"I could change your world... in an instant."
—Cisco Ramon[src]

Cisco Ramon, better known as Echo, is a criminal from Earth-19.


Murder of Gypsy and framing his doppelganger

Cisco killing Cynthia

Cisco killing Cynthia.

Gypsy had been searching for Echo for a long time. Gypsy learned that he was her ex-boyfriend Cisco Ramon's doppelganger and sent him to Earth-1. He learned about his doppelganger and his former romance with Gypsy, so he planned to frame him for the death of Gypsy.

Echo hacked Cisco's white noise machine to make him sleepwalk so he could be accused of killing her while asleep.

In S.T.A.R. Labs, a fight between the two ensued. When Gypsy saw his face, she became distracted, giving him the opportunity to kill her with a vaporizing gun. Echo then put his gun in Cisco's laboratory rooms.

He knew that Breacher and Cisco would vibe him and both would see Cisco killing Gypsy while he was sleepwalking, presumably under the effects of breach psychosis. Soon enough, Kamilla found the weapon stored in the lab, which made Cisco look suspicious.


Cisco confronting his Earth-19 counterpart

Cisco confronted by his Earth-1 counterpart.

Cisco eventually confronted him after figuring out who he was. Echo then taunted him that he was the reason Gypsy died, as he looked just like Cisco, distracting her. The two fought, but when Echo took the weapon that killed Gypsy from Cisco, it turned out that it was a trap that captured him in a force field. The Collectors then arrived and arrested him.

In a conversation between Josh, Kamilla, and Cisco, it was revealed that Gypsy had tricked Echo into going to Earth-1 so that Cisco would discover his identity and get him arrested.[1]


Echo considers himself a man with good intentions but in reality, he is a villain who specializes in selling criminals new lives.

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  • Master engineer: He could reprogram Earth-1 Cisco's white noise machine to make him sleep walk.


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Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, there are several characters named or nicknamed "Echo", but this version resembles a Legion of Superheroes villain named Echo, who has vibe powers.


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