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"Welcome to New Daxam."
Rhea begins the Daxamite invasion

"City of Lost Children" is the twentieth episode of the second season of Supergirl, and the fortieth episode overall. It aired on May 8, 2017.




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The scene opens with Guardian saving a lady from a couple of attackers— however when he goes to console her, she is frightened of him and runs away.

When Winn checks in with James, James chooses it's an ideal opportunity to consider it a night.

The following day, Kara is out somewhere else with Lena, who discloses to her that she's taking a shot at an energizing new undertaking with an accomplice who is like a mentor to her… however can't reveal to her much else about that. She gets a call from the accomplice, however, and needs to go.

In a recreation center, Winn approaches James to discuss what happened the previous evening. Comparing himself with Batman, he discloses to Winn that Guardian isn't inspiring anybody; he's making people afraid. As they're having the discussion, however, a young lady shows up and begins to utilize psionic forces to toss individuals and items around. Supergirl shows up to stop her, yet the alien vanishes.

Back at the DEO, she's identified as a Forrian, a generally quiet race. The DEO decays Guardian's assistance, sending James away disappointed.

At supper, Rhea is attempting to console Lena, who is baffled by disappointments in the testing procedure on their transmitter connect. She thinks about what will occur in the event that she can't make it work, yet Rhea says she believes in her. Rhea leaves, and strolling close by, Mon-El thinks he sees her yet is distracted by traffic in the city.

In an alley, Guardian interrupts a drug deal involving an alien, who reveals to him that he's just purchasing a little pot, yet he can give James the location of the lady who assaulted Simmons Square before. James heads to her loft, where he sees drawings on a table and photographs mirroring an ordinary home life with kids. A young man returns home and is startled to see Guardian there, yet James takes his head protector off and discloses to him he's just there to help.

At The DEO, Alex is attempting to get data out of Marcus, the young man. He's not saying anything, and in another room, James says he thinks this is an inappropriate methodology. In the end Alex makes sense of that the child may confide in James, and offers to send him offsite to chat with Marcus.

Mon-El heads to see Winn about some assistance with a satellite.

At L-Corp, Lena keeps on being baffled by disappointments, saying that she's baffled since she figured this could help demonstrate she's as shrewd as Lex. Rhea advises her to quit thinking like Lex and instead think for herself.

At CatCo, James brings Marcus in and acquaints him with Kara, however he despite everything wouldn't like to converse with anybody yet James. James has Miss Tessmacher get them some milkshakes and wavy fries, and brings Marcus into Cat's/his office. Subsequent to glancing around, he sits before a camera that is in pieces on a little table. James reveals to him that he purchased the camera with his first check from photojournalism; another on the table is the camera his father gave him, and when he begins sharing anecdotes about his father, Marcus opens up, saying that he lost his dad, as well.

Mon-El brings Kara Chinese food and discloses to her that he thought he saw his mom the previous evening, yet that he proceeded to check and his folks certainly left for home. He discloses to Kara that he despises that he still cares about his mom. Kara attempts to comfort him.

At L-Corp, Lena is prepared for the following test, and Rhea is there enthusiastic for it.

At CatCo, James instructs Marcus how to use his camera, however when Marcus goes to snap a photo of James, he sees a news report about his mom. James asks where she may be, however before Marcus can say anything, Eve appears with the food. While James converses with her, out of nowhere Marcus daydreams and starts utilizing his psychological powers to unleash destruction a similar way his mom had.

Supergirl speeds in and flies Marcus out of the structure. He loses control of his powers in when power is being brought through the portal at L-Corp, and it closes down when Rhea turns it off. She takes the kid back to the DEO where they can place him in a cell to dampen his powers and prevent him from having another episode. James attempts to run, baffled, however J'onn convinces him to stay with a motivational speech.

Winn makes sense of that a spike in a specific kind of molecule in the air has been making the Forrians' lose control of their powers; Kara understands that the particles were referenced during her discussion with Lena, and calls Lena to tell her there's an issue - yet Rhea answers Lena's' telephone.

Rhea blames Supergirl for making resisting her when she came in peace, and says that anything that happens be Supergirl's fault. Mon-El attempts to convince her to stop, however she is not persuaded. She hangs up and erases the call from Lena's history.

In Marcus' cell at the DEO, Marcus says he's stressed that Earth will kick him out like different planets where he and his mom have attempted to settle down. James discloses to him that he had a truly awful adolescence after he lost his father, as well, and that he had adapted by shutting individuals out. He reveals to Marcus that it was Clark (not Superman) who helped him to open up and trust individuals once more.

Marcus reveals to James that he can see his mother, yet that he doesn't have the foggiest idea where she is. He says that he can take James to her, and James vows to secure them. J'onn says he can't let them take Marcus offsite, yet James persuades him after Winn says there's a mobile version of the telekinetic dampener that should keep both of the two from having a scene.

Marcus drives them to his mother, who is jumpy when she sees them. Marcus advises her not to stress, yet there are more Forrians besides just the two of them.

At L-Corp, Lena is stressed over the possibility of Rhea leaving, however Rhea reveals to her that whatever occurs next, she should realize that she's a marvel, and any mother ought to be glad to have her. She turns the portal on as high as it goes, and Lena begins to freeze. At the DEO, Supergirl and Mon-El see satellite readings of the portal and realize where Rhea is. They go there after Mon-El gets something. Also, in the outsider fort, the psionic dampener isn't sufficiently powerful to shield James and Winn from more than two Forrians.

At L-Corp, nothing Supergirl and Mon-El do can close the portal, and Rhea is moving something to Earth. While Supergirl battles to break the portal, Rhea uses a White Martian device to trap J'onn in a nightmare. Somewhere else, James attempts frantically to get through to Marcus, so that Marcus can quiet different outsiders. Similarly as he does that, Mon-El holds a gun on Rhea, advising her that they aren't bulletproof here. She convinces him to put it down, lying to him that Lar Gand ended his own life after Mon-El left. As he puts down the firearm, she opens an entryway for a ships with Daxamite refugees. Over the city, everybody looks as ships fly above National City and Rhea says, "Welcome home to New Daxam".




  • James makes a reference to being a vigilante like "Clark's friend", to whom Winn makes points at the side of his head like spiky ears. These are references to Batman.
  • At one point, Winn whistles the tune of "Super Friend" from the Supergirl/The Flash crossover "Duet". In the song, Winn's counterpart, Grady, was the pianist.
  • Marcus and his mother are referred to as "going all Carrie", referencing the Stephen King novel Carrie and its various adaptations, in which the titular protagonist has telepathic powers.
  • Winn equating Marcus turning his head to face James to the Mona Lisa is referencing the common belief that the eyes of said painting are always gazing at the onlooker regardless of position.


  • When Rhea is talking on Lena's phone, it can clearly be seen that the answer screen is still on by the Green and Red phone icons.