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Clay Stanley is an elusive criminal and suspected hitman. He was involved in an attempt to take the life of Joseph Monteleone.


Early life

Clay with Daniel Burge blackmailed and threatened the death of Joseph Monteleone in the plant's concrete spatial, wanting to know what the man did with the money. When he revealed where they are kept, after all, he was thrown into the hot tar. From the front of the factory Clark Bronwen, who saw strange radius extending from S.T.A.R. Labs, ordered colleagues to get on and quickly fled.[1]

After the particle accelerator

Clay two years after the unpleasant incident was chased by the Police Department, however, by the lack of evidence it was elusive. At one point in the city, he met Joseph, who with his new abilities attacked the man. The offender was, however, rescued by the Flash, and then arrested by the police. Some time later, Joe West took Clay handcuffed in front of the police station, hoping to use him as bait for the meta-human. Once Tar Pit sprinter showed up and beat him, Stanley landed back behind bars.[1]


The Flash

Season 2


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