as a result of Flashpoint, which was Barry's doing. Cisco refused to acknowledge the possibility that Dante's death would have happened regardless of Barry's actions and he let Barry know that their friendship may never return to how it used to be. However, after saving one of the Dominators back in 1951 and causing the truce between the NSA and the Dominators to never happen, Cisco realized that he cannot remain angry at Barry because he understood, after doing it himself, that altering the past in any way can have unforeseen consequences. Cisco later helped the team stop Barry from surrendering to the Dominators and forgave him by calling him his friend again.

When Harry came up with a plan to match DeVoe's intelligence, Cisco arrogantly and repeatedly refused, telling Harry that he would only kill himself, or end up like DeVoe despite the fact that Harry was trying to stop DeVoe, who had already obtained powers from the bus metas he murdered, with no other viable option. Despite this, Cisco's concerns can be well-founded and justified at times, such as when Harry ended up causing the deterioration of his own brain after using the Thinking Cap with infused dark matter, something Harry admitted Cisco warned him against.

In an erased future where Savitar succeeded in murdering Iris West, Cisco suffered from loneliness especially as a result of the disbanding of Team Flash in the wake of Savitar's actions, despite this, Cisco had moved on from his brother's passing and continued to cling to the hope that one day, Team Flash would reunite. When a younger version of Barry Allen time-traveled to 2024, Cisco became confident that the younger Barry would be able to set things right with his future-self and Team Flash, although he quickly became disappointed and resentful once 2017 Barry revealed that he was only there to determine Savitar's identity.

Despite this, 2017 Barry changed Cisco's mind and was able to reunite Team Flash once more, bringing joy to Cisco for the first time in a while. This future was later erased when Savitar killed H.R. instead of Iris; albeit by accident.

Powers and abilities


  • Mecha-Vibe suit application: Cisco created a suit that replicates some of his former powers.[9]
    • Vibrational blasts: Cisco is able to generate clear concussive blasts of vibrations from his hands.[9]
    • Synthetic entropy trap: Sometime after John Diggle's visit to Central City, Cisco upgraded his gauntlets and gave them the ability to fire synthetic entropy traps which he used to temporarily trap the Godspeed clones.[81]

Former powers

"I remember when these powers were a curse. Seeing Thawne kill me over and over. Knowing that darkness. I didn't want that. I didn't want to be a hero. These powers were a part of me. I had to learn that. And when I did, they showed me everything. I could vibe every clue. I could breach us wherever we needed to go. I could bring my value to the team."
—Cisco Ramon to Caitlin Snow[src]

Cisco using his former powers.

  • Meta-human physiology: After Cisco was struck by the energy of the particle accelerator explosion, this altered his DNA and physiology to access dimensional energy. Though Cisco was affected by S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator like other meta-humans, Cisco did not manifest his powers until nearly two years after the dark matter explosion. He first accessed this ability after being murdered by Eobard Thawne and the timeline was altered by Barry. Despite having little training of any kind in using them, his powers are noted by Gypsy, a fellow "viber", to be very potent as even while subconsciously holding back against the far more experienced opponent, Cisco had a slight advantage in an energy clash. Initially, he needed a piece of special equipment to access his powers at will. By early 2018, Cisco's control over his powers improved enough for him to be able to effortlessly access his powers without the use of any equipment. However, he later took the meta-human cure that he and Caitlin had developed, getting rid of his powers.[67] During the events of the Anti-Monitor Crisis, Cisco's powers were restored by Mar Novu.[69] After the crisis, Cisco no longer had his powers.[6]
    • Dimensional energy manipulation: Cisco had a psychic link to the natural energies of reality, allowing him to connect with various vibrations of the multiverse and manipulate them for various effects.
      • Dimensional awareness: Known as "vibing", Cisco could perceive various events throughout time and space, letting him see into the past and future as well as parallel dimensions, even into the very Speed Force itself. He could even regain memories from an alternate timeline as he gradually began remembering the original events after Barry reset the timeline. Initially, this heightened awareness only appeared as dreams. Later, he became able to access these events by touching an individual or one of their personal possessions. These visions are typically hazy and dark, with a slightly distorted quality. Alternatively, he appeared to be able to alter other people's perspective, as he was somehow able to negate Zoom's own heightened awareness, hitting Zoom with a speed-dampening dart. He could also communicate with the person he was vibing. Cisco eventually stated that his powers have advanced to the point where not only could he vibe people, but he could also vibe how a person was feeling. He was also able to vibe Mon-El and Iris into the minds of the Flash and Supergirl. He was later able to co-vibe with Gypsy as a result of growing more powerful.
      • Interdimensional travel:

