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"So, where are we? This is your sanctuary?"
"What gave that away?"
Barry Allen and Clifford DeVoe[src]

A secret hideout, nicknamed the sanctuary by Barry Allen, was operated by Clifford and Marlize DeVoe. Using holographic screens, the pair monitored news in Central City and other parts of the world. It manufactured samurai robots, one of which, nicknamed Samuroid, fought Team Flash. Cisco theorized that the sanctuary itself is located in a pocket dimension.[1]


The hideout was connected to a great mass of technology, with its nexus being Clifford DeVoe himself on his mechanized throne. A stand in the hideout was decorated by one of the samurai robots, repaired by DeVoe's wife. The throne was surrounded by holographic screens depicting news around the world.[2]

This room was later revealed to be in its own pocket dimension.[1] However the body of Dominic Lance and Becky Sharpe have both been in DeVoes’ Sanctuary.


Clifford DeVoe watched over Becky Sharpe in her day-to-day life, watching as she suffered constant bad luck.[3]

After the defeat of Samuroid and the looting of its remains' by the Flash, Marlize repaired another robot of the same model in the hideout, with DeVoe himself commenting that the Samurai has served its purpose. Discussing their plans, the pair activated the holographic screens and monitored the news.[2] Sometime after, DeVoe studied all of Schubert's works, finishing his unfinished eighth symphony, as his wife walked in on him playing it. They watched Ramsey Deacon through security footage, noting him as only the first of a number that they had to find.[4] They continued to watch over Becky Sharpe as she was imprisoned, who they noted Team Flash to have found quicker than anticipated.[3]

After his wife noted that Team Flash were closer to discovering his identity, he assured her that everything would be fine and it would all end in his victory. Following this, Joe West and Barry Allen came to investigate their house, with Marlize coming to the door, introducing her husband.[5]

Sometime later, Marlize and Clifford returned to the hideout. Clifford began to suffer pain, having been detached from his chair for too long, and so Marlize comforted him.[6] It has an invisible trap for Barry that is speedster proof.The button to turn it on and off is connects to Devoe's chair.

As Clifford's Enlightenment was nearing, Marlize teleported Team Flash into the sanctuary to escape DeVoe. She revealed that the sanctuary is actually a ship with the capability to jump around pocket dimensions.

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