Clotho Productions is a production company overseen by Fate of the same name. When the Legends were fated to die, Clotho cut a deal to weave the Legends into their streaming service in order to indoctrinate the masses to obey the Fates.


Clotho Productions is a television studio that produces content for the fate plus streaming service. It is broadcasted into every home.


After the Legends failed to stop Fates Clotho bargained with her sisters to have the Legends be speared by trapping them in a fantasy world where they would have their hearts deepest desires. Until the legends remembered who the were and escaped the television world.


  • Ship Trek is a sci-fi show where the crew USS Faterider explores space.
  • Ultimate Buds is a sitcom about a brother and sister and their actor friend Nate.
  • Mr.Parker's Cul-De-Sac is a children's television show about solving problems.
  • Highcastle Abbey is a British drama series following an aristocratic family and their estate.

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