        Cisco using his powers to create a dimensional breach

        With his natural connection to the multiverse, Cisco could open portals to other dimensions. Being a noticeably more advanced ability, Cisco was shown to need focus and a proper awareness of his intended target. This required Harrison Wells to first calibrate Cisco's visors to lock onto the right electromagnetic frequencies that are located on the said dimensional plane. On a lesser level, he could make portals to teleport people to different locations in the same universe. He could even, with a noticeable strain on his body, access other people's personal pocket dimensions. With training from Barry, he had learned how to open portals in "Flashtime". However, they were only small enough for one person to fit through.
      • Vibrational blasts: Cisco was able to generate powerful blue concussive blasts of vibrations from his hands capable of propelling full-grown humans through the air. At first, he could only use it in moments of extreme stress, as shown when he instinctively knocked down an attacking Black Siren and was unable to do a second time. However, by 2016 of the new timeline, he became able to access this ability at will as he used it on Gypsy and others, with her, later commenting on its potency in spite of the difference in experience between the two viber meta-humans.
      • Mental connection: As stated to Cisco by both Reverb and Gypsy, "vibers" are connected by their powers and are able to observe each other if they're skilled enough. Reverb used this to track Cisco's progress with his powers from Earth-2, and Gypsy used it to find and rescue him from Savitar right as Killer Frost was about to execute him. Cisco, as of yet hasn't mastered the use of his powers well enough to do this at will, although it's possible that Cisco's visions of Thawne killing him were a result of him subconsciously using it to connect to an alternate version of himself.


"Genius engineer, prodigy hacker, and the mechanic who built a cold gun that could stop a speedster."
Caitlin Snow[src]
  • Genius-level intellect/Master scientist/Physicist: Cisco is one of the most intelligent people on Earth. An example of this is that he was able to design the second Arrowcave. His intellect leads him to play a crucial role for Team Flash. Cisco is a capable scientist, as he was able to create the Mirakuru cure with the help of Caitlin Snow. Cisco also has gained a lot of knowledge on the Speed Force, understanding its nature and how to get Barry Allen in and out of it. Cisco has called his brain "the Ryan Gosling of genius intellects." Cisco is qualified for 7,685 jobs in the U.S. alone.[86]
    • Bilingualism: Cisco is capable of fluently speaking English and his native Puerto Rican-dialect, Spanish.
    • Computer specialist/Expert computer hacker: Cisco is a highly skilled computer specialist and hacker, though his skills are not on par with Felicity Smoak's. He was able to hack into the Tannhauser Industries' offsite's records.
    • Expert tailor: Cisco has been shown to be a highly trained tailor, having created the Flash suit, the Kid Flash suit, the White Canary suit, and his own suit, as well as aspects of the Arrow suit, the Green Arrow suit and the Spartan suit.
    • Guitarist: Cisco is a talented acoustic guitarist. He was able to produce a lovely melody despite being "a little rusty".[15]
    • Master engineer: Cisco is a highly skilled engineer, as he helped build the particle accelerator with Eobard Thawne and has helped Team Flash by creating various gadgets and weapons for them. Three of his notable creations are Captain Cold's, Heat Wave's, and Golden Glider's signature weapons. During the six months Barry was in the Speed Force, Cisco designed a Quark sphere containing Barry's DNA and modified the Speed Force bazooka so it would free Barry and put the sphere in his prison.
    • Trap master: Cisco does plans to trick enemies and often uses his engineering skills.
  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant: Though normally staying behind the scenes to help in battles, Cisco is shown willing to get into a fistfight when the situation presents itself. He was shown able to trade blows with Hartley Rathaway. However, it should be noted that Hartley was handcuffed at the time and ultimately Cisco ended the skirmish with his technological preparation, having rigged the latter's earpiece beforehand. Since becoming Vibe and learning to better use his powers, Cisco has started to be on the field more often, able to fight against Gypsy and Cicada. Cisco was even able to hold his own against Thawne, who was possessing Nash, though Thawne ultimately gained the upper hand due to Nash's superior physical condition and Thawne's own rage.


