"It was invisible. By way of a cloaking spell, and an elementary one at that."
John Constantine on Felix Faust's hideout[src]

Cloaking spell is a magic spell that allows casters to conceal buildings, rendering them invisible. One such spell was used by Felix Faust to protect his hideout at Haskins Railroad Yard. Another was used by the Enchantress to hide a fragment of the Loom of Fate, with the added enchantment of staying invisible as long as anyone was thinking of it.


Faust's spell's incantation is unknown, but its dispelling is in English. The cloaking spell allows to make it so a building would appear invisible and objects thrown at the invisible target would disappear[1]


Five elements of the earth, I respect and invoke thee. From the six directions, converge here. Lift all concealments, reveal thy truth (dispelling)


After John Constantine's team learned that a dark mage is behind the soul separating spell, they tried to find the location of his lair seen by Zed Martin in her vision. When she called Transit Authority to ask whether Haskins Railroad Yard was still in use, she got a reply that it was shut down years ago and presumably demolished. Arriving at the presumed location, team saw nothing but a wide field. However, John explained that their perception was altered by magic, showing how a thrown object can disappear when hitting an invisible target. He lifted the cloaking spell from the building, commenting that it is an elementary incantation, allowing the team to enter Felix Faust's hideout.[1]


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