"Come on, Ray, where are you, bro? If I've been waiting for a pizza, it would've been here by now. On second thought, I'm not gonna think about pizza when I'm this hungry."
—Vibe to Ray Terrill[src]

Cisco Ramon is a member of the Freedom Fighters, an anti-Nazi resistance in the occupied United States on Earth-X, known as Vibe. He assisted the Ray in traveling to Earth-1 and was attacked by Blitzkrieg while performing mission control.


Vibe arrived during the Freedom Fighters' battle with the New Reichsmen of the New Reich's Schutzstaffel forces. After the Ray took Red Tornado's neuro-cortex, Vibe appeared and covered his injured ally with vibrational blasts. He then opened a dimensional portal and, despite the Ray's protests to going without Vibe, forced his ally to take the portal to Earth-1.[1]

The Freedom Fighters.

While the Ray has died on another Earth and his powers were transferred to Earth-1's Ray Terrill, Vibe was doing mission control in one of the Freedom Fighters' hideouts, worried about Ray's long absence and impatient for his return. As he mentioned getting a pizza, the New Reichsmen appeared behind him, mockingly offering two square meals a day for him in the Reich's prison. Vibe tried to escape and had to fight off Blitzkrieg. He initially had the upper hand, before the Nazi speedster accelerated faster than the eye could see and knocked Vibe down and dragged his body back to the control room, where the other Reichsmen watched at Vibe's computer screen. He was captured by New Reichsmen and presented to Freedom Fighters only to released by them and help them defeat Black Arrow and Blitzkrieg.[2]

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Vibe was a friend of the Ray's and had to fight and convince him to go to Earth-1 alone, without Vibe. He was worried and impatient for his friend's return, not knowing that the Ray has died after arriving to the other universe. While he had a sense of humor, joking that the Ray takes longer than a pizza delivery in a war zone, he quickly stopped joking at the expense of his own hunger; generally having more serious and less vainglorious mannerisms than his counterpart from Earth-1.[1][2]

Powers and abilities


Vibe using his powers.

  • Meta-human physiology: From unknown means, Vibe's DNA and cells were altered, enabling him to access his new-found powers.[1]


  • Peak of human physical condition: Vibe is in top physical condition, with enough strength to quickly incapacitate and hurl much larger enemies into the air.
    • Acrobatics/Free-running: Vibe has proven to be very agile, managing to run on and between the obstacles with ease.
  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant: While battling Blitzkrieg, Vibe demonstrated a series of well-coordinated punches. He was also skilled enough to subdue a Nazi soldier, even while handcuffed, and knocked out Dark Arrow and Blitzkrieg (albeit after they were previously hit by Black Condor and Phantom Lady).
  • Computer specialist: Being a computer specialist, Vibe worked as mission control from his Earth.[2]



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