Former weaknesses

  • Clifford DeVoe: Clifford DeVoe is aware of Cisco's vibes and can interrupt them as well, knocking him around after stopping the vibe[87], although, co-vibing with another viber can bypass DeVoe's anti-vibing defenses.[57] However, since DeVoe is now dead, Cisco no longer is affected by him.
  • Injured hands: Cisco's ability to access his dimensional powers and project dimensional energy is primarily channeled through his hands. He is, however, able to access visions without the use of his hands, like the foreshadowed possible destruction of Earth-2 and the Multiverse, which was averted, but it's much more unstable and harder to read. This is demonstrated by Cisco Ramon's alternate 2024 self, whose hands were shattered by Killer Frost in their fight, and replaced with bionic hands, mentioning he can no longer access his powers, but was able to sense 2017 Barry's arrival in 2024.[71] Also, as shown when Cisco's hands got cut by Cicada's dagger, injuries to Cisco's hands still keep him from vibing as well as he usually would.[88]
  • Temporal alterations: Cisco's new-found connection to reality also puts him at a disadvantage to extreme time alterations. Deeper changes in the natural events of time can cause a strain on his body, one of the earliest signs being a bloody nose. The longer these deep changes remain unresolved, the worse Cisco's condition will get. Ultimately, he gets a brain hemorrhage before going into cardiac arrest. His body will then become transparent and distorted, as the time rupture begins to tear him apart. Only restoring the proper events will stabilize Cisco.[89]
  • Power-dampening tech: Like most meta-humans, if Cisco is wearing power-dampening cuffs, he is unable to use his powers.[55]


Original multiverse

The Vibe glasses deactivated.

  • Reverb glasses: After encountering his Earth-2 counterpart, Cisco obtained his version of the glasses and brought them to Earth-1. Harry Wells later re-calibrated them, adjusting them to the frequency of Cisco's Earth and thus allowing Cisco to channel trans-dimensional energy and open breaches between different universes.[1]
  • Vibe gauntlets: Cisco designed special gauntlets that he uses to help control his vibrational blasts and his interdimensional travel.[42]
  • Vibe suit: Sometime after Barry restored the timeline he saw Cisco making gauntlets, with Cisco mentioning that the Gauntlets were for 'his suit'. Initially, the suit consisted of Cisco's ordinary clothing, the gauntlets, and the Vibe glasses. He used the suit to help Barry fight Edward Clariss. When Cisco vibed Caitlin when she told him she had meta-human powers similar to Killer Frost, he was seen wearing the full completed suit, foreshadowing that he would eventually complete it. The suit seems to be made out of a leather-like material with a black, yellow, and red jacket, the pants of the suit couldn't be properly seen in the vision. The suit was eventually completed and was shown in exact detail as it was in the vision.[90]

Former equipment

  • Vibe glasses: After learning the nature of what triggers Cisco's vibes, Earth-2's Harry Wells designed special goggles that allow Cisco to access his vibes easily and for as long as he wishes. They first harnessed his brain waves to allow him to have clearer visions in the form of dreams. They are similar to Earth-2 Cisco's glasses, but they glowed green lights at the lenses instead of blue. By calibrating the glasses to the electromagnetic frequency of the dimensional plane they are located on, Cisco's powers are increased. These glasses were abandoned after they were found to be useless on other Earths and they were replaced with the Earth-2 version of the glasses.[35]

