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"I work in clay, but my real raw material is human emotion."
—Clayface to Huntress[src]

An unnamed man, only known as the criminal Clayface, is the father of Chris Cassius and the murderer of Selina Kyle.


At some point, this man became a criminal known as "Clayface" and had a son named Chris Cassius.[1]

Later, Clayface killed Selina Kyle, at the behest of the Joker, whom he impersonated. He was later incarcerated at Arkham Asylum.[1]

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Powers and abilities


"Well, what was his power, then?"
"He could change his appearance at will."
Jesse Reese and Huntress[src]
  • Meta-human physiology: Clayface had his skin altered by the chemicals that gave him his abilities.[1]
    • Shapeshifting: Using his malleable skin, Clayface is able to change his appearance; thereby enabling him to fool others easily.[1]


  • Skilled hand-to-hand combatant: He has proven to be a highly skilled hand-to-hand combatant, as he was able to match and nearly best Huntress, a master hand-to-hand combatant and martial artist in her own right.[1]
    • Master knife-wielder/Knife thrower: Clayface is very capable with knives, using them in close range fight against Huntress.[1]


Birds of Prey

Behind the scenes

  • In the comics, Clayface is a name used by multiple criminals, the most notorious being Basil Karlo.
    • It can be presumed that this version of Clayface is likely an amalgamation of Preston Payne and Cassius Payne, the third and fourth Clayface respectively. This is mainly due to the fact that, in the comics, Preston also has a son with similar abilities whilst Cassius is the surname of this unnamed Clayface's son.