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"But back to my convo with Shawna, she went on and on about that stupid Clay Parker guy that left her hanging. Of course she still loves him… he’s a jerk and he’s dumb and I am smart and awesome and hello, Friend zone, so nice to visit again."
Cisco Ramon[src]

Clay Parker is a criminal from Central City, and a former inmate of Iron Heights Prison. He is also the ex-boyfriend of Shawna Baez a former colleague of Marcus Stockheimer.


Clay was at some point locked up in Iron Heights Prison before the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator explosion. Prior to being an inmate, he worked for Marcus Stockheimer. Sometime later Shawna Baez broke him out uses her new powers. Later, Clay gives money owed to Marcus. When Shawna has a gun aimed at her head, she doesn't stay still, showing her hand. Suddenly the police show up and Shawna freaks as Clay is shot. She then teleports her and Clay away. Soon, when Barry Allen caused a short circuit in an underground roadway, Shawna couldn't use her powers since her powers depended on light. Clay abandoned her and exited alone.

His current whereabouts after his escape and abandoning Shawna are unknown, he has not been seen or mentioned since. [1]


  • Deception/Manipulation: Clay is able to fool Shawna and trick her commit to crimes.[1]


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