New multiverse

  • Mecha-Vibe suit: Cisco quickly whipped up a suit to help Barry and Frost fight Eva McCulloch. It allowed him to shoot blasts were similar to his Vibe blasts and was powered by an energy source worn on his chest. However, the energy source stopped working after a short amount of time. The suit consists of his glasses, a black jacket, the aforementioned energy source, and bulky metal gauntlets. Despite losing power, the gauntlets proved to be highly effective against Eva's mirror duplicates, knocking them off balance.[9]
  • Mecha-Vibe glasses: Cisco wore his glasses when he used his new suit.[9]
  • Mecha-Vibe gauntlets: Cisco wore his gauntlets when he used his new suit.[9]

Erased future equipment

  • Prosthetic hands: When Barry ran from 2017 to 2024 in order to try to learn Savitar's identity, he encountered a version of Cisco that had lost his hands in a fight with Killer Frost. Because of this, Cisco had a metallic pair of prosthetic hands that worked like his real hands, except for the fact that he could no longer use his powers. Due to Savitar being erased from existence, the future has been changed and it's assumed that Cisco has avoided this fate.[71]



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  • Cisco has been killed in three alternate timelines:
    • In the first alternate timeline seen in "Out of Time", Cisco looked into Dr. Wells after Barry relayed the suspicions of Mason Bridge and examined the trap the team set for the Reverse-Flash, discovering the speedster in the trap was just a hologram. Wells caught Cisco, revealed to him his true identity, and killed Cisco. However, Barry altered the timeline and in the new timeline Cisco never looked into Eobard, so Cisco's life was spared. However, because of Cisco's powers, he still retained traces of that erased timeline in his memory, including his death.
    • In a second alternate timeline seen in "Legends of Yesterday", Cisco, along with the entire population of Central City, was killed by Vandal Savage using the Staff of Horus in his efforts to kill Carter Hall and Kendra Saunders. However, because Barry altered the timeline once more, this disaster never occurred.
    • In the alternate timeline known as the Reverse-Flashpoint, seen in "Armageddon, Part 4", Cisco had been killed by Damien Darhk and the Reverse-Flash, along with the Legends and Ray Palmer.
  • Cisco has a penchant for giving the villains of the Flash and Green Arrow monikers that fit their attributes, personalities, or powers. However, he claims to dislike codenames that incorporate colors such as "Green Arrow".[39] He is also shown to dislike self-given nicknames such as "Speedy"[91] and "the Anti-Monitor", claiming the sound of the latter made him want to "barf" and groaning every time he had to say it.[69]
    • Despite his dislike of nicknames that include colors, he gave Lisa Snart the name Golden Glider, which includes a color.
    • Cisco also insists on being the only person to assign villains nicknames and can sometimes view it as a challenge when another tries to do the same (such as Harry Wells) but never fails to give credit where credit is due (such as when he embraced Martin Stein for nicknaming Al Rothstein "Atom Smasher" and admitted that Hartley Rathaway's self-given nickname of "Pied Piper" wasn't bad).
  • Cisco is right-handed.[92]
  • Cisco appeared to have considered himself Barry's best friend and it is reciprocated, although Barry also considers Iris West his best friend.[38]
  • Cisco is a pop culture addict and he likes to drop references all the time. In "Crisis on Earth-X, Part 4", he mentions that it helps in stressful situations.
  • Barry and Cisco have watched Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan together multiple times. In the end, Cisco always says to Barry, "I have been and always shall be your friend."[93]
  • Cisco is a big fan of The Princess Bride.[94][95][96]
  • Apparently Cisco Ramon doesn't exist on Earth-38.[97] However, as shown by Jay Garrick being Henry Allen from Earth-3, the same versions of people do not necessarily have the same name.
  • While his vibration powers were said to let him retain his memories of every timeline, there have been timelines that Cisco never seemed to retain his memories from. He seemed to forget Vandal Savage destroying the city and everyone in it and he also seemed to never remember "Flashpoint".
    • In "Untouchable", it was said that Cisco can't vibe alternate timelines at all, but he is able to vibe Earths identical to Earth-1 where the timeline hasn't changed. It is possible that he did this when he retained his memories of the Reverse-Flash killing him[18] and later when he repeatedly vibed his date with Kamilla after Nora reversed time over and over again to keep Cicada from killing anyone on Team Flash.[66]
  • Cisco seems to hate spin-offs as he was noticeably disgusted when H.R. mentioned Star Trek: Voyager.[20]
  • Cisco is 5'7".[98]
  • Cisco considers Bulbasaur to be the cutest Pokémon of all.[99]
  • Cisco is a fan of the movie Inception.[58]
  • Cisco has had four love interests on The Flash: Lisa Snart, Kendra Saunders, Gypsy, and Kamilla Hwang. He also expressed attractions towards Bette Sans Souci, Shawna Baez, Thea Queen, and Eliza Harmon.
  • Cisco uses a Moroccan conditioner with a pinch of lime juice to keep his hair shiny, which he considers being one of his greatest secrets.[100]
  • Cisco received his middle name, Baracus, from the character Sergeant Bosco Albert "B. A." (Bad Attitude) Baracus who was played by Mr. T in the show The A-Team, which his mother was a fan of.[2]
  • Cisco is qualified for 7,685 jobs in the U.S. alone.[86]

