City Necessary Resources Initiative, initialized as CNRI, was a legal aid office in the Glades. It was destroyed by an earthquake caused by the second Markov Device during The Undertaking.[1]


After graduating law school, Laurel Lance and Joanna de la Vega became legal aid attorneys at CNRI in 2010.[2][3]

At CNRI, Laurel and Joanna filed a class-action suit against Adam Hunt on behalf of many individuals who were swindled out of their homes and life savings by his company.[4]

With help from Joanna and the Hood, Laurel also prosecuted many other dangerous and corrupt one-percenters at CNRI, including Martin Somers,[5] Jason Brodeur[6] and Edward Rasmus.[7]

CNRI was in danger of potentially closing down after their largest donor, Stagg Industries, pulled out. To help the office keep their doors open, Tommy Merlyn arranged for Merlyn Global Group to sponsor a fundraiser for CNRI.[8]

After Thea Queen got into legal trouble with Vertigo, Laurel arranged for her to do 500 hours of court-mandated community service at CNRI as an intern.[9]

Anastasia temporarily worked pro-bono for CNRI while on a year-long sabbatical from her law firm.

Representing a victim's advocacy group, CNRI worked to keep career criminal Cyrus Vanch locked up. Unfortunately, he was released from prison after eight months due to a lack of evidence. However, CNRI won their case after the Hood helped arrest Vanch, with new evidence.[10]

Joanna went on sabbatical from CNRI after her brother's murder.[11]

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Behind the scenes

  • CNRI is meant to resemble the word "Canary" when pronounced as a single word, referring to Laurel's comic book alter ego, Black Canary, and the mantle she would later take up.