Clarke Devereaux (1976–2011)[1] was the husband of Madeline Devereaux.


Clarke Devereaux contracted cancer, eventually dying at home in his bed.[1]

Legacy and accidental resurrection

As Clarke's wife, Madeline, was not home when he passed, she felt immense guilt. She went to Papa Midnite, wishing to talk to him. Due to her immense guilt, it was powerful enough to bring back Clarke's ghost. He began living with Madeline, draining her energy. However, Papa Midnite and John Constantine sought to burn Clarke and others' bodies, convincing Madeline to let go of her guilt. Clarke's body was burnt, causing his ghost to vanish.[1]

Powers and abilities


  • Ghost physiology: As a ghost, Clarke has special abilities.[1]
    • Astral Projection: Clarke is not here in a natural form, he is a projection of his soul.
    • Life-Force absorption: Clarke can siphon the life-force from people and kill them through physical contact.




  • Clarke is probably a reference to one of the characters of Heroes Charles Deveaux: the two have a very similar name, they are both black men, and both die of illness. Plus Clarke's father's name is Charles.


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