Behind the scenes

See also

List of works he created, modified or contributed

  1. The Mirakuru cure: He and Caitlin Snow were able to recreate a cure out of Mirakuru samples that ultimately helped Team Arrow stopping the super-soldiers from further destroying Starling City.[101]
  2. The Flash suits: Although originally designed for the Central City Fire Department, it is later worn by Barry Allen.[23]
  3. The Cold gun: Designed before actually getting to know and becoming friends with Barry. Preparing for the worst, the gun is meant for slowing down and potentially harming the targets by firing beams that freeze the target into a state of absolute zero upon contact.[32]
  4. The Heat gun: Designed before actually getting to know and becoming friends with Barry. Preparing for the worst, the gun is meant for potentially harming the targets via firing streams of fire.
  5. Wizard's Wand: After knowing meta-humans with powers like Clyde Mardon existed, it was developed as a countermeasure. In an erased timeline, it later came to its use when Mark Mardon, having the exact if not stronger powers that Clyde had, showed up to avenge his late brother.[18] It was later built in the current timeline when Mark broke Leonard Snart and James Jesse out of prison.
  6. A Cisco-ed treadmill: Built and designed specially capable of handling Barry's super-speed.[31]
  7. Calorie-densed protein bars: Specific calculations made to meet what Barry's body needed to avoid hypoglycemia.[31] According to Cisco, it contains a number of calories equivalent to 850 tacos, excluding cheese and guacamole.
  8. The Pipeline: Cisco helped to build the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator, and later assisted in re-purposing it into a makeshift prison to hold meta-human criminals.[22]
  9. A girder dummy: Built to let Barry practice punching a movable iron object after the Flash was first beaten by Tony Woodward.[13]
  10. The Arrow suits: Following returning Barry to normal after altercations with Roy Bivolo, Cisco updated the suit for Oliver Queen. He made the new one out of a polymer kevlar weave; it was also 25% lighter and could carry 15% more gear.[21]
  11. Training drones: After the Flash took a beating from the Reverse-Flash, the entire team became more focused on properly training Barry; drones were introduced, with at least two of them having lasers.[102]
  12. Modified ballistic shields: Feeling responsible for creating the weapon that allowed Snart remaining at large, he and Harrison Wells tweaked the shields from Central City Police Department to hold against the Cold Gun. After analyzing the Heat gun, the shields were again modified to also become fire-resistant.[102]
  13. Modified earpieces: After experiencing the damage caused by Hartley's earpiece, Cisco tweaked them without their owner's knowledge. An adjustment he made to these allows Cisco to control their vibration while being worn, causing various amounts of pain to the wearer.[103] However, since Barry ended up altering the timeline so that Hartley never tried to escape the pipeline, Cisco presumably never altered Hartley's earpieces in this way. But, since Barry warned Cisco about Hartley being able to use his earpieces to escape, Cisco ended up making Hartley new, non-explosive ones.[93]
  14. A quantum splicer: Dr. "Harrison Wells" broached the idea but needed Cisco's help to finish it, hopefully, able to split up Firestorm without harm.[104] The device somehow also allowed Ronnie Raymond and Martin Stein to safely merge/separate/reemerge later on.[105] This is later built into the Firestorm suit via unknown means, allowing the two counterparts to merge without having to manually put it on.
  15. The Gold gun: After Dante was kidnapped by Leonard Snart and company, and was used as a bargaining chip, Cisco was forced to build a weapon for Lisa Snart.[15] It is capable of firing beams that transform the target into pure gold upon contact.
  16. Canary Cry: While in Starling City with Joe investigating Harrison Wells Cisco met Laurel who revealed her identity as the Black Canary to him and asked him to upgrade her sonic device. While the two were getting ready to leave Cisco gave her the new device which now looked like a necklace/choker.[34]
  17. Vibe glasses: After Team Flash discovers the Time Vault and that Harrison Wells is the Reverse-Flash, Cisco built to special glasses help himself into his dream of being killed by Harrison, however, is horrified to discover that Harrison is, in fact, Eobard Thawne; Eddie Thawne's descendant from the future, it is later revealed that the streams of Cisco's are actually visions, revealing that Cisco is a meta-human.
