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"You know what they say, Kid Flash; 'if at first you don't succeed, try try again.'"
—Clive Yorkin to Kid Flash[src]

Clive Yorkin is a criminal who had meta-human powers in the Flashpoint timeline. Upon regaining his powers in the current timeline, he went on a killing spree, against the police officers who arrested him in Flashpoint, regardless of their now non-existent history with him.



Clive in Flashpoint timeline.

During Flashpoint, Clive Yorkin was a criminal who somehow gained meta-human powers. He was later arrested by Captain Julio Mendez, Detective Joe West, Officer Stuart Holzman, and Officer Laura Stone of the CCPD.[1]


After Barry Allen tried to restore Flashpoint back to the original timeline, Yorkin originally didn't get his powers, although they were restored to him by Alchemy. After he got his powers back, he attacked the Post-Flashpoint version of Stuart Holzman, who had become a chef at the Italian restaurant Luigi's and made him decompose with his touch.

He then went after the Post-Flashpoint version of Julio Mendez, who had become a lounge singer. He told Julio that Julio most likely didn't know him, but that he did know Julio. He also said that his cover took him to another time and place. Yorkin then asked to shake Julio's hand before he left. The handshake made Julio decompose, just like what happened to Holzman, as Yorkin walked away.

Clive makes Iris' door disintegrate.

The next day Yorkin tried to attack Joe West at CC Jitters. He decomposed a coffee table during his entrance and then also decomposed the bullets Joe shot at him. He then got blasted away by Kid Flash who created wind funnels by waving his arms at superhuman speed. Yorkin then got away. After that attack Yorkin decided that if he really wanted to make Joe suffer, he should go after his daughter. Yorkin then broke into Barry and Iris's apartment and tried to touch Iris West to kill her. Kid Flash came and tried to stop Yorkin but he wasn't fast enough so Yorkin got away because Kid Flash was more worried about Iris's life.

Yorkin then decided to go after his last target, Laura Stone, who in the Post-Flashpoint timeline became a personal investigator. He was drinking a coffee when he saw her and Joe West board a train so he knew that Joe warned Laura. He later tried to make the train crash by letting it drive directly into the rubble of a bridge he made collapse but fortunately the Flash vibrated it through the ruble. With the Flash exhausted on the train, Kid Flash and Yorkin were alone. Kid Flash then cut his hand so he bled and phased his blood into Yorkin, this neutralized Yorkin's powers so he could be apprehended by the police.[1]

Powers and abilities


  • Meta-human physiology: While unknown how he gained his powers in the Flashpoint timeline, after being transmuted by the Philosopher's Stone, Yorkin's body was altered, allowing him to access his powers via touch.
    • Disintegration/Decomposing touch: By making physical contact with a target, Yorkin can infuse some of his genetic make-up into the said target. Upon which, it will cause the target's structural integrity to break down at an accelerated rate. For living organisms, they will decay into a mummified-state within hours and soon after be reduced to ash. For inorganic targets, they will decay instantly. This power can also be used defensively as even without direct skin-contact, any weapons used on him can instantly be dissolved. This power likely relies on some degree of conscious thought rather than being automatic, as he doesn't disintegrate his own clothes.


  • Basic hand-to-hand combatant: Clive was proficient in close combat, using his skills to grab enemies and decompose them with his meta powers.


  • Cold temperatures: While Yorkin's power work at an accelerated rate, following the normal nature of decomposition, extreme cold, like from Caitlin Snow's powers, can be used to temporarily stop the progression of decomposition in his victims.
  • Speedster blood: Because a speedster's accelerated healing powers work in the exact opposite nature to Yorkin's powers, his powers can be completely negated if he gets infused with the blood of a speedster. This was shown when Kid Flash cut his own hand and phased through Yorkin, neutralizing Yorkin's powers, although it's unknown how long this effect lasts.
  • Power-dampening tech: As shown when Cisco vibed a parallel universe where Barry never undid Flashpoint, like other metahuman abilities, Yorkin's powers can be negated if he's wearing power-dampening cuffs.


The Flash

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  • Clive is one of the few meta-humans of Earth-1 who hasn't received a nickname, although he never received one in the comics either.

Behind the scenes

  • In the comics, Clive Yorkin was a criminal who had committed numerous crimes such as robbery and murder. He first appeared in The Flash #270 (February, 1979).