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Cisco Ramon currently resides in an apartment located in Central City.


Sometime during or prior to late 2014, the apartment came to be occupied by Cisco Ramon.[1]

After Barry Allen moved out of the West house in order to give Joe more space, he temporarily stayed with Cisco in his apartment and cooked him breakfast each morning as a way of saying thanks.[2]

Later, Barry again stayed with Cisco during a brief break-up with his girlfriend Iris West,[3] but he moved out again once he and Iris reconciled and resumed their relationship.[4]

In late 2017, Gypsy visited Cisco and they made out on the former's bed; they planned to get more romantic. Gypsy's father later arrived at the apartment via breach and accosted Cisco.[5]

In late 2019, after suffering sleepwalking and an awkward conversation with Kamilla Hwang, Cisco was surprised by the arrival of Josh. To Cisco's sorrow, Josh informed him Gypsy had died on the job.[6]

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  • Noticeably, Cisco has a poster for The Matrix in his bedroom. He also has collectibles on his dressers.
  • Kamilla Hwang occasionally sleeps in the apartment.