  18. Time Sphere: Built to help Eobard Thawne go back to his timeline which was originally designed by Rip Hunter.[37]
  19. B.O.O.T.: Built to neutralize meta-humans for Central City Police Department.[38]
  20. Green Arrow suit: Made for Oliver Queen shortly before his temporary retirement from vigilante activity.[106]
  21. Arrowcave: With the help of the rest of S.T.A.R. Labs, created a new, highly updated version of the cave underneath the late Sebastian Blood's campaign office, modifying his former Mirakuru lab to do so.[107]
  22. Speed dampening serum: Cisco designed weapons for the serum.[108]
  23. The gauntlets: Cisco created these gloves in effort to take the Staff of Horus from Vandal Savage.[109]
  24. White Canary suit: Made for Sara Lance as a replacement for her Canary suit and to join Rip Hunter's team.
  25. Vibe gauntlets: Cisco created these gloves to channel his power into concussive vibrational blasts.
  26. Vibe suit: Combining the Vibe glasses and the gauntlets, Cisco made what he mentioned was his suit, as of his fight with Gypsy throughout the Multiverse, the suit was completed, adding a red and yellow padded jacket and pants.
  27. Interdimensional extrapolator: Cisco created this for Kara Danvers so she can travel anytime to Earth-1 from Earth-38 and back. He later gave one to Leo Snart as well, allowing Leo to freely travel between Earth-1 and Earth-X.
  28. Cerebral inhibitor: Cisco created this machine in order to resolve Savitar's knowledge of any plans they created by preventing Barry from creating new memories. However, this machine instead erased Barry's old memories instead. According to Savitar, it will be used in the future against somebody named DeVoe, later revealed to be Clifford DeVoe, aka The Thinker.
  29. Speed Force bazooka/Interdimensional quantum splicer: Cisco modified the Speed Force bazooka created by Tracy Brand after Savitar captured him and stole the device. However, instead of creating an Interdimensional Quantum Splicer as Savitar had ordered him to do, he secretly modified the device to act as a "Skeleton key" so Jay Garrick could get out of the Speed Force prison.[46] He modified the device further with assistance from Harry Wells, Tina McGee, Felicity Smoak, Curtis Holt, and Tracy Brand to get Barry out of the Speed Force prison without rendering the dimension unstable (but putting a quark sphere in the prison in his place), thereby preventing it from causing a Speed Force storm.[48]
  30. Elongated Man suit: Worn by Ralph Dibny when in out in the field as a superhero. It has an adaptive nano-weave structure that is malleable on the sub-molecular level.
  31. Firestorm cure: With assistance from Harry Wells, Cisco was able to create a serum which he dubbed "The Calm After the Firestorm", which, when taken by either Jefferson "Jax" Jackson or Professor Martin Stein, would sever their psychic connection. This would trick the Firestorm matrix into thinking that Jax and the professor were merged (when in reality, they weren't), thereby stabilizing Professor Stein so that he could avoid a nuclear meltdown. This also neutralized all of the powers of both Jax and Martin.[50]
  32. Meta-human cure: With assistance from Caitlin Snow, Cisco was able to create a serum which, when taken by a meta-human, would remove their powers by suppressing the dark matter in their pituitary gland. Once a meta-human has taken the cure, there is no known way to reverse the process.[66]
  33. Killer Frost suit: Cisco created this suit as a gift for Killer Frost.
  34. Paragon detector: A device originally built by Ray Palmer to identify the 7 Paragons,[110] Cisco assisted him with the finishing touches.[69]
  35. Martian memory restorer: In a possible future, Cisco creates a device that is able to replicate J'onn J'onzz's power of memory restoration in order to give individuals back their knowledge of the original multiverse.[84]
  36. Mecha-Vibe suit: Cisco quickly whipped up a suit to use in a fight against Eva McCulloch.[9]
  37. Isotope detection system: Cisco helped Chester P. Runk build a system that gave Team Flash the ability to detect foundational isotopic signatures, so they would know if "Fuerza" or "Psych" was headed towards Central City.[3]
  38. Prismatic light grid: Cisco built a prismatic light grid that Team Flash used to reverse Roy Bivolo's whammy effects.[11]

