"A pox on ye! For on my earthly home, our Ciscos wear not a cloth upon their furry feet, and doth not indulge in such self-aggrandizing of their fellowships and adventures! A humble folk, they are."
Wells the Grey[src]

Ciscos are a species inhabiting the same planet as Wells the Grey, of the Earth-13 universe. They are notable for their hairy feet and humble character.


According to Wells the Grey, the Ciscos resemble Cisco Ramon, but do not wear footwear and are notable for their hairy feet. They are described as a "humble folk", with Wells the Grey not believing that his world's Ciscos would indulge in the same "self-aggrandizing" as Cisco Ramon would on his blog.[1]


Wells the Grey was reminded of the Ciscos during his visit to Earth-1 while writing a post of his on Cisco Ramon's blog. Referring to Ramon as to "hairless footed Cisco", Wells the Grey bashed his pride, comparing him negatively to the humble Ciscos of his universe, and decided to "save his soul" by writing a post from another source, not concerned with Cisco's own adventures. When Cisco tried to delete the post, he was stopped by a spell of permanence, allowing the information about the hairy Ciscos to stay on the blog.[1]


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