Clyde Mardon, also known as Weather Wizard, is a hyperhuman with the ability to control weather and a former captive of Eddie Thawne/Johhny Quick.


Gaining powers and captured

In 2014, Clyde Mardon became a hyperhuman after the particle accelerator explosion, gaining the power to control weather. The same night, Clyde's brother disappeared.

At some point, Clyde was captured by Eddie Thawne/Johnny Quick and imprisoned in the "Weather Chamber" of Speed Central. Eddie used Clyde's powers to manipulate the weather in Central City.[1]


In 2016, Barry Allen, a speedster from Earth-1, accidentally arrived in Speed Central and encountered Clyde in his cell. Later after Eddie was defeated, Clyde was freed. Thanking Barry for his help, Clyde resolved to use his powers to try and find his missing brother. He decided to adopt the alias "Weather Wizard", which Barry used to refer to him.[1]


  • Hyperhuman physiology: After Clyde was struck by the energy of the particle accelerator explosion, this altered his DNA and supercharged his cells, augmenting his physiology to access his new abilities.
    • Atmokinesis: Clyde has the power to create and manipulate the weather.




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