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"I see you. I see you, Martin."
—Clarissa to Martin Stein when he was superficially unidentifiable, telling him she was still able to recognize who he was inside.[src]

Clarissa Stein is the widow of the late Martin Stein and mother of Lily Stein.


Early life

Clarissa was born on December 7 sometime in the 1950s.

Clarissa meets Martin Stein, her future husband in October, 1975

In the original course of history back in October 1975, Clarissa accompanied her uncle, a professor at Ivy University, to a faculty mixer. There, she met and fell in love with her future husband, Martin Stein.

However, when Martin of 1975 met his future self as well as Sara Lance and Jefferson Jackson, they stole his particle tracker and he skipped the mixer to track his stolen tracker to the Waverider. Rip Hunter went to young Stein and "convinced" him to go to the mixer, where he met Clarissa.[1]

In 1987, Clarissa went with her husband Martin for the nuclear peace summit in Washington D.C.

Original timeline: Martin had acquired reservations at a fancy restaurant that took him months to get and they celebrated her birthday.

Current timeline: Martin blew Clarissa off for a chance to speak with Damien Darhk about making the President aware of his research. However, Martin was stabbed. Jax went to Clarissa and informed her that Martin got stuck at work so he couldn't celebrate her birthday. The next day, Clarissa went to the political dinner at the White House to see if she would run into Martin but instead ran into his future self. They shared a dance and Clarissa had a feeling that she knew her future husband from somewhere. When a bomb there had been triggered, Firestorm went and quickly took her to safety.[2]

After the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator's explosion

Portrait of Clarissa and Martin Stein on display after Martin had been missing for over a year.

When her husband, Martin Stein, first went missing, Clarissa was determined to search for him and printed flyers of a missing person in the hopes of whatever kind of news. After a year without any luck, she seemly accepted the worst-case scenario, that Martin wasn't coming back, until Barry Allen, Dr. Caitlin Snow and Dr. Harrison Wells from S.T.A.R. Labs showed up on her doorstep. When the subject of Martin's successful career was brought up, Clarissa expressed that she sometimes thought her husband loved his theorems and experiments more than he did about her. Although the statement showed signs of marital problems, Clarissa still clearly loved and cared about her husband, consequently playing the key role of persuading Martin to go to S.T.A.R. Labs for checkups.[3]

The Steins' romance rekindled after Martin and Ronnie Raymond was successfully separated. Inevitably, because of General Wade Eiling's obsession with Firestorm, both men decided to once again merge and leave for Pittsburgh. This time, however, the departure was met with understanding and without regrets.[4]

Six months after the singularity incident, Clarissa and Martin went to the "Flash Day" rally to show their support for the speedster.[5]

Time traveling husband

When Rip Hunter came to recruit Martin to be in his team, he neglected to say goodbye to Clarissa, which he grew to regret.

Due to Martin removing his infant self from the timeline, Clarissa didn't seem to recognize who Martin was the next time they saw one another, though she felt as if she knew him.

When Martin returned to 2016, he and Clarissa played a game of trivia and she was astonished to see that Martin was answering every history question correctly. She saw that he seemed a little distracted and he told her that he had left something undone and he needed to see it to the end.

When Martin returned after the Legends defeated Vandal Savage, Clarissa and Jefferson Jackson had a talk and confronted Martin together, convincing him to continue his journey aboard the Waverider. Clarissa assured her husband that she will be here waiting for him when he returned, but she wouldn't be able to live with herself knowing she kept him from doing the good he was meant to do.

Clarissa and Martin's new daughter, Lily.

Due to the time travel-related events of Clarissa's birthday in 1987, unknown to her, Martin had lectured his younger self to show more affection to her wife.[2] Because of this, Martin spent more time with Clarissa and this resulted in a new timeline where they had a daughter, Lily.[6]

In 1992, Clarissa went to welcome Jax when he arrived with a Beebo doll for Lily as a Hanukkah present. Clarissa recognized him from their last meeting and stated that he hadn't aged at all, to which Jax replied that she hadn't either.[7]

At one point, Clarissa became infuriated at her husband for giving Lily coffee to sustain her throughout the night when Martin was helping her with her seventh-grade science project.[8]

In 2017, Lily became pregnant from her boyfriend[9]. This made Clarissa the maternal grandmother of Ronnie.[10], who was the first grandchild of Clarissa and Martin.

In November 2017, Clarissa went to CC Jitters for Barry and Iris' rehearsal dinner with her daughter and sat with Jax while they waited for her husband. Martin arrived a little late and Clarissa jokingly stated that was how he usually was when their daughter pointed out that he had a time machine. Clarissa then attended Barry and Iris' wedding, which came under attack by Nazis from Earth-X. Clarissa and Lily were both taken to safety.[11]

Later, Jax came by their house to inform Clarissa that her husband had died, much to her heartbreak. Jax embraced her as she wept and they were soon joined by Lily. At her husband's funeral, Clarissa had asked Jax to give her husband's eulogy. Jax apologized to Clarissa and Lily for what happened to Martin, but Lily reminded Jax that there will always be a part of Martin living on through him. Clarissa then went and dropped some dirt on Martin's grave, bidding goodbye to her love.[12]


When Caitlin revealed Martin's connection to her father, Clarissa gave her the key to Martin's old lab at Hudson University.[13]


Clarissa loved her husband dearly. After they were separated for a year, she refused to let him out of his sight. By 2016, however, she had grown comfortable with his life as Firestorm; she took his five-month disappearance time traveling with Rip Hunter in her stride, and told him to continue those adventures if it would make him happy. It is apparent that she is a caring and responsible mother as she was upset that Martin had given their young daughter coffee to help keep her up so they could complete a project together.

She was devastated by her husband's death, and during the funeral told Jax that he would always be a part of their family.


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  • Clarissa, like her husband, likes grapefruit. She prefers her grapefruit with salt.
  • Clarissa's height is 5'2.[2]
  • According to her husband, Clarissa adores the movie Back to the Future.[7]

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Clarissa Clemens, formerly Clarissa Stein, is the ex-wife of Martin Stein. Unlike her live-action counterpart, she was unwilling to play second-fiddle to Stein's career and filed for a divorce.