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"Why don't you think that people recognize him as Clark Kent?"
"Reading glasses and a good slouch?"
James and Kara on Clark's disguise.[src]

Clark Kent wore a pairs of glasses to conceal his identity as Superman. These glasses were destroyed during the Anti-Monitor Crisis.


Clark wore them to disguise himself as the mild mannered journalist at the Daily Planet. His co-workers seemingly not aware of his true identity of Superman.[1]

The glasses concealed Clark's identity so well that Lex Luthor, one of the smartest men on the planet, did't know that Clark is Superman, though he calls the Kryptonian his greatest enemy.[2]

In December 2019, the glasses were either left behind on Earth-38, and destroyed there by antimatter, or were brought to the Waverider of Earth-74, and destroyed shortly after the destruction of the Earth of Earth-1.[3]



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