"An enchanting being, who’s curse is he giveth too much! Always giving and giving away all his possessions, so charitable! Yet I doth deem him foolish! He leaves himself with nothing!"
Wells the Grey on Claus of the North[src]

The Claus of the North is a demon-elf and a resident of Earth-13.


Due to his curse, the Claus of the North is described to be a selfless elf who gives too much of his possessions away to other people, especially to children. He once visited Wells the Grey, asking why he doesn't have a cave like his.[1]


  • Curse of generosity: The Claus has a curse, characterized as giving too much of his belongings to other individuals who ask him for it.[1]


The Chronicles of Cisco

Behind the scenes

  • The Claus of the North is a reference to the legendary figure Santa Claus, who is said to give gifts on Christmas Eve (December 24) to the homes of children who have been well-behaved all year long.
  • In the DC comics, John Constantine stated that Santa Claus was actually Agios Nikolaus (St. Nicholas). He was known for his benevolence and his miracles, which included resurrection. Even when he passed, his essence proved to be immortal. The superheroes Superman and Impulse are able to attest to his existence.
    • A darker version of Santa, Kris "Crusher" Kringle, was an expert martial artist who wielded two sharpened shivs and was a slave-owner. He was eventually decapitated by a bounty hunter named Lobo.


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