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For his predecessor, also known under the same alias, see Sebastian Blood.

Clinton Hogue (died 2014) was the leader of the Church of Blood and the former bodyguard of the late Sebastian Blood. Sometime after Slade Wilson was imprisoned by A.R.G.U.S., and after Sebastian and Isabel Rochev were killed, Clinton became the new leader of the Church of Blood, taking up the mantle of Brother Blood.[1]


Early life

Clinton Hogue used to operate in Blüdhaven with an affiliation of thugs called the Renegades.[2] Later on, he worked as Mayor Blood's bodyguard.[3]

Kidnapped by John Diggle and Felicity Smoak

After Blood requests that Clinton leave him alone for dinner, Clinton is kidnapped by John Diggle and Felicity Smoak. Clinton is unfazed about the whole situation, until Felicity enters the scene, and starts transferring money from Clinton's off-shore accounts into several charities. As a result, Clinton gives in and reveals the location where Blood is going to be beginning the assault on Starling City.[4]

Taking up the mantle of Brother Blood

When Slade Wilson began his attack, Hogue reunited with Blood, who told him that he gave the Mirakuru cure to The Arrow after he realized he made a mistake. Clinton warned that Slade would kill him once he found out, and Sebastian reassured him that he was his insurance policy and so Clinton was made to wait in an adjoining room while Sebastian warned that Mirakuru soldiers could only be killed with headshots. Isabel Rochev entered the room, claiming that Sebastian had betrayed Slade. Although Hogue had a chance to kill Ravanger, he ultimately decided not to, letting Isabel kill Sebastian. When she left, Clinton re-entered the room, picking up Sebastian's Brother Blood mask, having apparently received a sign from his god.[5]

Sometime after Sebastian's death, Clinton took up the mantle of Brother Blood and began to recruit new initiates.[6] Soon after, he watched the news as a member of the Church, Hoshaw Tolibao, began preaching his devotion to Brother blood from a rooftop, only to be taken down by The Arrow. Clinton insisted that his subordinate, Abel, address him by his given name.[1] Clinton had an artist draw depictions of John Diggle and Felicity Smoak based on descriptions given by him, hoping to find them. Though taking a bit, eventually she came out with illustrations almost identical to the people themselves.[5] After The Arrow entered St. Walker's Church, where the Church was situated, Brother Blood confronted him, claiming that although Sebastian Blood had died, their "religion" was definitely not the first to be based around resurrection. The Arrow insulted the Church's followers and Brother Blood watched on as they attacked him.[7] However, he and John Diggle eventually escaped, which angered Clinton. He threatened Abel for allowing it to happen, making him beg for mercy.[8] However, eventually Abel captured Felicity Smoak. He entered and began talking to her. She deduced that he obviously wasn't Sebastian Blood, as he had died, but she was still freaked out by the mask. Before they could go on, they were interrupted by a commotion caused by Caleb Green outside the room. He killed Abel before leaving to find Oliver Queen

Soon after, Hogue took Felicity to an air hangar, where he called and bargained with Oliver, forcing him to exchange himself for Felicity. Felicity, unsure of his identity or motives, questioned Hogue. He revealed himself and hoped that she would be scared. That night, they met with Oliver on the roof of Kord Industries, claiming that he'd have to go with them for Felicity.[9] Once they were in the air, Hogue revealed that it was in fact a setup, but once Oliver threatened to genuinely kill him, the helicopter was redirected. Once they'd arrived, Hogue expressed his belief that Oliver would not win, due to there being four men guarding Felicity.[2] Oliver attempted to threaten Hogue, but he in return tried to take back the gun. He retrieved the gun, but Oliver had taken all of the bullets (though there was one left, unbeknownst to him). He pounced on him and knocked him over.[10] They returned to the helicopter a short while later with Felicity, but Hogue had already made his way back on to it. He attempted to murder Roy and the two were knocked out, hanging only by Roy holding on to the helicopter. Ridding them of Hogue permanently, Roy kicked him in the face, causing Clinton to plummet 10,000 feet to his death.[11]


Clinton was calm, level-headed and composed. However, he was powerless against mental torture, and also had little tolerance for incompetence, as he threatened Abel for his incompetence. Hogue is also a devout theologian and humbly serves an unnamed deity.


  • High tolerance for pain: Clinton once mentioned to John Diggle that he had taken a beating previously, hinting that Clinton had a high tolerance for pain.
  • Expert tactician/Leader: Clinton was a capable tactician and leader, he was able to reform the Church of Blood, after the organization was left in chaos.




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  • Clinton's social security number is 306-00-3894.[4]

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