List of individuals he nicknamed

  1. Danton Black as Multiplex (first try: Captain Clone)[31]
  2. Kyle Nimbus as The Mist[22]
  3. Leonard Snart as Captain Cold[32]
  4. Bette Sans Souci as Plastique[111]
  5. Tony Woodward as Girder[13]
  6. Farooq Gibran as Blackout[112]
  7. Roy Bivolo as Prism (later re-dubbed by Caitlin Snow as Rainbow Raider)[21]
  8. Digger Harkness as Captain Boomerang[113](first try: Kaboom Boomerang)[21]
  9. Eobard Thawne as Reverse-Flash[102] (first try: Opposite Flash)[114]
  10. Mick Rory as Heat Wave[102]
  11. Mark Mardon as Weather Wizard[18]
  12. Brie Larvan as Bug-Eyed Bandit (with Ray Palmer)[33]
  13. Lisa Snart as Golden Glider[36]
  14. Mari McCabe as Vixen[115]
  15. Jeremy Tell as Double Down[116]
  16. Earth-2 Harrison Wells as Harry[4]
  17. Henry Hewitt as Tokamak (with Caitlin Snow)[117]
  18. Vandal Savage as Highlander[91]
  19. Kendra Saunders as Hawkgirl[91]
  20. Carter Hall as Hawkman [109]
  21. Russell Glosson as The Turtle[118]
  22. Joseph Monteleone as Tar Pit[119]
  23. Eliza Harmon as Bad Flash (Eliza renamed herself Trajectory)[40]
  24. An unknown man as Thief[42]
  25. Julian Albert as Dr. Alchemy[42]
  26. Rosa Dillon as Top[120]
  27. Becky Sharpe as Hazard[49]
  28. Clifford DeVoe as The Thinker[121]
  29. Dominic Lanse as Brainstorm[54]
  30. Neil Borman as Fallout[122]
  31. Sylbert Rundine as Dwarfstar[99]
  32. Matthew Kim as Melting Point[123]
  33. William Lang as Gridlock[124]
  34. Vanessa Jansen as Block[125]
  35. Peter Merkel as Rag Doll[88]
  36. Thomas Snow as Icicle (with Nora West-Allen)[61]
  37. Philip Master as Acid Master[64]
  38. Kimiyo Hoshi as Dr. Light[6]
  39. Frida Novikov as Turtle II[73]
  40. Alexa Rivera as Fuerza[79]
  41. Bashir Malik as Psych[79]
  42. Carrie Bates as Rainbow Raider 2.0[11]


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